PandaHall Ideas on Making a Shell Earrings

Summary: It is a real beautiful and unique jewelry with a special design. The color is slight but gentle and the earrings will make you more attractive in the summer trip. Let’s enjoy the jewelry making!


To make these special shell earrings, you just need to prepare some spiral shell beads, trumpet shell beads, seed beads and other basic earring components supplies, then you can follow our tutorial to make them at home.

Supplies needed to make the beaded dangle earrings:

Spiral Shell Beads

Trumpet Shell Beads

1Box Mixed Style Round Glass Pearl Beads

1 Box 8/0 Glass Seed Beads Round Loose Spacer Beads

1Box 120PCS 6 Colors Iron Earring Hooks

Elastic Fibre Wire

Iron Scissors

Jewelry Pliers


How to make the colorful beaded flower earrings

Step 1: Make the beginning part of the shell pattern

1st, if your shell beads have hole, then you can skip this step. If not, then you should drill the shell beads a hole first. It is better to buy the shell beads with holes.

2nd, glue one trumpet shell and one pearl bead on the spiral shell.

3rd, glue two spiral shell beads together.


Step 2: Complete the main pattern of the bead patterns

1st, thread some glass seed beads and thread the beads with the shells;

2nd, make another strand of glass seed beads and cross it with the shell beads like the picture shows.


Step 3: Finish the rest patterns of earrings components

1st, add an earring hook on the top of the seed beads;

2nd, repeat to finish another earring in the same way.

Here is the final look of these attractive shell earrings:


Do you like these wonderful shell earrings? You can put them on when you have a trip or go to the beach. It will make you more adorable and cheer you up.



Fancy Beads For Jewelry Making In Modern Days

A bead is a small piece of decorative object that is formulated into variety of shapes and sizes which is done with materials such as bone, pearl, stone, glass, shell, and wood or plastic which has small hole drilled through it for threading or stringing. These beads for jewelry making are decorated and used alongside with other valuables just as diamond, gold and silver to make beautiful and fancy jewelry.

Some beads for jewelry making

Beads for jewelry making is now been used widely in many jewelry making establishment as they are not too expensive and produces beautiful designs of jewelries

Types of beads for jewelry making

There are different types of beads but not all beads are been used for jewelry making  some examples of beads that are been used for jewelry making are;

  • Heart beads
  • Pearl beads
  • Jade beads etc.

Brief about heart beads, pearl beads and jade beads as beads for jewelry making


Pearl Beads

pearl are made of pearls which are admirable, fine and relatively very valuable. These pearls are used in bead making and are called Pearl Beads. Pearl beads are used in making fancy, valuable and beautiful jewelries; these jewelries come in forms of Bracelets, earrings and necklaces.


Jade Beads

Jades beads are beads made from jade. The Jade is made of two minerals, these are nephrite and jadeite. The best and original varieties of jadeite are near clearness, but they are not completely transparent.

Jade comes in few colors. Jade gemstone and carving into verity of shapes for bead purposes. These beads are decorated and are really beautiful producing a sparkly bead as if it were to be diamond. These Jade beads are used in making fancy, valuable and beautiful jewelries; these jewelries come in forms of Bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

Heart beads

The Heart bead is a unique bead for jewelry making, although the Heart Beads was basically a certain bead produced in the 1800s in Murano, Venice. These beads were made from two-tone compound beads called “white Hearts’, these beads was manufactured as an exchange medium (currency) for the furs in Africa and North America. These Heart beads are now used in modern days in making fancy, valuable and beautiful jewelries; these jewelries come in forms of Bracelets, earrings and necklaces. These heart beads have become valuable bead for jewelry making.

Glass Beads – Used For A Long Time In Making Jewelry

Glass beads are a standout amongst the most prominent and assorted sorts of bead available. They all have distinctive names and creation strategies. Here’s the manner by which a couple styles are made.

The types or making the glass beads are:


  • Lampwork
  • Cane
  • Pressed and
  • Dichoric glass

LampworkBeads: (hand wound)

This is one of only a handful few procedures that can be made by a home artisan. Here are some fundamental instruments. The light (or light) fire, keeps running on propane. The bars are made of steel and covered with a kaolin (earth like) substance called bead discharge. This empowers you to take the bead off the pole after it’s framed. Now and then when you purchase lampwork glass beads, you’ll locate a fine substance taken care of or on the bead. That is the dot discharge.


Cane Beads: (drawn empty)

A hard to make bead, an empty pipe is utilized to gather an “assemble” (liquid ball) of glass. The globule producer blows down the pipe to shape a rise in the chunk of liquid glass. The hues or patterns are added to the glass and the hot glass is extended (or drawn out). The rise inside is lengthened and frames a long tube with a gap running all through its length. The mellowed glass tube is attracted out to the wanted thickness and after that cut into areas. The unpleasant edges of the cuts are hand ground or smoothed by tumbling in sand.

Pressed Beads: (shaped beads)

This kind of globule has been made well known by the Czech Republic and lesser quality made in different nations by utilizing old Czech Molds. They are made by utilizing pivoted steel molds mounted on hardware or tongs. The shape has a prong or wire in it to frame the globule opening. The form is crushed over the hot glass, and when discharged, the abundance glass from the edges is ground away either by hand or by tumbling. This procedure is utilized for making complex shapes, for example, leaves, blooms etc.

Dichroic glass beads

Progressively, dichroic glass is being utilized to deliver top of the line craftsmanship beads. Dichroic glass has a thin film of metal molded to the surface of the glass, bringing about a surface that has a metallic sheen that progressions between two hues when seen at various edges. Beads can be squeezed, or made with conventional lampworking procedures. On the off chance that the glass is kept in the fire too long, the metallic covering will turn silver and smolder off.

Know About Different Types Of Beads

Beads play a significant role in jewelry making from antique time to now. There are numerous kinds of beads that can be prepared of jewelry, such as European beads, acrylic beads, glass beads, crystal beads, wood beads, and much more. Every type of bead has its own benefits and disadvantages, so their usage of making jewelry is diverse. Each kind of bead has numerous sizes, shapes of lovely colors. Before you are creating jewelry, you must first get some knowledge regarding all kinds of beads.


Acrylic beads: acrylic beads are well-known for its interesting colors, and extensively available in making the jewelry at its cheap price with good-looking outlook. As the material of acrylic beads is plastic, so the heaviness of acrylic beads is very light and easy to carry. Currently, jewelry beads, jewelry making and jewelry findings becoming very popular, as compared to other jewelry thus the demand is rising day by day.

European beads: it is popular with its elegant and charming look which is precious by a lot of young generations. Unlike acrylic beads these are not made from just one type of material, instead the material can be metallic, gemstone, pearl & many others; the European bead is a type of style which is in demand . For young girls, the European beaded jewels are considered as their personality representation.


Jade beads: jade is valuable green colored beads filled with Chinese character. Jade beads can be used as a particular pendant or strung into strands. Natural jade worth a lot in the market today, so you should get recognized how to judge the actual one from faux ones, or you will have a big loss in cash. Awareness of beads is not so easy and common to grasp, if you are fond of it and attentive in beads, learn more from your everyday beading.

Crystal beads: are a good-looking addition to numerous items of jewelry and can enhance a touch of sparkle to jewels, necklaces and other pieces. When buying crystal beads, purchasers should look for choices which combine quality and stability with a clear finish and a little price.
Crystal beads is an umbrella term which can refer to an extensive range of crystal beads choices, with real crystal beads from brands like Swarovski, crystal beads made in a test center and cubic zirconia crystal beads. Thus there are various different types in the market it is up to your choice which one to pick.

Wholesale Quality Pearl Beads For Superb Jewelry Sets

Pearl beads have been decorating people for lots of years. Usual pearls, made from the mollusk, clam, or oyster in fresh or salt water, where prized for their loveliness. Different colors come from water material in the areas where they are found. From white to black, pearls are created in a variety of colors.

beads 1

Beauty of Pearl Jewelry

As we all recognize that pearl beads jewelry is stylish and beautiful. Excellence is determined by the size, luster, shape, nacre width, and lack of deficiency. Nacre is the shine in a shell with mother of pearl that make a depth of color. Pearls are well-liked craft product as they lend an aspect of mystery, natural magnificence to jewelry designs. You might be certain that there are numerous providers giving out the correct piece of jewelry at very costly rates which can only be paid for by the rich.

Simple and stylish

There are numerous designs obtainable for the jewelry and bearing in mind these facts pearl beads can be taken as the one that can be used through the people of all age groups. This is mainly due to the ease possessed by the pearl jewelry by the passage of time in which you could definitely come across the facts that mainly of the pearl jewelry is prepared out of only pearl beads wherein it certainly looks simple. White is the only color that comes to your brain when you think regarding pearl even though the pearl beads are now days accessible in different colors in the marketplace, such as pink, black, cream, green, yellow, blue & so on.

In early time, there were surely not several kinds of pearls available. Yet nowadays, we have choice to pick from extensive choice of pearls which appears unbelievable and vivid. From usual fresh water pearls to the refined pearls, you can find numerous kinds to pink from the available pearl sorts. Freshwater pearl jewelry is consideration of as a pretty necessary and most wanted jewelry simply because of the truth that the freshwater pearls are actually barely offered.


pretty pear neacklaces

Pearl beads are generally used in pearls necklaces, jewels, rings, earrings, and accessory and so on. These beads in strand for necklaces are occasionally a sign of age and status. Usually, the younger the woman wearing the pearls the lesser the pearls must be. A woman of middle age and wealth can wear the largest of pearls attractively. Various lengths from short too long or with numerous strands maintain status.




Create Beautiful And Fascinating Artwork With Lampwork Beads

Lampwork beads are considered one of the most beautiful glass beads to create fascinating jewelry with. These beads are handmade, specifically out of glass. A process that is called lampworking, which has started centuries ago, produces them. These beads are the most common jewelry beads used to create beautiful artwork.

lampwork beads 1

The Process of Lamp Beads

Creating lamp beads consists of a particular process. In order to create the lampwork beads, lampworks must use narrow rods that are made out of glass, and melt the narrow rods with a torch or a flame. The lampworker then winds the molten glass around a stainless steel inside a mandrel, pushing the beads into their unique shapes.

What Do Lamp Beads Actually Look Like?

Lampwork beads can be as decorative or plain as the artist pleases. The glass beads have layers of glass that is used in creating the look of the beads. As an example, there can be small or large dots that are different in color, and can be left on the surface of the bead, or in the center where the artist creates the unique design. These fine lines are made when the lampworker use small rods of glass; like painting with a paintbrush that is made out of glass.

Types of Lamp Beads

Lamp beads are not just one type of glass bead. There are hollow beads, and hollow vessel beads, as. When the lampworker is creating beads, they sometime make unique types of beads by involving a technique during the process of creating them.

lampwork beads 2

Vessel lampwork beads are made by simply trapping bubbles with are, while inside the glass. When the bead is rotated around the torch, the air inside the bubble expands inside the bead, leaving it with a center that is hollow.

Hollow lamp beads are made is a similar fashion, but quite different. The lampworker must make these beads by allowing the vessels to take form by making a shape at the end of the mandrel. The hot glass is rotated around the steel wool shape, and the gaps are deliberately shut, making a solid surface. The lampworker continues to add glass to finish building the hollow vessel creating the unique shape. Lampwork beads are the most considerable, when making beautiful and unique jewelry. Take the time to find the shape, colors and design, when creating artwork with lamp beads.

Create Fashionable Romantic Jewelries Using Decorative Heart Beads

Heart Beads

Heart Beads

Beaded jewelries have become the preferred choice for most of the women today. As this beaded jewelries comes in exceptional designing pattern which goes well with all type of stylish costume. Jewelry making is the favorite hobby of many young girls today. You could see ample of professional jewelry makers who use colorful tiny beads to create attractive jewelry sets. It is well known to every that beads is a tiny decorative material which comes in tempting variety of shapes, size, colors and creative designs. Beads are widely classified into enormous types. Heart Beads are one among the major kinds of beads which is formed in impressive heart shapes. If you are a jewelry maker who wishes to create romantic style of jewelries, then it would be a better choice for you to use this heart shaped beads.

Use distinctive style of heart beads for jewelry making

These beads are grouped into different style depending on the type of material which is used for making it. The heart beads comes with delighting embellishments and styles. Prefer using unique style of these decorative beads to create stylish ornaments and other accessories. If you desire to express your romantic feel in jewelries, you can choose to use this heart shaped beads. Heart is the symbol to reveal our lover ambiance.

You can create ample assortments of jewelries like bracelets, anklets, necklace, chains, pendants and ring using this heart shaped decorative item. You will earn nice compliments from your jewelry customers when you create astonishing romantic jewelries for Valentine’s Day. Every lovers use to gift any ornaments which is decorated with heart shaped stones. There will be more demand for your heart beaded jewelries when you sell it to lovers.

Heart Beads

Heart Beads

Prefer wearing heart beaded jewelries to make your event romantic

Women prefer to reveal unique style and pretty look of their personality during special occasions. Women who wish to make their even more romantic can desire wearing jewelries which is designed with Heart Beads. To make your event more graceful, you can create your favorite jewelries using this colorful heart shaped beads. These tiny beads are available for very low cost which contents your desire of expectation. These beads are made of finest quality of material like plastic, glass and crystal etc. Your husband or lover will feel very charmed when you gift them any ornament with heart colorful beads. You could express your hearty feelings to your delighted one wearing stylish heart beaded jewelries.

Prefer Buying Top Quality Of Wholesale Beads To Make Stylish Jewelries

Women generally admire to wear unique type of accessories with splendid designs. Bead making has become one of the popular designing trends which are highly preferred by many jewelry makers today. Beads come with multiple color combinations, size and shapes. It is well known fact that beads are the tiny decorative object which is made using variety of materials like wood, glass and plastic. If you are the person who wish to gain more profit from jewelry making, then it would be great choice for you to buy wholesale beads. These jewelry beads are classified into sub categories which include European, glass, metal, lamp work, and gemstone and rhinestone beads.

Choose online to buy wholesale beads

Wholesale Beads

Wholesale Beads

Most of the people who are interested in creating fashionable jewelries and art crafts prefer to use beads for designing. If you wish to buy wholesale beads in good quality and design, then you must prefer buying it using online mode. When you desire to buy colorful beads online, you can find wide variety of beads which will be shown in the display. By choosing online beads store, you can save lots of your precious time which you have planned to spend on traveling to the stationary stores.

Save more money by buying beads in wholesale

Wholesale Beads

Wholesale Beads

Wholesale price is the most precious advantage which you can gain from buying wholesale beads. Buying beads in wholesale will be very helpful in all the aspects. The price of normal beads is not very expensive but the cost which is incurred for the marketing, packaging is very high. You can avoid these entire cost factors when you buy tiny decorative beads in wholesale. There is more chance for you to save plenty of your valuable money when you buy it in wholesale.  You can make extensive selection of beads based on your desire of expectation when you buy it in broad manner.

Benefits obtained from buying wholesale beads

Buying attractive beads in wholesale is highly beneficial for all the jewelry makers who use beads for decorating trendy ornaments. Each and every jewelry makers can make more money when you buy the beaded jewelry at very high price. One of the finest benefits which you can obtain from buying wholesale beads is the cheap price. You will be provided with excellent quality of beads in quick shipment when you buy wholesale jewelry beads in online. Beads which buy in wholesale come with excellent packaging and good condition without any damages.

Indian Style Netted Bracelet with Pearl and Iris Seed Beads

I love this Indian style bracelet. The beads colors are matched fairly well. They are just like the wings of the peacock, so pretty.

If you are handmade jewelry seller, you gotta try this amazing bracelet, and the pattern can be also applied for making fabulous necklaces. Although they might take some time to do, the sales can be out of your expectation. Since seed beads used are greatly needed here. It would be convenient to search wholesale jewelry supplies, which will save you a lot on the costs, and you can get various color of seed beads for more versatile works! Let’s take a look of this video to learn it:

Sequins, all that shimmer!

Sequins are a kind of plastic beads, mainly used for decorative purposes. They are available in a wide variety of colors and geometrical shapes. We often see that sequins are stitched on flat fabrics like clothing, bags, shoes and other accessories. This can make the sequins catch more light and shimmer with more sparkles. In order to increase the reflective ability, some sequins are even made with more facets.

Look at the below glittering sequin galore, do they make you crazy?

Creative ideas for fashion design sketchbook work - gold sequins & watercolour illustration

Gold Sequin Wedding Shoes yes, but not soooo high

Sequins + cardigan. love the different textures paired togetherQQ截图20140802104345