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Bead: Ornament As Well As A Hobby

Beads are small, round beautiful object made of glass, wood, metal and shell. The word ‘bead’ originates from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘bidden’ and ‘bede’ which means to pray and prayer respectively. The first form of a bead is bones, teeth, claws, and shells. Those times people used to wore beads as a part of treasured myth. From ancient time itself, women are attracted towards the magnificent elegance of beads. They believe that wearing bead brings prosperity, fortune, and wisdom. According to John Mason, beads are associated with “temperament, empowerment, protection, potentiality, desire, wealth and well-being”. From bones to glass, the evolution of beads is amazing like its own exotic pure outlook.


Why women prefer beads?

Beaded jewels lead a prominent role in enhancing beauty. Coming to jewelry, the first preference of every classic woman will be to blend with the incredible royal beauty of beads.  In some countries like Africa, people used to wear beads to seduce their husbands. These beads are antique ones manufactured and traded in the colonial period. Different regions have brought different kinds of beads which make the beads diverse and take the art of jewelry to another level. Not only in wearing beads, women are also into bead work.  In this civilized world now anyone can make a bead necklace and find recourse as well as subsistence also.

Religious importance of beads

Religiously beads have a great role, especially in Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. Prayer beads are the traditional accessory. Among these, Buddhist monks use various beads while meditating.  It is used as to increase the sense of touch to focus in chanting. Basically, they use wooden beads for the religious purpose.


Beads and society

The use of beads in some communities apart from the fashion is highly a treasured part of culture. The country more associated with the soul of beads is Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana. There underlie the socio-economic-politico influences. The Yoruba community of Nigeria believes in the magical power. The goddess of the community is considered as the goddess of magical power and thus they do so. This can be called as the dynamic play between human beings and beads.  To an extent, beads can reveal the ancient culture tradition and lifestyle etc.

Beads are also considered as an asset. Safeguarding the beads by transferring to heirlooms is still seen in the world. This denotes that beads had a high value in ancient as well as modern time and stand as the symbol of highness.



Something To Know About Beads

Beaded jewelry is a made with the help of beads that are added with the support of a string and a beading or sewing spike while a thin wire or string is used for the ultimate design. For a layman, beads are simply a tiny objects of decoration that are used in the creation of different kinds of jewelries like jewels, earrings, bracelets and the likes. Instances of beaded jewelry making can be traced back to the era of very old Egypt and ever since then women just can’t look to get sufficient of it.


Benefits of using Beads

Increasingly beads are being used to create jewelry and people can make them extremely unique and precise to their own individual taste and style sense. There are numerous choices in size, kind and the material that they are made from. This increases rivalry and makes it easier to purchase beads at a reasonable price from wholesalers.

Finding the most excellent source for wholesale beads, you will have to make certain that you neither do cooperate over the manner and the quality of them. Furthermore you will be willing to get in a cost effective way. In addition it is constantly a wish to deal with an expert offering and providing afterward sales services in an exceptional manner. The situation becomes worse when the vendor is not willing to resolve the matter. Therefore in case you are purchasing the wholesale beads online, it is a must to make sure that you come across a trustworthy and good source.


Wide Selection: It does not matter if you purchase them as a sideline or to design jewelry for a trendy group; getting the best professional is a little that is really important. A good wholesale beads vendor is the one who will be able to provide you having different sizes, shapes, kinds, and patterns of beads. Buying from a trustworthy source guarantees that you will enjoy spread items in reduced shipping charge and at high quality.

Price: One of the significant factors that that must be kept in mind while choosing the wholesaler is the cost that they offer for their products. In case you are a skilled jeweler, then buying expensive items clearly means to sell the jewelry at great prices. We all recognize that in case you will be selling your jewelry at high prices then, you will not be able to earn the preferred revenues. On the other hand purchasing wholesale beads will save you cost and then you will be capable to sell your jewelry items at economical rates.

How to Make a Unique Pearl Bead Shoulder Jewelry

Spring is a great season for weddings. So, today I’m here to share you a tutorial on how to make graceful shoulder jewelry for weddings. No matter for yourself or as a gift for your best girlfriends, this pearl shoulder jewelry could be a great DIY for weddings.

How to Make a Unique Pearl Bead Shoulder Jewelry 1

To make this elegant shoulder jewelry, you’ll need:
4mm White Glass Pearl Beads
8mm Glass Pearl Beads
Glass Drop Beads
Antique Silver Bead Spacer
Iron Pin Backs
Silver Iron Headpins
0.3mm Tiger Wire
Plastic Sticks
DIY Jewelry Tool Sets
Round Nose Plier
Needle Nose Plier

How to Make a Unique Pearl Bead Shoulder Jewelry 2

Step 1: Thread about 20 pieces of 4mm white pearl beads onto a tiger wire, and then add iron bead tips to both ends, cut extra wire.

How to Make a Unique Pearl Bead Shoulder Jewelry 3

Step 2: Make a bead link with a headpin and one blue glass drop bead, two pearl beads, and two seed beads like picture shows. Add the bead link to the center point of the previous pearl strand, and make another pearl strand with 20 white pearl beads.

How to Make a Unique Pearl Bead Shoulder Jewelry 4

Step 3: Add the previous pearl strand to the first pearl strand as picture show. Make another three pearl strands with 35 pearl beads, 60 pearl beads, and 85 pearl beads, and attach them to the first pearl strand like picture shows.

How to Make a Unique Pearl Bead Shoulder Jewelry 5

Step 4: Prepare two brooches and add them to both ends of the bead tips.

How to Make a Unique Pearl Bead Shoulder Jewelry 6

And here is the final look:

How to Make a Unique Pearl Bead Shoulder Jewelry 7

Don’t you think is pretty? It’s quite easy to make such a graceful pearl jewelry, if you like it, just make it! Happy crafting~

A Collection of Eye-Catching Jewelry Design by Our Customer

Pretty accessories made by PandaHall customer, hope you  guys like them ^_^

Reblog: A Collection of Eye-Catching Jewelry Design by Our Customer

Happy Wednesday dear friends, as usual, it’s our customer show. Today I am going to share you some fantastic jewelry design by Алена Венгер. Let’s see together~
Beaded Dangle Earrings1. Beaded Dangle Earrings
Stunning! I love this pair of earrings so bad! Have you been attracted by the natural obsidian pendants? Its shape is so cute. In addition, the glass bugle beads also absorb me a lot. I think the designer is so innovative to use glass bugle beads to decorating its pendants. Blue plus black looks so mysterious! Do you think so?
beaded necklace with conch2. Beaded Necklace with Conch
What comes into your mind when seeing the beaded necklace with conch? Do you think it bears an exotic style? Anyway, it’s very unique in my eyes! Imagine that you enjoy the wind and water by the sea wearing such a conch necklace and a beautiful dress, how do you feel? It’s so cozy! I will try it in next summer~
Black Dragonfly Ornament3. Black Dragonfly Ornament
What a nice ornament! I hardly see black dragonfly ornaments before, so I think it will stand out among various ornaments. You can either hang it on your purse or children’s schoolbag, which are both very chic. It looks so vivid. I love the black glass beads used~
Fashion Seed Bead Necklace4. Fashion Seed Bead Necklace
Wow, it really shocks me! This kind of jewelry design is soooo personalized! Frankly speaking, i thought about the pretty feather of peacocks. The pendants are so similar to peacock’s feather, do you agree with me? Besides, I think seed beads suit to be used to make such jewelry of this style perfectly!
Hey how do you think about today’s jewelry introduced? Even though they are different styles, they all are pretty stunning and unique, right? Hope you like them. And wish you a happy day~

DIY Hoop Earrings for Christmas

Hello everyone! Christmas is coming, how is your preparation for it? Have you got your gifts ready? If no, you must be hurry now, time is limited. If you find it’s hard to choose Christmas gifts, here I’m glad to share you a DIY idea, hope it helps, and you can get inspired.

DIY Hoop Earrings for Christmas 1

Yes, just a pair of beaded hoop earrings, simple, but well designed for Christmas. Now, let’s see how to make these pretty Christmas earrings!

Materials and tools needed to make the Christmas hoop earrings:
Green Frosted Glass Beads
Red Glass Beads
Silver Earring Hooks
Tibetan Bow Pendents
Gold Earring Hoops
Jump Rings
Iron Headpins
Long Nose Plier
Side Cutting Plier
Round Nose Plier

DIY Hoop Earrings for Christmas 2

Instructions on how to make the beaded hoop earrings:
Step 1: Prepare enough green frosted glass beads and a gold earring hoop, thread the beads onto the earring hoop, make sure the beads can cover the hoop perfectly.

DIY Hoop Earrings for Christmas 3

Step 2: Make two bead links with red glass beads and iron headpins. And then attach the bead links to the jump ring which is connected to the top of the green beaded hoop.

DIY Hoop Earrings for Christmas 4

Step 3: Finish the Christmas earrings by adding the Tibetan bow links and earring hooks, do it like the picture shows below.

DIY Hoop Earrings for Christmas 5

At last, here comes the final look:

DIY Hoop Earrings for Christmas 6

No matter you are a green hand or an expert for jewelry making, I believe you can finish these lovely Christmas earrings within five minutes. So, if you don’t know to buy for Christmas, try to do some DIYs!

Make Necklaces with Lava Beads

Lava beads are a new type of jewelry making material which is becoming more and more popular in recent years. They are surprisingly light in weight, so many jewelry makers like to make large chunky jewelry with them, coz they can make the jewels comfortable to wear. Today I’d like to share you some fabulous lava bead necklaces, hope you can get inspired by them.lava bead necklaces

Boho necklace made by black lava beads

boho necklace made by black lava beads

Boho style jewels are always considered as symbols of freedom. If you are going to a beach, this simple yet chic lava bead necklace is definitely a good choice.

Cool lava bead necklace for men

cool lava bead necklace for men

Multi strand necklace made by black and light brown lava beads, and decorated with handmade skulls and tassels, this necklace is really cool, right? If you make such a necklace for your boyfriend or your father, I bet he’ll be very happy.

Simple lava bead necklace

simple lava bead necklace

This could be one of the simplest necklaces, only one black lava bead and a section of chain. Even a jewelry making beginner can make it with few minutes. But, simple also make accessories chic, this simplest lava bead necklace is charming indeed.

Vintage charm necklaces with lava beads

vintage charm necklaces with lava beads

Cute charm necklaces made with silver charms, glass beads, European beads, rhinestone spacer beads, and of course lava beads. The necklaces are cute, and the lave beads look so like chocolate cookies, I’m hungry now…

Splendid lava bead statement necklace

splendid lava bead statement necklace

THAT is really amazing, right? It must be a very talented and experienced jewelry maker so that she/he can make such a gorgeous statement necklace!

Blue lave bead heart pendant necklace

blue lave bead heart pendant necklace

The most common lava beads are black, but actually they also have many other colors. Just look at this blue lava stone necklace, do you like it? Don’t you think the heart pendant is cute?

Colorful lava stone necklace

colorful lava stone necklace

Lava stones in red and blue, they are beautiful! And this bright colored choker necklace will make you much more eye-catching in the crowd.

So, after appreciating all these wonderful lava bead necklaces, do you get inspired? Do you have the impulse to make your own one? If you have any other jewelry making ideas about lava beads, welcome to share!

All images come from Pinterest.

Video Tutorial – How to Make a Stylish Ladder Necklace

Hello everyone! Today I’d like to share you a video tutorial from my favorite PandaHall Learning Center. This tutorial will show you how to make a fashionable ladder necklace.

stylish ladder necklace

It’s pretty cool right? Black and gold are always matched perfectly, and these colors can well match your outfits either. Wanna know how to make this stylish statement necklace? Let’s have a look at the video!

If you are going to make this lovely beaded necklace, following are the jewelry making supplies you may need:
Black glass bugle beads
4mm gold round beads
Crimp beads
Toggle clasp
Jewelry wire (tiger tail will be great)
Wire cutting plier
Flat plier

I’m not quite sure about it, but I think this ladder necklace is also a kind of statement necklace, which is cool and outstanding among all kinds of DIY necklaces. If you are a jewelry maker, this adorable ladder necklace definitely deserves a try!

Cool Seaglass Jewelry for Hot Summer Days

Summer is a season which makes people misses the sea. But there always be some reasons that make us cannot go to a sea freely. So how about make a piece of seaglass jewelry to relief our thoughts towards the sea? Today I will share you several beautiful seaglass jewelry, they are just as cool and clean as sea water, hope you guys like them!

Seaglass earrings

seaglass earrings

Long dangle earrings are always popular among girls. Especially for a girl with round baby face, and keen to light-colored accessories, like me, these adorable seaglass dangle earrings are definitely great temptations! They can not only make my face looks smaller, but also makes me eye-catching in the crowd.

Wire wrapped seaglass earrings

wire wrapped seaglass earrings

Wow! They are fabulous right? When they are put together, they look really like a heart! The design is so chic! And what’s most important is they are no hard to make. All you need is jewelry wire and some cute seaglass beads.

Seaglass bracelet designed by Bellina

seaglass bracelet

Well, this must be one of the most basic types of handmade bracelets. It’s simple in design and easy to make. But! It’s cute! Look at the beautiful colored beads, don’t they remind you of the clean sea water around Saipan Island?

Colorful seaglass bead bangle bracelet

colorful seaglass bead bangle bracelet

If you think only aqua beads is little bit toneless, then how about this candy colored bead bangle bracelet? It’s cute right? Those lively light colors are really suitable for bustling summer days.

Blue seaglass necklace designed by Bellina

blue seaglass necklace

Only one seaglass pendant and a leather wire can make such a wonderful necklace, it’s fantastic! This pretty blue colored pendant seems just like a piece of ice made by sea water, clean and cool!

Cage pendant seaglass necklace

cage pendant seaglass necklace

You like this special necklace? Well, it will ask for some wire wrapping skills to make it. But! If you really like it, you can just learn the skills and go make it, it absolutely deserves it!

Vintage seaglass ring

vintage seaglass ring

A Tibetan style vintage ring decorated with a well faceted seaglass cabochon, it’s so elegant! If you are a fun of vintage jewelry, you shall never miss such a fabulous ring.

Wire wrapped seaglass ring

wire wrapped seaglass ringIf you want to make this simple yet adorable ring, you just need a lovely seaglass bead and a section of aluminum wire and it won’t take long to make it.

So, after appreciating so many cool seaglass jewelry, do you feel much cooler now? Can you feel the ocean vibe they give off? If you wanna make one for yourself, just go search a tutorial online and make it!

How to Make Stylish Boho Hoop Earrings

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to show you how to make boho hoop earrings. You know, boho is short for bohemian which is a word symbolized free spirit. Although having been lasting for centuries, boho style is still very popular in nowadays. If you are fond of boho style jewelry or hoop earrings, then you should not miss this tutorial.

boho hoop earrings

Jewelry making supplies for the beaded hoop earrings:

8mm acrylic beads

Tibetan beads

Silvery fish pendants

0.8 mm cooper wire

Earring hoops


Round nose pliers

Wire cutter pliers

boho hoop earrings

How to make the boho style wire hoop earrings:

Step 1: Make the hoops and charms.

First, cut 15cm copper wire and make it into an arc by wrapping it around the cylinder. Then make a loop at one end of the hoop.

boho hoop earrings

Second, open six junprings, and thread six fish pendants onto them, then close the jumprings.

boho hoop earrings

Step 2: Make the main body of the fish dangle hoop earrings.

First, alternatively string flower Tibetan beads, acrylic beads, and the fish dangles onto the hoop, the final look should be like this:

boho hoop earrings

Second, use the round nose pliers to make a loop at the other end of the hoop.

boho hoop earrings

Step 3: Finish the boho hoop earrings.

First, connect three jumprings together, and then attach them to the earring hoop.

boho hoop earrings

Second, finish one earring by adding an earring hook to the middle jumpring. And repeat all the procedures above to make another earring.

boho hoop earrings

Tada! Here goes the final look of the finished hoop earrings!

boho hoop earrings

They are stunning! Do you like them? As you can see from this tutorial, it’s very easy to make such a pair of boho hoop earrings, and it won’t take much of your time. If you like them, just try to make them, you’ll be surprised by yourself.

Cabochon Jewelry with Cabochons

Hello guys! Are you familiar with cabochons? Today I’d like to show you some lovely flower shaped cabochons. Let’s see what they can do for jewelry making.

Reblog: Cabochon Jewelry with Cabochons.

Do you love little flower cabochons known as cabochons with flowery shape? Especially the flower resin cabochons, which are so attractive with their vivid color and the distinctive feature of one completely flat side, so that you can take these cabochons to make beautiful pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, hair clips and decorations to bring your life full of color and flower. If you are jewelry and accessory challenged person, choose flower resin cabochons to whimsical and colorful and brighten any outfits for you. Now enjoy all the cabochon jewelry that I’m sharing below, all the cabochon jewelry shared by our customers are super easy to make beyond of  your imagination. Choose your interested cabochons, to create your own cabochon jewelry!

Cabochon Jewelry with Flower CabochonsEarrings with Flower Cabochons – Take a look at these two pair of earrings, please note they are all mainly made out of flower resin cabochons in white and blue color with basic earring making supplies. Lightweight and decent size could be the most outstanding feature for earrings’ making.

flower cabochons, flower resin cabochons, resin cabochons, cabochons, flower cabochon jewelry, cabochon jewelry

flower cabochons, flower resin cabochons, resin cabochons, cabochons, flower cabochon jewelry, cabochon jewelryHair Clips out of Flower Cabochons – How about gluing one flower cabochon to your old hair clip? Sounds amazing, right? For hair clips making, you only need to select your cabochons and cabochon settings in accordance with your own taste. Here are six hair clips designed by our customers. Do you like them?

flower cabochons, flower resin cabochons, resin cabochons, cabochons, flower cabochon jewelry, cabochon jewelry

flower cabochons, flower resin cabochons, resin cabochons, cabochons, flower cabochon jewelry, cabochon jewelryHair Accessories with Flower Cabochons – Apart from gluing one flower cabochon, you can also choose three or more flowery cabochons to mix and match a glorious piece of hair accessory, like hair band, hair comb and hair pin. Here is the best proof below. :)

Cabochon Jewelry with Flower CabochonsBracelets with Flower Cabochons –  As the pictures show below, to tell me the truth, what kind of stylish and creative bracelets is popping up to your mind when you see these various flowers? If you want to make similar bracelets, prepare all the jewelry making supplies to make your beautiful cabochon bracelets more attractive and practical in no time.

Cabochon Jewelry with Flower Cabochons

Cabochon Jewelry with Flower CabochonsRings with Flower Cabochons – Cabochon rings come in a beautiful assortment of flower shaped cabochons, beads and ring blank settings to get finished. Incorporating cabochon flower pieces into rings offer a clever hint of vintage flair at a low cost. I love the blue one, how about you?

Cabochon Jewelry with Flower Cabochons

If you have any else prettier designs, commenting below to share with us!

P.S.Search “flower cabochons” in the search section from google and you will come up with dozens of cabochons! xoxo