Beebeecraft Brief Introduction to Basic Jewelry Making Techniques

Summary: This introduction to basic jewelry making techniques is a good chance for you to have knowledge of different types of jewelry making techniques.

As there are so many types of jewelry making, sometimes you may feel confused by different jewelry making techniques. Today I will introduce some basic techniques which are normal and perfect for these people who just begin to do jewelry making. With this article, you will be familiar with handmade jewelry projects later.

Bead Stringing: This typically refers to string any sort of beads onto a beading thread or wire. The design can be a single bead or a number of beads strung onto a single thread or wire, then you can attach clasps with crimps to the ends of the thread or wire to connect them, also you can simply knot the ends if there is an elastic or cord. There is another type of bead stringing. Make a bead dangle or link by threading a bead on a piece of wire and bending a loop on either one end or both ends of the wire. The dangles can be attached to earring hooks, and the links can be connected together into a simple bracelet or necklace.

Bead Weaving: This method generally requires seed beads, beading needles and thread. The keypoint of bead weaving is that you need to thread in and out of seed beads into certain patterns, just like sewing. The popular stitches include the peyote stitch, brick stitch, herringbone stitch, square stitch, right angle weave stitch and Dutch spiral. For bead weaving projects, the needle commonly has to pass through a bead more than once, so it is necessary to use thin thread and needles.

Loom Beading: As the name suggests, it is a technique of weaving seed beads on a loom. The basic principle of loom beading is stitching horizontal rows of beads onto vertical threads which are called warps. Although the results on the loom are generally flat and you have to set up the loom before beading, but loom beading is faster than off-loom beading. The hardest part of loom beading may be that when you complete your beadwork, you need to find a way to conceal the ends of all warps.

Wire Work and Wire Wrapping: You can create a lot of interesting shapes, frames and designs with wire. Once you’ve mastered the basic technique of wire wrapping, it is possible for you to make delicate jewelry like the ones sold in shops. Wire work include making an eye pin, making a loop on a headpin, opening and closing jump rings and so on. Wire wrapping technique can help you create a spiral, a coil, a wrapped loop and some other complicated components which are useful for your delicate handmade jewelry.

Victorian Beading and French Beading: These techniques are often used to make complicated beaded flowers, leaf, even small Christmas trees. Both of them use wire and seed beads, but the techniques are different. French beading typically requires adding quite a few beads onto the wire then running them up and down the wire in a particular motion. Victorian beading only requires adding a few beads at a time then bending the wire to let the beads go back and forth on the wire. There are less bends to the wire in French beading than in Victorian beading, so the Victorian beaded flowers are more durable than French beaded flowers.

Chain Maille: It is an amazing technique that can create intricate jewelry by joining jump rings together without soldering. There are some stunning patterns worth to learn: dragon scale chain maille, helm weave chain  maille, byzantine chain maille, full Persian chain maille, and European 8-in-2 chain maille.

These are some basic jewelry making techniques that you’d better know if you are a jewelry maker. Mastering different jewelry making techniques will help you design and make more fabulous jewelry.


Top 5 Creative Craft Ideas for 2018 spring From Beebeecraft

Jewelry making and craft are wonderful experience for those who love them. The project can boost positive mental health, encourage mindfulness, allow us to socialize and even improve our physical wellbeing. The 2018 spring is coming, let’s learn what the trends are and get inspiration from them. Here is the top 5 creative craft ideas for you and you can buy all the jewelry craft supplies from

Colorful Glass Bead Flower Bracelet

The major materials are glass beads and some jewelry tools and supplies. To make glass bead bracelets, you can choose Czech glass beads as the flower’s petals, pearl beads as its heart, green heart beads as its leaf, and connect each flower with seed beads. It looks lovely and alive.


Beautiful Beaded Long Red Earrings

The earrings are mainly made of red faceted glass beads and green 3mm seed beads. First we should make a shape of flower, then make the dangle, at last connect the earring hooks. It’s easy enough for you to have a try. The red and green dangle earrings always make you remind of the beautiful spring day.


Adorable Green Flower Necklace

This green flower necklace is really beautiful and leaving us a feeling of fresh. But the most challenging part of designing the necklace is to collect the beads. While the main bib portion consists of an array of oval bead, lightweight acrylic bead is a good choice. Once you have figured out how to place the beads, the rest is easy!


Amazing Wire Wrapped Flower Ring

The flowers are at their best in spring. This is the inspiration for this wire wrapped flower ring. What you needed in this flower ring making are green aluminum wire, green copper wire, green seed beads and red rose bead. Of course the pliers are necessary, too. First make the shape of flower with aluminum, and then fill with the green seed beads, finally fasten the red rose bead to the middle. Easy to make, right?


Charming Seed Beads Flower Necklace

This creation is deeply loved by those who love seed beads jewelry, as it’s finished by colorful seed beads. The most difficult prat during this project is to make the 5 flowers. Use the tiger wire to help making a circle and six petals, then thread the seed beads to make the flower vivid. The rest is to make the basic necklace ornament and add six lowers to it. What a delicate and fresh flower necklace. Suit for spring so much!


Do you like the ideas? You may find there are something in common among the 5 ideas. They all have flower as theme and green color to show vitality. These are just what the symbol of spring. Do you have some inspiration for your spring design? Flowers and green. Just try to make your spring jewelry now.

4 Steps to Choose Wire for Jewelry Making

Summary: Wire is always used in jewelry making, you may wonder how to choose right wire for your jewelry making projects. In this post, we will tell you how to do it.

The use of jewelry wire in both practical applications and decorative has always been important in creating complicated, attractive jewelry designs. You can use it as links for chains, create stone settings and make pendants, earrings and bracelets. Good wire can make jewelry perfect.

Making jewelry needs many tools and wires, the wire used for jewelry making is created in a number of materials and sizes. There are two important elements about wire that you need to know before choosing wire for jewelry; They are wire gauge and wire hardness. Jewelry wire is measured by different gauges, or diameter sizes, there are different kinds and sizes of wires. Hardness means how hard the wire is. You may wonder what kind of wire you should use in the jewelry making. Next, we will offer your more information about wire choices.

4 Steps to choose wire for jewelry making:

Step1: Choose your project.

Firstly, you should know different wire fits different jewelry, so you are supposed to make it certain what kind of jewelry you are going to make before you choose wire.

Step2: Choose the wire hardness: soft, half-hard, and hard.

Soft wire can be easily bent into the shapes you want by hands. It is great for making spirals, loops and round shapes.

Half-hard wire is a bit harder. It is designed for making sharp angles or wrapping around itself.

Hard wire is difficult to bend. It can be used to make pins, jumprings, hooks and clasps. It can’t be bent into round shapes.

Step3: Choose the wire gauge.
12 gauge wire is usually only available in dead soft temper. It may require heavy duty jewelry making tools for shaping and cutting.
14-gague and 16-gauge(1.3 to 1.6 mm) best used for large, heavy jewelry construction, which require some heavy duty jewelry making tools for shaping and cutting.
18-gauge and 20-gauge(0.81 to 1 mm) wire can be made into most bracelets, which can be shaped by hand and with the use of regular jewelry making tools (for shaping and cutting)
22-gauge (0.64 mm) wire for stone settings, earrings and pendants

24-gauge (0.51 mm) wire for most beading projects. The gauge fits through most beads but isn’t too bulky.

26-gauge (0.40 mm) to wrap beads and make smaller chain loops.

20-gauge or higher can be used for making earrings and wrapping bead.

30-gauge or 28-gauge (0.25 to 0.32 mm) wire for delicate jewelry making. It is great for wire weaving, rings, bead work and making small chains. Use fine jewelry making tools for this gauge.

Step4: Choose the wire color.

There are many colors of different wires. You can buy the wires in the color suitable for your main jewelry project.

Now, have you known the wires better? You can choose the wire for your jewelry making better in the future. Hope the above information can help you to create more beautiful jewelry.

Craft Tutorial on How to Make Rainbow Loom Earrings

Do you like rainbow color jewelry? I like so much. With different colors, the rainbow color jewelry look beautiful and make me in good mood. Today let’s learn how to make rainbow loom earrings. It’s simple enough to start. Let’s start the “how to make rainbow loom earrings” tutorial.


Jewelry craft supplies for rainbow loom earrings:


6mm multi-colored wood beads

Silvery jump rings

Golden jump rings

Link ring

Head pins

Round nose plier

Wire cutter plier

Side cutting plier


How to make rainbow loom earrings:

Step 1: Make dangles for rainbow loom earrings with jewelry beads and jewelry making findings

Firstly, slide fuchsia bead, golden jump ring and green bead onto head pin;

Secondly, loop the pin with round nose;

Thirdly, wrap the rest pin around the loop;

Fourthly, prepare other dangles, and color-matches are orange plus turquoise, yellow plus yellow, turquoise plus orange and green plus fuchsia.


Step 2: finish the rainbow loom earrings

Firstly, attach bead dangles onto bead frame by silver jump rings;

Secondly, attach earring hook onto bead frame.


The final look of beaded rainbow loom earrings:


Look! The pretty-looking earrings are done. It’s easy to learn, right? You can also make your own rainbow loom earrings in different colors and sizes. And you can get all the jewelry making findings and earring supplies for jewelry making online.

Nylon Thread Dragonfly Keychain tutorials

Summary: This dragonfly knot tutorial is to show you a good idea to make a dragonfly keychain for couples with thread jewelry making, which costs less to make but full of love. Don’t leave, the result is a surprise!

How to Make a Dragonfly Keychain with Nylon Thread for Couples (1)

To make this string material dragonfly keychain, you can choose nylon thread as the dragonfly’s main part, two wood beads as it’s eyes. The alphabet beads added on the body make the whole design meaningful. You can choose special letters instead of that on the picture, such as your names and your lover’s. Now, let’s start to learn how to make a string dragonfly keychain!

Supplies needed in dragonfly knot keychain tutorial:

2mm Nylon Thread
Alphabet Acrylic Beads
Wood Beads

How to Make a Dragonfly Keychain with Nylon Thread for Couples (2)

Instructions for dragonfly knot keychain tutorial:

Step 1: Make the head for the dragonfly keychain

1st, cut off about 40cm nylon thread(length also depends on your needs), and slide two wood beads onto the thread;
2nd, place the nylon thread to the following shape as picture shows, and the length you want to get the finished dragonfly depends on the places of wood beads;

How to Make a Dragonfly Keychain with Nylon Thread for Couples (3)

3rd, keep the middle two threads as the holding thread, use another threads as working thread to tie a half square knot as pictures show;

How to Make a Dragonfly Keychain with Nylon Thread for Couples (4)

4th, continue to tie the other half square knot, and tighten threads;
5th, tie a square knot again; now, the head of dragonfly has been finished.

How to Make a Dragonfly Keychain with Nylon Thread for Couples (5)

Step 2: Make the wings for dragonfly keychain

1st, tie a square knot as below, and remember keep it loose as pictures show, this will be dragonfly’s top wings;

How to Make a Dragonfly Keychain with Nylon Thread for Couples (6)

2nd, do the other pair of wings in the same method, and make this pair of wings smaller than the top ones.

How to Make a Dragonfly Keychain with Nylon Thread for Couples (7)

Step 3: Make the body and tail for the dragonfly keychain

1st, slide an alphabet bead onto the holding threads, and then tie a square knot;

How to Make a Dragonfly Keychain with Nylon Thread for Couples (8)

2nd, do another alphabet beads in the same way, and use lighter to fix the end if necessary, remember to leave a little loop at the end to be the dragonfly’s tail.

How to Make a Dragonfly Keychain with Nylon Thread for Couples (9)

Step 4: Finish dragonfly for couples

Do the other dragonfly keychain in the same method, you can change the color and alphabet beads as you want.

How to Make a Dragonfly Keychain with Nylon Thread for Couples (10)

Attach the dragonfly to keychain. The final look of dragonfly keychain for couples looks like this:

How to Make a Dragonfly Keychain with Nylon Thread for Couples (11)

Wow! This dragonfly keychain knot tutorial is over! This tutorial have must inspired you on how to make a dragonfly keychain. Take your imagination, and create such cute and unique dragonfly keychain for you and your boyfriend! I hope you will have a perfect Valentine Day!

Make your own jewelry supplies

The world of do-it-yourself jewelry has really stepped up its game. You will get the satisfactory when creating your own beautiful jewelry. Turn your inspiration into a piece of unique and fine custom jewelry.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a master DIY crafter, it’s never been so easy to make your own beautiful jewelry pieces. Shop make your own jewelry supplies you need for making necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hair accessories and brooches online at home, will never let you down. Find plenty of jewellery making project ideas and inspiration in our huge range of jewelry supplies online.

Jewelry Making Materials

In addition to the basic supplies for making jewelry—wire, jump rings, clasps, resins, etc.—there is a magic world of jewelry making materials available.

And in order to give you some inspirations for what’s available, let’s look at four of the most popular materials: Wood, Acrylic, Metal and Leather.


Making Wooden Jewelry

Wood brings a natural beauty to any jewelry project. There are so many types of wood, each with their own features. The color, shape and line make each piece of wood unique and visually interesting.

It is most likely that you are familiar with ash, bamboo, birch, cherry, maple, oak, pine and walnut. But there are also other woods that are ideal for wood jewelry making such as ebony, koa, lacewood, purpleheart, redheart, rosewood, tulipwood, wenge, zebrawood and zircote. Because of their vivid colors and line patterns, these exotic woods are beautiful choices for wood jewelry also for their wood working attributes.

In terms of the outside benefits above, wood is strong that lasts much longer than many other jewelry making materials that may crack or fade with time going. It can also undergo decorating techniques such as wood burning, laser engraving, dye application and painting that often impossible with other materials.

Of course, there are all kinds of wooden beads in almost every shape and size that you can image.


Making Acrylic Jewelry

Making acrylic jewelry is pretty fun because not only there are many colors available but also acrylic come in all sorts of forms. Acrylic can be melted and set into all different kinds of shapes. It’s also soft enough to be cut.


Making Metal Jewelry

Have u ever thought about making metal jewelry? It sounds far more threaten than it is. Really, metalsmithing is simply the process of forming and turning metal into jewelry. It doesn’t necessarily involve red-hot parts. And the gold, silver and platinum are most often used in the metal jewelry.


Making Leather Jewelry

Nothing synthetic can quite compare to the unique quality and the feel of leather. It is such a good material to work with because it has undeniable character and a soft feel.

People always think of leather and suede being used as cords for hanging pendants. And there’s so much more you can do with this gifted material.

Being flexible, leather accords to the body to give a great fit once u wear them—making it especially suitable for bracelets and cuffs. You can also add beads and other charms to this leather cuff.

Simple Tutorials to Learn How to Make Earrings with Three Colors Thread

Summary: This tutorial is about tying knots to make a pair of earrings with three colors threads, And we also need the earring hooks to finish the earrings, wanna to try?


Making thread earrings come in various style, so they can be made customized  pieces to send to friends as special gifts. This special three colors handmade thread earrings design can be finished in a short of time, let us do it!

Materials needed to make this three color thread earrings:

0.33mm Mixed Color Nylon Sewing thread

18mm Silver Iron Earring Hooks

0.7mm Silver Iron Headpins

4-10mm Silver Iron Jump Rings

Round Nose Pliers

Chain-Nose(Flat Nose) piles

Side cutting pliers



Instructions on making this rope earrings:

Step 1: Gain the basic braiding way

1st, Cut a piece of the deep color thread and add a pin, fold the thread like the picture;

2nd, Fold the right end of the thread across the left side thread and inside the pin, fasten the 2 sides to make a knot.


Step 2: Continue to make more knots

1st, Refer to the last steps to make a knot;

2nd, Repeat to fold the thread to make more knots (as shown in the picture) ;

3rd, Make a loop of the pin.


Step 3Finish the three colors thread earrings

1st, Refer to the above steps to make the yellow and light blue threads the same as the deep colors;

2nd, Hold the three colors thread knot together by the 8mm jump ring, connect the 8mm big jump ring and a 4mm jump ring to the earrings hooks.;

3rd, Refer to the same steps to make the other one earring.


Here is the final look of the three colors thread earrings:



So the three colors thread earrings are done! The tutorial on making the thread earrings is very easy, right? Tell your friends and make these special three color thread earrings together! I promise you will love the process and product!

Craft Tutorial on How to make Flower Necklace with Seed Beads

Do you like DIY beaded jewelry? Jewelry beads are widely used in craft and jewelry making. U can find there are so many online bead stores, so it’s easily to get beading supplies online at cheap price. Today, I’ll share the tutorial on how to make seed beads flower necklace pattern with you.

Pandahall's Free Seed Bead Flower Necklace Patterns and Instructions6004009

Beads and jewelry supplies needed in DIY the seed bead flower necklace:

Pandahall's Free Seed Bead Flower Necklace Patterns and Instructions6004001
10mm Colorful Round Beads
4.5x4mm Red Faceted Glass Beads
4mm Pink Faceted Bicone Beads
3mm Hotpink Seed Beads
2mm Colorful Pink Seed Beads
0.3mm Tiger Tail
Silver Jump Rings
4.0cm Silver Eyepins
Silver Twisted Chains
Needle Nose Plier
Round Nose Plier
Stainless-Steel Scissor

Instructions on how to make the seed bead flower necklace patterns:
Step 1: Make seed bead flowers and combine them together
Firstly, cut a piece of 0.3mm tiger tail and thread 6 pieces 4.5x4mm red faceted glass beads to the middle of the tiger tail. Then, cross the two tiger tails through another 4.5x4mm red faceted glass bead and tighten the tiger tail;
Secondly, thread 22 pieces of 2mm white seed beads to the right tiger tail and make a loop by crossing the right tiger tail through the leftmost 2mm white seed bead;
Thirdly, cross the tiger tail through the 4.5x4mm red faceted glass bead next to the white seed bead loop. Then, thread 22 pieces of 2mm white seed beads and make another loop. Repeat this step four times. In such way, a white seed bead flower comes into being;

Pandahall's Free Seed Bead Flower Necklace Patterns and Instructions6004002
Fourthly, repeat the above steps to make two more white seed bead flowers and other colors bead flowers.
Fifthly, connect the 8 seed bead flowers together through silver jump rings.

Pandahall's Free Seed Bead Flower Necklace Patterns and Instructions6004004

Step 2: Add beads and silver twisted chain
Firstly, combine 2 pieces 10mm blue round beads, 2 pieces 10mm pink round beads, 2 pieces 10mm green round beads, a 10mm red round bead, a 10mm orange round bead and a 10mm purple round bead with silver eyepins one by one;
Secondly, cut several pieces of silver twisted chains and connect the 9 round beads together;
Thirdly, combine the two ends of the silver twisted chains with the orange seed bead flower and pink seed bead flower through two jump rings.

Pandahall's Free Seed Bead Flower Necklace Patterns and Instructions6004005

Here is the final look of the seed bead flower necklace patterns.

Pandahall's Free Seed Bead Flower Necklace Patterns and Instructions6004006

Do you love this seed bead flower necklace pattern? Anyway, this DIY seed bead jewelry adds a charm to your wardrobe. Making the seed bead flower patterns may be a challenging beading craft, but it’s worth the effort. Just follow the steps and instructions above to make one.

Jewellery Making Supplies Online for Beginners

Sometimes you want to begin your jewelry making work, but don’t know what are needed and how to do. Today we will introduce the guide to jewellry making supplies online for beginners, to help you get started.

Here are some basic jewellery making materials online for beginners to start their work.

Basic Tools:

The tools are the products you use to manipulate. There are various kinds of tools, but the jewelry pliers is must-have during your craft work. Here are three types of pliers for you.
Round nose pliers – always used to form loops, and together with another pair of pliers to pry loops, rings, and chains open.
Chain nose pliers – Used for bending, and prying things open, plus crimping.
Wire cutters – Cut wires, chains, cord, rings, and more.

Basic Findings:
Whatever your project, you must need the jewelry findings and components to complete it in style. Here are some mostly used styles for you.
Pins – Pins always include headpins and eye pins. Headpins are used to build blocks in projects such as my snowman earrings, bauble rings, and more. Thicker ones just need to be looped at the end, while thinner ones are for wrapping. Pay attention to length as well. Eye pins have a loop on one end and they are ideal to make Earrings and Pendants.
Crimp beads and tubes – These are tiny metal beads that hold things in place. They are great for a huge variety of jewelry making projects, such as finishing off bracelets and necklaces and so on. They are also used to hold beads mid-strand in “invisible necklace” type crafts.
Jump rings –Jump rings are versatile components every jewelry designer should keep in abundance. Use them to attach clasps, pendants, or charms to your ideas for a strong hold and professional polish. They also make great connection points for multiple strands in your designs and can be used in chain mail.

Basic Strings:

Strings are always necessary for bracelet and necklace making. Choose if you prefer strung beads, and then pick a wire. If you prefer pieces that can look “real” and sophisticated, use chain. If your style is more trendy and colorful, go for cords.
Wires – These are used for threading beads. Which you’ll need will depend on what type of project you’re making. The aluminum wires and copper wires can be used to form different shapes to make your craft outstanding.
Chains – They are used to string a pendant, or as spacers between beads on a necklace, bracelet, earrings… You can also use it as a main decorative element in the piece itself.
Cords – They are used as decorative elements to add a little texture to a piece. These include leather cord, satin cord (rat tail), twine, and practically every texture and color imaginable. Start with a couple of your favorites, and use them as a focal element in your craft.

Just start your jewelry making work to make your own jewelry supplies.

Best Jewelry Making Resource for You

If you are a craft lover and always need to buy jewellery making supplies online, this article is helpful for you. It’s important to produce unique designs with high quality components while keeping costs of your materials at a reasonable level. There has been an explosion of online suppliers feeding the growing market, but many of them have poor quality. This list of online sources was compiled with quality, country of origin, and price in mind. And let you know where to buy jewelry making supplies. is one of the US’s largest suppliers which provide high quality jewelry supplies online. From glass beads, European beads, gemstone beads etc. to jewelry findings like jump rings, clasps, bead caps, bails etc., the sewing & fabric, DIY Craft etc. to accessories, aims to feed all your need to craft. They offer free shipping on all U.S. orders over $25.

PandaHall Beads: PandaHall is a federation of Chinese factories and also the Chinese Small Merchandise online market. They retail and wholesale Beads & Findings including jade, silver, pearl, gemstone, lampwork glass and crystal items etc. They also can source many products for you. Besides, they have US and UK warehouse for customers to choose.

Jewelry All manner of jewelry making supplies are offered by Jewelry, from seed beads to chain to tools. The site also has their own jewelry making videos and DIY projects.

Rings ‘n Things: Rings ‘n Things is a volume-discount supplier of beads, gems, pearls, Swarovski crystals, jewelry findings, and jewelry-making supplies. They also have African trade beads and jewelry making kits for sale on their site.

Fusion Beads: Fusion Beads offers a wide variety of beads and other items, from Swarovski crystal beads to instructional books to tools, pearls, charms, and mixed media materials. Beadaholique, as the name implies, is a bead supplier, but there’s much more: metal stampings and filigree; chain; jewelry making tools; vintage items; pendants; Swarovski Elements; and charms. Their focus is on providing quality materials for the beading artist at low prices.

Lima Beads : Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Lima Beads specializes in quality beads, findings, chain, charms, and pendants. They carry beads from various suppliers and artists large and small, such as TierraCast and Humble Beads.