DIY Couple Bracelets with Suede Cords for Valentine’s Day

Have you prepared gifts for the coming Valentine’s Day? If not, you can try today’s couple bracelets. Just with some suede cords and linking items, you can easily make the couple bracelets. Let’s see how to make the couple bracelets with suede cords in simple ways.


Supplies in making the suede cord couple bracelets:

Brown Faux Suede Cord

Pink Faux Suede Cord

Golden Linking Rings

Alloy Cord Ends with Lobster Clasps

Golden Magnetic Clasps

Stainless-Steel Scissor

Glue Gun


Firstly, cut three parts of pink suede cord. Then, cross the three pink suede cords through two golden link rings;


Secondly, connect the two ends of the pink suede cord bracelet together through cord ends with lobster clasp;

Thirdly, repeat the above steps to make a brown bracelet with brown suede cords, golden linking rings and golden lock clasp.


Tada, let’s see the brown and pink couple bracelets with suede cords.


You can send the brown suede cord bracelet to your boyfriend and wear the pink suede cord bracelet yourself. Why not give it a try for this Valentine’s Day?


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