Rhinestones Beads: A True Beauty

Jewels are something women really love. To become beautiful is one of a woman’s visions for herself. Wearing accessories would highlight her features. Rhinestone beads are one of the most unique gems that women use especially in Europe.

Did you know that rhinestone beads originally were rock crystals gathered in a river? Amazing fact, right? Now, the variation of these beads is of lead crystals. They are at par with diamonds as to glamour, and their majestic features really are attractive.


Rhinestone beads are not only found in jewelries; they are also used as decors in clothes as well as in costumes. They are also used to embellish pretty crowns owned by beauty queens winning a pageant. Bracelets would glisten brighter as they are designed with such, and necklaces are to die for if they have some rhinestones in them.

Several types of luminous rhinestones where the rhinestone beads are from are as follows:

  • Preciosa type stone (Czechoslovakia type stone)

Created when lead oxide is mixed to glass, this stone is one of the expensive variants. This type of gem sparkles more if higher lead content is put on the glass.

  • Glass stones

They are the most famous gems if you think about rhinestones. They are brilliant, improvised stones. Their shimmering power puts up a close fight if they are to face other European gems. This kind of gem is light in weight because of low lead content. Due to that, it is advantageous on the aspect that it can be safely used by customers from different age groups.


Even though they are supreme in nature, a lot of imitations have been made for several reasons — (1) to earn for profit due to its high demand; (2) to aid the high market for this type of product and; (3) to enable those who can’t afford the original ones to experience the feeling of wearing one. These are some of the reasons why several countries tried to mimic the product; though intention still lies within the idealist of the concept.

Rhinestone beads are adorable and irresistible. Women can’t resist having one, so it is expected that most have some in their jewelry boxes. Although there are a lot of jewels and gems around, rhinestone beads is also a tough contender. Their simple yet elegant glimmer is a true head turner. To establish a business selling accessories, apparels and other merchandise embellished with such will be a very great idea.


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