DIY Swirled Wire Wrapped Earrings with Turquoise Beads

Hi, everyone, do you want to learn some easy wire wrapped jewelry? Maybe you can try these swirled wire wrapped earrings. The simple tutorial below will show you how to make the swirled wire wrapped earrings with turquoise beads.


Supplies you’ll need in making the swirled wire wrapped earrings:

2mm Golden Aluminum Wire

6mm Green Round Turquoise Beads

Golden Earring Hooks

0.3mm Golden Copper Wire

Diagonal Plier

Stainless-Steel Scissor


Instructions on how to make the swirled wire wrapped earrings:

Firstly, twist a part of golden aluminum wire into a swirled shape;


Secondly, add turquoise beads while wrapping the copper wire around the   swirled aluminum wire;


Thirdly, add an earring hook;


Fourthly, repeat the above steps to make another swirled wire wrapped earring.

Now, I wear one swirled wire wrapped earring on my left ear.


Do you like the swirled wire wrapped earrings? Just with the above simple steps, you can also make the swirled wire wrapped earrings. Just collect some wires and beads and have a nice try!


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