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Different Types of Beads You Need to Know

There are many different types of beads out there that you can purchase at reputable online stores. These come in different shapes, styles, and of course, are made of varying materials.  The best thing is that no matter what your taste and preference you will always get what best meets your unique needs. The top 3 that are popular amongst people of all age groups include;

beads 1

Bugle beads

These are usually tubular in shape and come in different lengths, color, shapes, and finishes, too. It is because of the flexibility that they offer that they have gained popularity to both male and gender. If you’re thinking of getting a bead-type that is fashionable and stylish, then look no further. In most cases, they are sizes is based on length and these include; 1, 1.5, 2, 3, and 5.

Crystal Beads

These kinds are made out of crystal glasses and as the name suggests they are shiny in nature. Additionally, they relatively vary in pricing based on quality. In other words, there are different categories of crystal beads and so you can get one that best meets your budget range. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer Swarovski or Czech crystal with a little bit of research and expert help you get something that is worth every single coin spent.

Additional types of beads

beads 2

The above mentioned are the two types that you can buy and will definitely complement most attires. The following are also great, and you can find them in any reliable online store;

  • Delica
  • Faceted
  • Flatbacks
  • Hex-cut types
  • Rondelles
  • Pearls
  • Shamballa
  • Pony
  • Crow
  • Shell
  • Charlottes

It is important to note that the types of beads relatively vary in regard to luster and craftsmanship. Nevertheless, they can offer high utility value if a correct choice is made.

As a word of advice, you should be very keen when you want to choose beads that will offer you value. Some of the most important things that you should consider are; kind of accessories, pricing, size, design, as well as materials used to make the beads. If you do so, then you’re likely to make a better choice. Do not hesitate to consult with experts in the field in order to leave nothing to chance. Above all, consider from where you are buying the beads from lest you get low quality types.


How to Make a Stylish Braided Bracelet

Hello guys! Jewelry making tutorials again! Today I’ll share you a PandaHall tutorial on how to make a cool braided bracelet. I bet you guys will like it!

How to Make a Stylish Braided Bracelet 1

It’s really cute right? I can’t wait to have a try now! Let’s see how to make it together!

Materials and tools you’ll need to make such a beautiful leather bracelet:
2mm Rhinestone Brass Chain
Suede Cord
5×7 Golden Iron Twisted Chains
5×7 Silver Iron Twisted Chains
Brass Tube Crimp Beads
Iron Jump Rings
Jewelry Wire
Wire Cutting Plier
Flat Plier

How to Make a Stylish Braided Bracelet 2

Instructions on how to make the cool braided chain bracelet:

Step 1: Prepare one 22cm suede cord and two 17cm rhinestone chains, and attach the chains to the cord with jewelry wire.

How to Make a Stylish Braided Bracelet 3

Step 2: Make the braided leather bracelet like the picture shows.

How to Make a Stylish Braided Bracelet 4

Step 3: Repeat the previous step to make two braided cords, and overlap them together with the rhinestone chain.

How to Make a Stylish Braided Bracelet 5

Here is the finished look:

How to Make a Stylish Braided Bracelet 6

Step 4: Add two jump rings to two tube crimp beads, thread the crimp beads to both end of the cord, cut off the extra cord and add a lobster claw clasp to one end of the bracelet.

How to Make a Stylish Braided Bracelet 7

Step 5: Attach the chains to both end of the leather bracelet.

How to Make a Stylish Braided Bracelet 8


How to Make a Stylish Braided Bracelet 9

How to Make a Stylish Braided Bracelet 10

Wow! It’s fantastic! I think you must wanna try it by yourself right? let’s gather the materials and make it now!

Make Necklaces with Lava Beads

Lava beads are a new type of jewelry making material which is becoming more and more popular in recent years. They are surprisingly light in weight, so many jewelry makers like to make large chunky jewelry with them, coz they can make the jewels comfortable to wear. Today I’d like to share you some fabulous lava bead necklaces, hope you can get inspired by them.lava bead necklaces

Boho necklace made by black lava beads

boho necklace made by black lava beads

Boho style jewels are always considered as symbols of freedom. If you are going to a beach, this simple yet chic lava bead necklace is definitely a good choice.

Cool lava bead necklace for men

cool lava bead necklace for men

Multi strand necklace made by black and light brown lava beads, and decorated with handmade skulls and tassels, this necklace is really cool, right? If you make such a necklace for your boyfriend or your father, I bet he’ll be very happy.

Simple lava bead necklace

simple lava bead necklace

This could be one of the simplest necklaces, only one black lava bead and a section of chain. Even a jewelry making beginner can make it with few minutes. But, simple also make accessories chic, this simplest lava bead necklace is charming indeed.

Vintage charm necklaces with lava beads

vintage charm necklaces with lava beads

Cute charm necklaces made with silver charms, glass beads, European beads, rhinestone spacer beads, and of course lava beads. The necklaces are cute, and the lave beads look so like chocolate cookies, I’m hungry now…

Splendid lava bead statement necklace

splendid lava bead statement necklace

THAT is really amazing, right? It must be a very talented and experienced jewelry maker so that she/he can make such a gorgeous statement necklace!

Blue lave bead heart pendant necklace

blue lave bead heart pendant necklace

The most common lava beads are black, but actually they also have many other colors. Just look at this blue lava stone necklace, do you like it? Don’t you think the heart pendant is cute?

Colorful lava stone necklace

colorful lava stone necklace

Lava stones in red and blue, they are beautiful! And this bright colored choker necklace will make you much more eye-catching in the crowd.

So, after appreciating all these wonderful lava bead necklaces, do you get inspired? Do you have the impulse to make your own one? If you have any other jewelry making ideas about lava beads, welcome to share!

All images come from Pinterest.

How to Make an Elegant Pendant Necklace

Hi there! Do you like pendant necklaces? Today I’d like to share a tutorial on how to make a magnificent wire wrapped pendant necklace. I bet you guys will love this fabulous necklace! Because I love it at my first sight! LOL!

How to Make an Elegant Pendant Necklace 1

Supplies you need to make the wire wrapped pendant necklace:
Golden stardust brass beads
Drop glass beads
Iron eye pins
Aluminum wire
Gold chain
2mm black seed beads
4mm red glass pearl beads
Red glass drop beads
0.8 mm gold wire
0.3mm gold wire
Brass jump ring
Brass ball headpins
Side cutting plier
Round nose plier
Long nose plier

How to Make an Elegant Pendant Necklace 2

How to make the beaded pendant necklace:
Step 1: Make the inner layer of the beaded pendant.
1st, cut off a section of aluminum wire and twist it into a drop loop.
2nd, thread a long wire through a glass bead and wrap them to the loop.
3rd, wrap the wire to make spacing on the loop and thread seed beads on the wire separately.

How to Make an Elegant Pendant Necklace 3

Step 2: Make the middle layer.
1st, cut off a section of black aluminum wire, twist it into a large circle like picture show below.
2nd, tie the two layers together tightly.
3rd, cut 6 gold aluminum wires with the same length, wrap them like the picture shows.

How to Make an Elegant Pendant Necklace 4

4th, attach the heart dots and red pearl beads onto the middle layer alternatively.

How to Make an Elegant Pendant Necklace 5

Step 3: Make the outer layer.
1st, cut a longer black aluminum wire and wrap it.
2nd, joint it to the other two layers and tighten them up.
3rd, add some black seed beads to embellish the outer layer.

How to Make an Elegant Pendant Necklace 6

Step 4: Make a drop component.
1st, slide a red glass bead to a headpin.
2nd, cut a section of aluminum wire and wrap it.
3rd, attach some black seed beads to the inner edge and tie up the top.
4th, add the red glass bead to the top with a jumpring.

How to Make an Elegant Pendant Necklace 7

Step 5: Finish the elegant pendant necklace.
1st, link the pendant components together.

How to Make an Elegant Pendant Necklace 8

2nd, make a necklace chain decorated with red pearl beads.

How to Make an Elegant Pendant Necklace 9

Tada! Here goes the final look!

How to Make an Elegant Pendant Necklace 10

It’s soooo beautiful right? Do you fall in love with it at first sight as I did? If you do like this marvelous wire wrapped pendant necklace, just follow the steps above and make it yourself! Happy craft!

Cool Seaglass Jewelry for Hot Summer Days

Summer is a season which makes people misses the sea. But there always be some reasons that make us cannot go to a sea freely. So how about make a piece of seaglass jewelry to relief our thoughts towards the sea? Today I will share you several beautiful seaglass jewelry, they are just as cool and clean as sea water, hope you guys like them!

Seaglass earrings

seaglass earrings

Long dangle earrings are always popular among girls. Especially for a girl with round baby face, and keen to light-colored accessories, like me, these adorable seaglass dangle earrings are definitely great temptations! They can not only make my face looks smaller, but also makes me eye-catching in the crowd.

Wire wrapped seaglass earrings

wire wrapped seaglass earrings

Wow! They are fabulous right? When they are put together, they look really like a heart! The design is so chic! And what’s most important is they are no hard to make. All you need is jewelry wire and some cute seaglass beads.

Seaglass bracelet designed by Bellina

seaglass bracelet

Well, this must be one of the most basic types of handmade bracelets. It’s simple in design and easy to make. But! It’s cute! Look at the beautiful colored beads, don’t they remind you of the clean sea water around Saipan Island?

Colorful seaglass bead bangle bracelet

colorful seaglass bead bangle bracelet

If you think only aqua beads is little bit toneless, then how about this candy colored bead bangle bracelet? It’s cute right? Those lively light colors are really suitable for bustling summer days.

Blue seaglass necklace designed by Bellina

blue seaglass necklace

Only one seaglass pendant and a leather wire can make such a wonderful necklace, it’s fantastic! This pretty blue colored pendant seems just like a piece of ice made by sea water, clean and cool!

Cage pendant seaglass necklace

cage pendant seaglass necklace

You like this special necklace? Well, it will ask for some wire wrapping skills to make it. But! If you really like it, you can just learn the skills and go make it, it absolutely deserves it!

Vintage seaglass ring

vintage seaglass ring

A Tibetan style vintage ring decorated with a well faceted seaglass cabochon, it’s so elegant! If you are a fun of vintage jewelry, you shall never miss such a fabulous ring.

Wire wrapped seaglass ring

wire wrapped seaglass ringIf you want to make this simple yet adorable ring, you just need a lovely seaglass bead and a section of aluminum wire and it won’t take long to make it.

So, after appreciating so many cool seaglass jewelry, do you feel much cooler now? Can you feel the ocean vibe they give off? If you wanna make one for yourself, just go search a tutorial online and make it!

10 Lovely Daisy Accessories Must See

Hello friends! As you can see from the title, today our topic is daisy jewelry! When it refers to daisy jewelry, what I first think of is an ancient story. It is said that in Victorian times, young maidens usually pluck a daisy’s petals to select their future husbands. They would sing “he loves me, he loves me not” while pulling the daisy’s petals one by one, and the last petal would decide the future of their relationships. It sounds a little bit ridiculous and kind of romantic right? In nowadays, this custom almost dies out, but daisy and daisy jewelry are still loved by modern girls. Here, let’s see some adorable daisy accessories together!

daisy jewelry

Seed bead daisy chain earrings

seed bead daisy chain earrings

Daisy chain is a kind of knot shaped like daisy flower. This couple of earrings consists of daisy chains made by seed beads. It could be a great project to make such delicate seed bead daisy earrings!

Wire crochet daisy earrings

You may think these daisy patterns are lively, but it’s really a great challenge to make a daisy with silver wire, it requires for excellent crocheting skills.

Chainmail daisy earrings

chainmail daisy earrings

Rainbow colored chainmail daisy earrings glaring with metallic luster, they are just so glorious!

Button daisy necklace

button daisy necklace

This daisy necklace could be a nice gift for both young girls and kids. It’s easy to make it, and the materials you need are buttons, acrylic beads, and chains, they are not difficult to get.

Wire wrapped daisy pendant necklace

wire wrapped daisy necklace

Do you like this daisy pendant necklace? It’s simple, but still cute. And it can well match you outfits.

Polymer clay daisy necklace

polymer clay daisy necklace

Wow!!! I must admit that the polymer clay daisy pendant is soooo vivid! It looks just as nature as a real daisy flower! I do love it!

Daisy chain bracelet

daisy chain bracelet

What a lovely daisy chain bracelet! The colors are exactly the same with a real daisy and the space seed beads even look like daisy leaves. Brilliant design!

Crochet daisy bangle

crochet daisy bangle

A white crochet daisy bangle embellished with lustrous pearl beads, it looks so elegant! If I am good enough at crochet, I’ll definitely make one for myself immediately!

Crochet daisy headband

crochet daisy headband

I am fond of turquoise jewelry, and I like simple accessories, so when I see this simple yet chic headband, I know I love it!

Beaded daisy hairband

beaded daisy hairband

Once embellished with colorful beads and cute daisy flower, the original simple metal hairband turns to be splendid immediately. That is magic!

So after seeing all these stunning daisy accessories, do you find your favorite one? If you have any other ideas about daisy jewelry, please leave a common and share with us!

9 Rainbow Accessories for Summer

It must be very happy for everybody to see a rainbow. But generally, lots of people are not so lucky to see it. So, how about make a rainbow for ourselves? Today I’d like to share you several cute rainbow accessories, hope you guys like them!

rainbow accessories

Rainbow gemstone necklace

rainbow gemstone necklace

This rainbow gemstone necklace is mainly made up by wooden beads and various colored gemstones. It’s easy to make yet very graceful, and those bright colors will absolutely make you much more eye-catching.

Rainbow pendant necklace

rainbow pendant necklace

Wire wrapped necklace pendant decorated with black handmade knots and beautiful rainbow glass beads, it’s really delicate right? I can’t wait to make one for myself!

Rainbow friendship bracelet

rainbow friendship bracelet

Do you like this plaid rainbow friendship bracelet? I must admit that I love it at my first sight! And I bet if you make such a chic bracelet for you best friend, she must be very happy!

Rainbow seed bead bracelet

rainbow seed bead bracelet

If you are a bead lover working with tiny beads, then you should try this beautiful bracelet. Just look at it, the beads are neat and lustrous, the leaves are shining and glorious, don’t you want to make it by your own?

Rainbow crystal bracelet

rainbow crystal bracelet

Dazzling crystal bead bracelet, colorful and fantastic, dose any girl can resist it?

Rainbow button bracelet

rainbow botton bracelet

I’ve never thought that buttons can be used to make accessories. So when I saw this cute button rainbow bracelet, I was really surprised. The design is so creative!

Tassel rainbow earrings

tassel rainbow earrings

DIY tassel earrings made with rainbow threads. It won’t take long to make them, and even a green hand of jewelry making can make them easily.

Dangle rainbow earrings

dangle rainbow earrings

As you can see, this lovely couple of dangle earrings is made by resin flowers. They are so fresh and so vivid, and they’ll be blooming in any seasons!

Rainbow suncatcher

rainbow suncatcher

Wow! What a glaring rainbow suncatcher! It’s so pure and so fabulous! As a girl who is fond of transparent crystal things, I just can’t get rid of the temptation of it!

So after seeing all these cute rainbow accessories, do you guys want to DIY one to make your summer much brighter? If you do, then don’t hesitate to make it!

3 Steps to Make a Cute Wire Wrapped Bracelet

Hey guys! Jewelry making time again! Today I am going to show you how to make a cool wire wrapped bracelet. It’s mainly made up by aluminum wire, and decorated with pearl beads and a lovely owl link. I bet you guys will love it! Here goes the tutorial, enjoy it!

3 Steps to Make a Cute Wire Wrapped Bracelet 1

Jewelry making supplies for the wire wrapped bracelet:
0.5mm copper wire
1.5mm aluminum wire
8mm pearl beads
Owl link
Round nose plier
Wire cutter plier
Side cutting plier

3 Steps to Make a Cute Wire Wrapped Bracelet 2

How to make the pearl bead bracelet:

Step 1: Make the pearl link.

1st, cut 15cm copper wire, use the round nose plier to make a loop, wrap the wire for 4 wraps to fix the loop, then cut off the excess wire.

2nd, thread 6 pearl beads onto the wire, then use the round nose plier to make another loop next to the last bead, fix it and cut off the extra wire.

3 Steps to Make a Cute Wire Wrapped Bracelet 3

Step 2: Make the wire wrapped embellishment.

1st, cut 20cm aluminum wire, fold it in half, and make a loop with a cylinder.

2nd, use the round nose plier to make a smaller loop at about 0.5cm next to the first loop, then thread the wire through the loop like the picture shows below.

3rd, make another small loop by the round nose plier as picture shows, then cut off the excess wire.

4th, thread the wire through the big loop, and make another small loop again, cut off extra wire.

3 Steps to Make a Cute Wire Wrapped Bracelet 4

Step 3: Finish the wire wrapped cuff bracelet.

1st, find a cylinder which has similar size of your wrist, then make three wire bangles by wrapping aluminum wire around the cylinder.

3 Steps to Make a Cute Wire Wrapped Bracelet 5

2nd, make a loop at one end of the bangle, and attach the wire wrapped embellishment to it, then close the loop. And repeat this to connect the embellishment to anther end of the bangle.

3 Steps to Make a Cute Wire Wrapped Bracelet 6

3rd, connect the pearl bead link to a bangle.

3 Steps to Make a Cute Wire Wrapped Bracelet 7

4th, attach the owl link to another bangle.

3 Steps to Make a Cute Wire Wrapped Bracelet 8

5th, finish the wire wrapped cuff bracelet by connecting all those three bangles together with copper wire.

3 Steps to Make a Cute Wire Wrapped Bracelet 9

Tada! Following is the final look of this awesome wire wrapped bracelet:

3 Steps to Make a Cute Wire Wrapped Bracelet 10

It is cool and little owl looks so cute, right? If you like it, just follow this tutorial and go make it!

How to Make Stylish Boho Hoop Earrings

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to show you how to make boho hoop earrings. You know, boho is short for bohemian which is a word symbolized free spirit. Although having been lasting for centuries, boho style is still very popular in nowadays. If you are fond of boho style jewelry or hoop earrings, then you should not miss this tutorial.

boho hoop earrings

Jewelry making supplies for the beaded hoop earrings:

8mm acrylic beads

Tibetan beads

Silvery fish pendants

0.8 mm cooper wire

Earring hoops


Round nose pliers

Wire cutter pliers

boho hoop earrings

How to make the boho style wire hoop earrings:

Step 1: Make the hoops and charms.

First, cut 15cm copper wire and make it into an arc by wrapping it around the cylinder. Then make a loop at one end of the hoop.

boho hoop earrings

Second, open six junprings, and thread six fish pendants onto them, then close the jumprings.

boho hoop earrings

Step 2: Make the main body of the fish dangle hoop earrings.

First, alternatively string flower Tibetan beads, acrylic beads, and the fish dangles onto the hoop, the final look should be like this:

boho hoop earrings

Second, use the round nose pliers to make a loop at the other end of the hoop.

boho hoop earrings

Step 3: Finish the boho hoop earrings.

First, connect three jumprings together, and then attach them to the earring hoop.

boho hoop earrings

Second, finish one earring by adding an earring hook to the middle jumpring. And repeat all the procedures above to make another earring.

boho hoop earrings

Tada! Here goes the final look of the finished hoop earrings!

boho hoop earrings

They are stunning! Do you like them? As you can see from this tutorial, it’s very easy to make such a pair of boho hoop earrings, and it won’t take much of your time. If you like them, just try to make them, you’ll be surprised by yourself.

How can seed beads beautify our lives?

When it refers to seed beads, what occurs to you first? Well, my first impression is that they are so tiny. Usually, tiny things are easily to be ignored. But for people who are familiar with jewelry making and DIY crafts, they must say “even though seed beads are tiny, they do make differences in our lives, they can’t be ignored”.

Here, I’d like to tell you how seed beads make differences by showing you two types of our daily things made by/with seed beads: seed bead jewelry and seed bead crafts.

First, let’s see seed bead jewelry. There are so many jewelries can be made up by/with seed beads, here I would just list three typical types of them.

Jewelry No.1: seed bead necklace.

seed bead necklace

Just as you see, seed beads can either be used for making strands or pendants of necklace. And if you are experienced enough, you can also use them to make different figures, like the tiger pattern above. Though tiny, they still make necklaces more various and stylish.

Jewelry No.2: seed bead earrings.

seed bead earrings

Seed beads can make up different styles of earrings: dangle earrings, post earrings, tassel earrings, and so on. Almost any kinds of earrings can make use of seed beads. So, I bet the earring makers must love them very much.

Jewelry No.3: seed bead ring.

seed bead rings

Seed beads can make homemade rings diverse. If you are good at jewelry making, the shape of a ring can totally depend on your own preference, just like the spider shaped one in the picture, it’s pretty cool.

Next, let’s take a look at seed bead crafts.

Craft No.1: seed bead flowers.

seed bead flowers

No more words. Just look at the picture, can you say these seed bead flowers are not pretty? They are so vivid that I almost thought they are real flowers. How lovely it could be if you use these flowers to decorate your room!

Craft No.2: seed bead sandals.

seed bead sandals

Girls must be quiet familiar with these seed bead sandals. They are essential equipment for summer days. A pair of stylish sandals with makes you much more eye-catching on street.

Craft No.3: seed bead chandelier.

seed bead chandelier

When I was a little girl, I always dreamt of decorating my room with crystal glass beads chandelier, because I thought it would make my room like fairyland. Now many families have chandeliers. Do you guys love them?

You see, jewelries and those crafts can decorate our daily lives, and seed beads make them more fabulous, so that’s how seed beads beautify our lives. Do you agree with me?