DIY Aluminum Wire Wrapped Butterfly Bangle with Drop Glass Beads

Hi, dear friends, how are you? Today, I want to share a silver aluminum wire wrapped butterfly bangle with you. Just with some aluminum wire and drop glass beads, you can also make one. Follow me to see the simple instructions~


Supplies you’ll need in making the aluminum wire wrapped bangle:

1.5mm Silver Aluminum Wire

Oval Drop Glass Beads

Needle Nose Plier

Round Nose Plier

Diagonal Plier


Instructions on how to make the aluminum wire wrapped bangle:

Firstly, cut off a piece of 1.5mm silver aluminum wire. Then, twist it into a butterfly shape;


Secondly, fix the middle part by wrapping the aluminum wire. Then, twist the silver aluminum wire into a circle and add a green glass bead.


Refer to the above steps to make another aluminum wire wrapped butterfly bangle with yellow glass bead.

The following picture shows the two aluminum wire wrapped butterfly bangles.


Just with the two simple steps above, you can finish the aluminum wire wrapped butterfly bangle. During the process of twisting the aluminum wire, please take care of your hands. Try to make one by yourself~


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