Making Wire Wrapped Heart Earrings with Glass Beads and Jade Beads

Hi, dear Pandahall friends! How are you recently? Today, I will show you a pair of heart earrings. The heart earrings are composed by some silver wires, pink glass beads, yellow jade beads and silver earring hooks. Now, follow me to see the making steps of the heart earrings with pink glass beads~

making-wire-wrapped-heart-earrings-with-glass-beads-and-jade-beads3Jewelry making supplies for making the heart earrings with glass beads:

6x4mm Pink Faceted Abacus Glass Beads

4mm Pink Bicone Faceted Glass Beads

4mm Yellow Faceted Round Jade Beads

Iron Jump Rings

Silver Earring Hooks

Silver Aluminum Wire

Sliver Copper Wire


Side Cutting Pliers

Round Nose Pliers


Step 1: cut off a piece of aluminum wire, twist the wire into a heart shape, make two loops, combine the ends with copper wire.


Step 2: make two loop aluminum wire patterns, then add then to the inner side of the large heart aluminum wire.


Step 3: Add the pink glass beads around the heart, add a yellow jade bead, then add an earring hook.



As you can see, making such a pair of heart earrings with glass beads is very simple. Hope you like the wire wrapped heart earrings with pink glass beads. Have a nice try! Good luck~



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