Bead: Ornament As Well As A Hobby

Beads are small, round beautiful object made of glass, wood, metal and shell. The word ‘bead’ originates from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘bidden’ and ‘bede’ which means to pray and prayer respectively. The first form of a bead is bones, teeth, claws, and shells. Those times people used to wore beads as a part of treasured myth. From ancient time itself, women are attracted towards the magnificent elegance of beads. They believe that wearing bead brings prosperity, fortune, and wisdom. According to John Mason, beads are associated with “temperament, empowerment, protection, potentiality, desire, wealth and well-being”. From bones to glass, the evolution of beads is amazing like its own exotic pure outlook.


Why women prefer beads?

Beaded jewels lead a prominent role in enhancing beauty. Coming to jewelry, the first preference of every classic woman will be to blend with the incredible royal beauty of beads.  In some countries like Africa, people used to wear beads to seduce their husbands. These beads are antique ones manufactured and traded in the colonial period. Different regions have brought different kinds of beads which make the beads diverse and take the art of jewelry to another level. Not only in wearing beads, women are also into bead work.  In this civilized world now anyone can make a bead necklace and find recourse as well as subsistence also.

Religious importance of beads

Religiously beads have a great role, especially in Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. Prayer beads are the traditional accessory. Among these, Buddhist monks use various beads while meditating.  It is used as to increase the sense of touch to focus in chanting. Basically, they use wooden beads for the religious purpose.


Beads and society

The use of beads in some communities apart from the fashion is highly a treasured part of culture. The country more associated with the soul of beads is Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana. There underlie the socio-economic-politico influences. The Yoruba community of Nigeria believes in the magical power. The goddess of the community is considered as the goddess of magical power and thus they do so. This can be called as the dynamic play between human beings and beads.  To an extent, beads can reveal the ancient culture tradition and lifestyle etc.

Beads are also considered as an asset. Safeguarding the beads by transferring to heirlooms is still seen in the world. This denotes that beads had a high value in ancient as well as modern time and stand as the symbol of highness.



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