Easy DIY Earrings with Blue Drop Glass Beads

Hi, dear friends, how are you? Today, I want to share two pair of easy DIY earrings with blue drop glass beads with you. Just prepare some blue spray painted drop glass beads, antique silver rose flower links, chains and earring hooks, and then you can start with the simple instructions below.
easy-diy-earrings-with-blue-drop-glass-beads680330Supplies you’ll need in making the easy drop earrings:
11x8mm Blue Spray Painted Drop Glass Beads
Antique Silver Rose Flower Links
Platinum Cross Chains
Silver Earring Hooks
Silver Headpins
Silver Jump Rings
Needle Nose Plier
Round Nose Plier
Diagonal Plier
easy-diy-earrings-with-blue-drop-glass-beads6004001Firstly, combine a part of chain with an earring hook. Then, add a rose flower link and another part of chain;
easy-diy-earrings-with-blue-drop-glass-beads6004002Secondly, add a blue drop glass bead to a headpin and make a loop. Then, add it to the chain;
Thirdly, refer to the above steps to make the other pair of drop earrings;
easy-diy-earrings-with-blue-drop-glass-beads6004003Fourthly, add a rose flower link and a blue drop glass bead to an earring hook. Then, make the other pair of the easy drop earrings.
easy-diy-earrings-with-blue-drop-glass-beads6004004Tada~ the easy square chain and blue glass bead drop earrings and the easy drop earrings are finished!
easy-diy-earrings-with-blue-drop-glass-beads600400Just with the above simple steps, the blue glass bead drop earrings can be done. Do you like them? Try to make a pair or both if you like them.


Jewelry Making Supplies – Short Description And Vision Upon Jewelry


Let’s develop the idea about jewelry making supplies. But before let me tell you some about jewelry.

You can begin your jewelry purchase journey from anywhere in the world. Would you imagine that would be possible?


Let me take off all that effort and enhance your imagination to other ways. It’s possible. It’s happening day by day. Very talented individuals are creating every day a whole new world. A world where shining is a very important part of day by day individuals. I am not excluding al the other exciting aspects about our lives, like inventors, engineer revolutionists and so on.  Every one binds it’s eyes towards some jewelry, either they are in a store or on a fancy friends neck at a ball night, we all know how to appreciate what is beautiful and well made.

We see them when we take a walk at the local stores, where we plan our wedding rings and Valentine’s day bracelets for our future wives or girlfriends.

We talk about gold, silver, precious stones, diamonds, platinum and so many other shiny and good looking precious metals and materials.

But how to work with jewelry making supplies? Not everyone’s concern as a matter of fact. Who would, other than a specialist in the matter, but in an instance you’d need some supplies, jewelry making supplies like:

  • Precious metals and stones
  • Working tools
  • Additional working materials
  • Talented workers
  • Will, dedication and passion


The list could go further but at the core of making jewelry stays these 5 selections. If you have these five bullet list then you’re good to start growing a very good looking and profitable business.

With jewelry making supplies comes beauty and well being. With jewelry making supplies comes profit. Many people invest in gold and other precious market trading objects. It’s worth all the good effort. But investing in jewelry making is even more creative.

This being said I’d leave it to the jewelry makers to tell us more about them and how they do it. Remember though that being beautiful it doesn’t always need to be some jewels implied. Beauty comes from within and jewels reflect a story of how beauty is being born.

Next time you go at a ball evening and make a compliment on someone’s fancy jewelry, let them know that you know something about the shiny world even from this perspective. Then you can see things manifesting around yourself.

DIY Stunning Red and Green Bracelet with Glass Beads and Wires

Glass beads are widely used in jewelry making. Today, I’ll use some red glass beads, green glass beads and wires to make a stunning red and green bracelet. The simple tutorial below will show you how to make the glass beads bracelet.
diy-stunning-red-and-green-bracelet-with-glass-beads-and-wires680330Supplies you’ll need in making the glass beads bracelet:
8x6mm Abacus Glass Beads
1.5mm Silver Aluminum Wire
0.5mm Silver Copper Wire
Silver Lobster Clasp
Needle Nose Plier
Round Nose Plier
Diagonal Plier
diy-stunning-red-and-green-bracelet-with-glass-beads-and-wires6004001Instructions on how to make the red and green bracelet with glass beads:
Step 1: Twist the wires
Firstly, cut off 3 parts aluminum wires and combine them together;
Secondly, cut off a piece of copper wire and add it to the middle aluminum wire.
diy-stunning-red-and-green-bracelet-with-glass-beads-and-wires6004002Step 2: Add glass beads and lobster clasp
Firstly, add red glass beads and green glass beads while wrapping the copper wire;
diy-stunning-red-and-green-bracelet-with-glass-beads-and-wires6004003Secondly, twist the end of aluminum wires and add a silver lobster clap.
diy-stunning-red-and-green-bracelet-with-glass-beads-and-wires6004004Now, I wear this red and green bracelet on my wrist.
diy-stunning-red-and-green-bracelet-with-glass-beads-and-wires600400Just with the above two simple steps, you can finish the red and green bracelet. This easy DIY project is very suitable for beginners. Try to make one by yourself~

Look Beautiful With Jade Beads Anywhere, Anytime Always

Jade Beads is dedicated to make you look beautiful. There are numerous types of beads that you can choose from and look nice. It just depends with your personal preferences and your budget. When it comes to budget, jade beads are very affordable and this ensures that everyone is given an equal chance to look good. So it is up to you to choose what you want and you will definitely get it.


Types of beads from Jade beads

Below is a list of just the types of beads you expect to get at Jade Beads. The list does not comprise of all beads available but just some of them to give you a rough idea of the awesome things in store enough for you and the whole family and friends

  • Natural Mauve Jade Bead Strands
  • Natural Australian Jade Beads Strands round in shape
  • Natural Australian Jade Beads Strands Abacus
  • Natural Yellow Jade Beads
  • Natural Grade A white Jade Bead strands
  • Natural white Jade Bead strands
  • Natural Topaz Jade Bead strands
  • Natural butter Jade Bead strands
  • Natural Olive Jade Bead strands

This is just a list of what you do expect to get at jade beads. The beads come in different sizes and this gives you an opportunity to choose the size you want. Some people prefer small beads; others prefer big sized beads while others prefer medium sized beads. All these sizes are available


Another thing you should be excited about jade beads is that the beads are natural. Everyone lusts for something natural and that is why you are given a chance to shine in natural beads that are eco friendly and won’t give you side effects at all. There are those beads that will irritate your skin and make it feel itchy. That is not the matter with Jade Beads.

Jade beads have a natural color. I am sure that you understand that something with natural color can never become pale. The color cannot fade in anyway. When you buy the jade beads, most of them look shiny and very attractive. Don’t have that fear that one day the color ill fade off and leave you with a pale and unattractive bead. No way, it simply can happen that way. These are beads that will shine for a lifetime and maintain their color.


Easy DIY Vintage Style Earrings and Ring Set with Flower Resin Beads

Are you looking for jewelry set making tutorial? Today, I want to share a pair of vintage style earrings and ring set with you. It’s a piece of cake to make the vintage style earrings and ring set with flower resin beads within 4 steps. Now, let’s get started~


Supplies in making the vintage style earrings and ring set:

8mm White Round Pearl Beads

6mm White Round Pearl Beads

4mm White Round Pearl Beads

Yellow Flower Resin Beads

Tibetan Style Flower Pendant Cabochons

Tibetan Style Flower

Adjustable Brass Ring Components

Antique Bronze Earring Hooks

Antique Bronze Jump Rings

Needle Nose Plier

Glue Gun


Instructions on how to make the vintage style earrings and ring set:

Firstly, attach a yellow flower resin bead onto a Tibetan style cabochon with glue gun;

Secondly, combine the Tibetan style cabochon with a Tibetan style flower;

Thirdly, add earring hook and make another vintage style earring;


Lastly, attach white pearl beads, a Tibetan style flower and a yellow flower resin bead onto a ring component.

Now, I wear the vintage style ring to my finger and put the vintage style earrings onto the table.


Another picture of the vintage style earrings and ring set:


Just with the four simple steps above, you can finish the vintage style earrings and ring set. Just give it a try if you like this vintage style earrings and ring set.

Jewelry Making Supplies Used In Making Splendid Ornaments

Jewelry making supplies that are required for making jewelry are basically jewelry wire, beads and findings. The following paragraph will discuss these three jewelry making supplies categories. Jewelry consists of small decorative items worn for personal adornment such as brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Jewelry may be attached to the body or clothes. For many centuries metal, often combined with gemstones has been the normal material for jewelry but other materials can be used such as shells. The basic form of jewelry vary between cultures but are often extremely long-lived. Jewelry may be made from a wide range of materials such as gemstones, amber, metal, beads and shells. The patterns of wearing jewelry between sexes and children and old people can vary greatly between cultures, but adult women have been the most consistent wearers of jewelry.

Humans have used jewelry as an artistic display, as a carrier or symbol for love to fix clothing or hair

1Materials and methods used in jewelry making

Items are typically set into precious metals called bronze. Modern fine jewelry usually includes gold, white gold, platinum, silver, titanium, palladium. Common materials used include glass such as fused glass, wood, shells, bones, ivory, hemp and other natural animal substances, diamonds

Jewelry wire

Jewelry wire is in general brass, copper, silver-plated, gold-plated or gold-filled wire. This wire is sold in several sizes called gauges, with the larger gauge wire being smaller in diameter. For making jewelry the most common gauge is 16, 18, 20 and 22. 24 and 26 gauge are used but less frequently. For connecting wire components with the wrapped bead link, frequently 22-gauge wire will be used.



 Beads are frequently used in jewelry. Beads are decorative items made from a variety of materials that is general have a hole used for holding the bead in position in position in your jewelry. Beads can be made of glass, plastics, wood, stone, metal, bone and semi-precious or precious materials.

Beads may be large or small: the smallest type of beads are known as seed beads and these beads are used for the woven style of beaded jewelry. Another use of seed beads is a technique where seed beads are sewn onto fabric backings to create broad collar neck pieces and bracelets.


       Findings are jewelry making supplies and components like clasps, head pins, ear wires, jump rings, and either manufactured or handmade components


DIY Couple Bracelets with Suede Cords for Valentine’s Day

Have you prepared gifts for the coming Valentine’s Day? If not, you can try today’s couple bracelets. Just with some suede cords and linking items, you can easily make the couple bracelets. Let’s see how to make the couple bracelets with suede cords in simple ways.


Supplies in making the suede cord couple bracelets:

Brown Faux Suede Cord

Pink Faux Suede Cord

Golden Linking Rings

Alloy Cord Ends with Lobster Clasps

Golden Magnetic Clasps

Stainless-Steel Scissor

Glue Gun


Firstly, cut three parts of pink suede cord. Then, cross the three pink suede cords through two golden link rings;


Secondly, connect the two ends of the pink suede cord bracelet together through cord ends with lobster clasp;

Thirdly, repeat the above steps to make a brown bracelet with brown suede cords, golden linking rings and golden lock clasp.


Tada, let’s see the brown and pink couple bracelets with suede cords.


You can send the brown suede cord bracelet to your boyfriend and wear the pink suede cord bracelet yourself. Why not give it a try for this Valentine’s Day?

DIY Easy Necklace with Glass Beads and Perl Beads

Are you looking for easy handmade necklace patterns? Maybe you can try today’s easy necklace. The main materials of this necklace are white pearl beads and glass beads. Now, let’s see how to make this necklace with pearl beads and glass beads.


Supplies in making this pearl bead and glass bead necklace:

8x6mm Red Faceted Glass Beads

11x8mm Drop Glass Beads

10mm White Glass Pearl Beads

6mm White Glass Pearl Beads

3mm Light Golden Acrylic Beads

Brass Jump Rings

Golden Spring Clasps

0.2mm Fishing Wire

Iron Headpins


Round Nose Pliers


Instruction on how to make pearl bead and glass bead necklace:

Step 1: Make the drop parts for the pearl bead and glass bead necklace

Firstly, add white pearl beads, glass beads and a golden bead to a headpin. Then, make a hoop;

Secondly, repeat the above steps to make more such bead patterns.


Step 2: Make the rest part of the pearl bead and glass bead necklace

Firstly, add a part of wire to a golden spring clasp. Then, add pearl beads and the bead patterns made above;


Secondly, add more pearl beads and more bead patterns. Then, add a jump ring.


Here is the final look of the pearl bead and glass bead necklace.


The white pearl beads make this pearl bead and glass bead necklace elegant. The red glass beads and blue glass beads make this pearl bead stunning. Have a try by yourself if you like this pearl bead and glass bead necklace.

Power Of Snap Jewelry In The Production Of Ornaments

It is obvious that, all us we like ornaments made of jewelry. Snap jewelry is one of them which make beautiful ornaments. It always seems so wonderful when we use different types of jewelry in every day. Snap jewelry make beautiful ornaments which we can use for this purpose. Snap jewelry is very unique and innovative when compared with other jewelry. It is very common in either online or on the local market.

Snap jewelry occurs in different colors, shapes, designs and types. It can be molded to make ornaments like:-

  • Bracelets
  • Necklace
  • Buttons
  • Bangles

1And they can be made of different material including glass, metal and acrylic. In this case it will be a user to choose what he / she likes to wear. He / she can coordinate dress and the type of the ornament color suits his likes.

Advantage of using Snap Jewelry for Beautification.

It is easy to create your own style of wearing the snap jewelry in daily basis. They do not require a lot of space to store them. By having a few buttons one can create a different design instead of having different jewelry when he / she is travelling.  Even though they have some disadvantages, for example when they have been used for long time they can obtain stains so one should be careful when using them.

2They need to be polished in order to avoid stains. Also they can be cleaned with a common-cloth which should be dry to avoid wetness. Therefore one needs to avoid use of liquids as they can cause irreversible on the jewelry.

Get Snap jewelry with low prices from wholesaler

One can purchase snap jewelry in wholesale. This will depend on manufacturers price and offers to the clients. Therefore it is advisable to do research before purchasing the snap jewelry to identify the seller will low prices.


Magic of snap jewelry ornaments to the users

This jewelry one can keep on repeating to wear it still look fashionable and young. It can also be converted to different shapes, colors as one wish. With this characteristic it enables women to keep on changing them to new styles of their wish. During the occasions one will just carry a few snap jewelry and they will be quite enough to change them. I would really recommend snap jewelry to anyone willing to buy.


DIY Easy Drop Earrings with Golden Aluminum Wires and White Pearl Beads

Hi, guys, how are you? Today, I’ll share golden wire wrapped and white pearl beads earrings with you. The following easy tutorial will show you how to make the golden wire wrapped and white pearl beads earrings. Hope you like the golden wire wrapped earrings and enjoy the DIY process~


Supplies in making the golden wire and white pearl bead earrings:  

1.5mm Golden Aluminum Wire

0.5mm Golden Copper Wire

14mm White Round Pearl Beads

Golden Earring Hooks

Needle Nose Plier

Round Nose Plier

Diagonal Plier


Instructions on how to make the golden wire and white pearl bead earrings:

Step 1: Twist the aluminum wire

Firstly, cut off a piece of golden aluminum wire and twist it;

Secondly, wrap the aluminum wire with golden copper wire.


Step 2: Add the white pearl beads and earring hooks

Firstly, add a white pearl bead and fix it by wrapping the copper wires;

Secondly, add a golden earring hook;

Thirdly, repeat the above steps to make another golden wire and white pearl bead earring.


Here is the final look of the golden wire and white pearl bead earrings.


Tada, the golden wire and white pearl bead earrings are finished! It may take some time to twist the aluminum wire. If you meet any problems during the process, please leave a comment below.