The Exotic Wooden Beads That Make You Look Chic And Classy

Beads are small pieces of stones or glass or similar type of material that are used for making ornaments, accessories or rosary. These beads can also be sewn on fabrics to make it more lovely and appealing. There are numerous types of beads available say wooden beads, acrylic beads, glass beads, metal beads, resin beads, lampwork beads, gemstone beads and many more. A few types of wooden beads are as follows


These are the handcrafted striking beads which are of high quality and are made of natural material. The beads are engraved through hand that gives a natural look to the accessories. The wooden beads and pendants are carved from numerous types of wood which makes you chic when you wear these ornaments.

Alphabet type wooden beads

The alphabet wooden beads help you to send the messages you wanted to share to your loved ones. The imprinted letter of the alphabet on the wooden piece enhances the visual attention to your choice of jewelry designs.  Every letter is imprinted by laser on different types of wood. There is small hole on the bead through which you can use an elastic thread for making a bracelet or a necklace.


Lovely animal wooden beads

These beads are starfish shaped beads that give you the cute girl look when you wear them. These beads also serve as gift ideas for Children’s Day. Gift these lovely beads to the children and you are certain to surprise them on this special day. These are lead-free beads which are yellow in color and have a small hole in the center for use of elastic thread in order to make the necessary ornaments that you desire to wear.

There are also the fish shaped beads that are of cute different colors. These are available in pink, yellow, blue, and green, orange, red and all colors. Make lovely ornaments like earrings, bracelets or necklace with these beads and make your children look classy with matching accessories on any occasion.

Round wooden beads

These are incredible beads that are light weight and are fashionable. These beads can be matched with jumprings or hooks which can be made into jumprings, earrings, bracelets or necklaces. Painted in fancy colors, the round beads don’t look like wood beads. It gives you the style and makes you stand out on any event or occasion. Made from Burlywood, the beads contain a small hole in the center and are lead free


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