Beebeecraft Wood beads- inspire your creativity

Summary: Wood beads are hot items. They are so popular because of their high quality and low price. They can meet people’s different requests.

Many wood beads are all handmade. You don’t need to worry about their quality. And they are lightweight. They are jewelry craft supplies. You won’t have heaviness when you wear the jewelry made by them.


Our handworkers make the wood beads into different shapes. Shapes of our beads range from ordinary ones like round, tube, flower and oval, to unique ones such as butterfly, rabbit and elephant. Wood beads are available in different sizes from 1mm in diameter to 39mm, and the hole sizes also vary. We offer the wood beads in different colors such as black, blue, brown and so on. You can choose the wood beads you like.


We divide our wood beads into four groups that distinguish them by difference of style.  These styles are: opaque & printed, opaque & spray painted, fancy drawings and opaque & draw bench. The opaque & painted wood beads are cute with gorgeous colors. The opaque & spray painted wood beads are simple in design, but they are not out of fashion. On the contrary, they are welcomed by most of the customers. The fancy drawing wood beads are painted with colorful pictures on their surface. And they are full of artistic feel. The opaque & draw bench wood beads are painted with many pinstripes. They are simple and large which can be good choice for jewelry making.


What you care about most may be the usage and price of the wood beads. Wood beads can be used to make all kinds jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, rings and so on. You can also handcraft some products and use them to decorate your bags, clothes and even your house. In a few words, wood beads are widely used, and their price is very reasonable.


You won’t regret purchasing these beauties. If you are crafter or jeweler, you need these in your inventory of supplies! They will help you to create beautiful articles. You can see more information in our web store, welcome to visit our website at beebeecraft.


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