Easy And Simple Way Of Making Innovative Jewellery Using Elastic Cord

An impressive idea in jewellery making is using elastic cord to create different styles of jewellery. This is specifically useful in making necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Because of its stretchablility and easy to wear or remove it is very much used in making bracelets. These cords comes in variety of colours and patterns to choose from depending on the particular design of jewellery.

In the initial stage of learning jewellery making elastic cords are simple to use and you can easily craft your design. Very few and basic materials required to create accessories (bracelets) such as elastic cord, different beads and good quality glue. You can add some more materials If you wish to.It’s significant to choose the right cord that will hold beads and won’t break early. The main factor is its durability when choosing the cord. It is advisable to select beads first and then cord which is perfect for beads size.


There are different types of elastic cords are available such as

  • Stretch magic: These cords come in broad range of sizes, suitable even with large beads.
  • Stretch floss: available in wide array of colours but doesn’t provide range in sizes
  • Polyester cord: available in variety of colours like metallic and sparkles, normally used in hair accessories.

These cords ranges from 1 mm to 6mm diameter. Once you choose the elastic cord colour and its size for the accessory, cut the cord of proper length for bracelet and above some extra centimetres. Now let’s begin with tying the bead at one end of a cord which will work as stopper. Now start adding rest of beads as per your choice of design. There are number of options available in beads like glass beads, metallic beads, plastic beads and wooden and ivory beads.


The end bead is detached when you finish adding beads onto the cords. Now both ends of the cord are tied with the simple knot. When doing this make sure that it is done without any gaps among beads. Tying the cord one more time with stretching it will remove gaps between any of the beads if is there any. When all is tighten up properly, apply glue on top of the knot and keep it aside for let it dry. Now last step after it is properly dried cut the extra cord which is lengthen after the knot. Here is your customized beaded bracelet ready.


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