Standing Out From The Rest With Wooden Beads

There are many ways of standing out from the rest. One of the surest ways is wearing a unique ornament made from say wooden beads. Wooden beads are classy and come in different varieties serving different purpose ranging from necklaces to earrings to hair wear. Wooden bead are also incorporated in dressing rendering traditional fashions such as the African fashion or raster design that are very adorable. Beads are made colored or can simply be made to expose the different pattern that come natural with the type of wood used. Such patterns as wavy grains and colored sports can be polished enhancing the entire appearance of the bead thus bringing out the beauty of nature.


Different patterns are displayed by different species of trees examples being:

  • Bayong-the bayong grows naturally in the Philippines. It displays a warm red-brown color that come naturally with a lovely grain pattern that is visible. These beads are normally sewed together making a long chain jewelry.
  • Ebony- these are typically hardwoods with tight grains and having a dark color variations that are polished with different shades of polish creating beautiful pearls that can get you into any form of beauty contest and deliver glorious victory.
  • Patikan and palm woods-these wooden beads come with exotic grain pattern consisting of parallel grain markings that go all the way through the bead piece to the other side of the sphere creating lovely spot end. They make beautiful patterns if finely polished. These species include several palm trees like coconut but the best grows in Philippines.

These are just but few examples of the choices you have all across the globe.


Reasons why should choose wooden beads over other types of beads

Wooden beads are entirely natural, natural symbolizes culture and with culture, one can pass across different hidden massages just by virtue of wearing the wooden beads jewelry.

Another very important factor to put into consideration is the weight. Being wooden beads, it means they are very light in weight. Jewelry doesn’t have to be heavy, just picture wearing a heavy earring, pushing up to over ten grams on your earlobes; these can get very unpleasant and can lead you into regrets.

Wooden beads can easily be paired with other metals and stone creating a nice pattern. These in return lowers the weight of the jewelry and add organic appeal.


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