Light On Wooden Beads And Their Use

Beads are a very important part of the art and fashion industry. Creative artists create beautiful articles using the beads. Beads are of many types like glass beads, wooden beads, stone beads, bugle beads, crystal beads etc. these beads are used for the making jewellery making and many craft pieces. Today in this article we are going to talk about the wooden beads, their existence and their uses in the industry.


Wooden beads as the name suggest they are made of wood and come in different sizes. There is no specific history of beads as they are as old as the wood. No one knows who used the wooden beads first. Wooden beads can be made of any wood. But some trees have a better quality of wood than others. Olive tree wood makes fine quality if wood. It is because the wood of olive grows dark with time and carves very good designs naturally. Rosewood is also a good choice for making beads. Sandalwood is also used for making beads as it has a good fragrance and is very light weight. Making of beads requires patience as it takes time and good concentration carving beads from wood.

Uses of Beads:


Wooden beads are extensively used in making jewellery. Crafted jewellery is in a casual fashion. People all over the world wear wooden jewellery. They are light weight and tougher than the other types of beads. They can be easily polished and can easily be painted.


Religious articles:

The sandalwood is used to make the praying beads in various religions like the Hindus, Christians, Muslims. These beads have good fragrance and are very light weight. This makes them ideal for the prayer beads.

Decorative material:

Wooden beads for being lightweight and durable are used in making of the various home decorations articles. These beads have various size of holes in them without compromising their durability.

Other various uses of the wooden beads are in the making of various crafted items like buttons, bead toys etc. In the earlier day’s beads were used in the Abacus which was the first computing device.

These beads can be found out in various types, shapes and sizes like painted beads, silver wood beads, flower beads, cubes shaped beads, round medium beads etc.


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