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Bead: Ornament As Well As A Hobby

Beads are small, round beautiful object made of glass, wood, metal and shell. The word ‘bead’ originates from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘bidden’ and ‘bede’ which means to pray and prayer respectively. The first form of a bead is bones, teeth, claws, and shells. Those times people used to wore beads as a part of treasured myth. From ancient time itself, women are attracted towards the magnificent elegance of beads. They believe that wearing bead brings prosperity, fortune, and wisdom. According to John Mason, beads are associated with “temperament, empowerment, protection, potentiality, desire, wealth and well-being”. From bones to glass, the evolution of beads is amazing like its own exotic pure outlook.


Why women prefer beads?

Beaded jewels lead a prominent role in enhancing beauty. Coming to jewelry, the first preference of every classic woman will be to blend with the incredible royal beauty of beads.  In some countries like Africa, people used to wear beads to seduce their husbands. These beads are antique ones manufactured and traded in the colonial period. Different regions have brought different kinds of beads which make the beads diverse and take the art of jewelry to another level. Not only in wearing beads, women are also into bead work.  In this civilized world now anyone can make a bead necklace and find recourse as well as subsistence also.

Religious importance of beads

Religiously beads have a great role, especially in Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. Prayer beads are the traditional accessory. Among these, Buddhist monks use various beads while meditating.  It is used as to increase the sense of touch to focus in chanting. Basically, they use wooden beads for the religious purpose.


Beads and society

The use of beads in some communities apart from the fashion is highly a treasured part of culture. The country more associated with the soul of beads is Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana. There underlie the socio-economic-politico influences. The Yoruba community of Nigeria believes in the magical power. The goddess of the community is considered as the goddess of magical power and thus they do so. This can be called as the dynamic play between human beings and beads.  To an extent, beads can reveal the ancient culture tradition and lifestyle etc.

Beads are also considered as an asset. Safeguarding the beads by transferring to heirlooms is still seen in the world. This denotes that beads had a high value in ancient as well as modern time and stand as the symbol of highness.



Different Types of Beads You Need to Know

There are many different types of beads out there that you can purchase at reputable online stores. These come in different shapes, styles, and of course, are made of varying materials.  The best thing is that no matter what your taste and preference you will always get what best meets your unique needs. The top 3 that are popular amongst people of all age groups include;

beads 1

Bugle beads

These are usually tubular in shape and come in different lengths, color, shapes, and finishes, too. It is because of the flexibility that they offer that they have gained popularity to both male and gender. If you’re thinking of getting a bead-type that is fashionable and stylish, then look no further. In most cases, they are sizes is based on length and these include; 1, 1.5, 2, 3, and 5.

Crystal Beads

These kinds are made out of crystal glasses and as the name suggests they are shiny in nature. Additionally, they relatively vary in pricing based on quality. In other words, there are different categories of crystal beads and so you can get one that best meets your budget range. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer Swarovski or Czech crystal with a little bit of research and expert help you get something that is worth every single coin spent.

Additional types of beads

beads 2

The above mentioned are the two types that you can buy and will definitely complement most attires. The following are also great, and you can find them in any reliable online store;

  • Delica
  • Faceted
  • Flatbacks
  • Hex-cut types
  • Rondelles
  • Pearls
  • Shamballa
  • Pony
  • Crow
  • Shell
  • Charlottes

It is important to note that the types of beads relatively vary in regard to luster and craftsmanship. Nevertheless, they can offer high utility value if a correct choice is made.

As a word of advice, you should be very keen when you want to choose beads that will offer you value. Some of the most important things that you should consider are; kind of accessories, pricing, size, design, as well as materials used to make the beads. If you do so, then you’re likely to make a better choice. Do not hesitate to consult with experts in the field in order to leave nothing to chance. Above all, consider from where you are buying the beads from lest you get low quality types.

Something To Know About Beads

Beaded jewelry is a made with the help of beads that are added with the support of a string and a beading or sewing spike while a thin wire or string is used for the ultimate design. For a layman, beads are simply a tiny objects of decoration that are used in the creation of different kinds of jewelries like jewels, earrings, bracelets and the likes. Instances of beaded jewelry making can be traced back to the era of very old Egypt and ever since then women just can’t look to get sufficient of it.


Benefits of using Beads

Increasingly beads are being used to create jewelry and people can make them extremely unique and precise to their own individual taste and style sense. There are numerous choices in size, kind and the material that they are made from. This increases rivalry and makes it easier to purchase beads at a reasonable price from wholesalers.

Finding the most excellent source for wholesale beads, you will have to make certain that you neither do cooperate over the manner and the quality of them. Furthermore you will be willing to get in a cost effective way. In addition it is constantly a wish to deal with an expert offering and providing afterward sales services in an exceptional manner. The situation becomes worse when the vendor is not willing to resolve the matter. Therefore in case you are purchasing the wholesale beads online, it is a must to make sure that you come across a trustworthy and good source.


Wide Selection: It does not matter if you purchase them as a sideline or to design jewelry for a trendy group; getting the best professional is a little that is really important. A good wholesale beads vendor is the one who will be able to provide you having different sizes, shapes, kinds, and patterns of beads. Buying from a trustworthy source guarantees that you will enjoy spread items in reduced shipping charge and at high quality.

Price: One of the significant factors that that must be kept in mind while choosing the wholesaler is the cost that they offer for their products. In case you are a skilled jeweler, then buying expensive items clearly means to sell the jewelry at great prices. We all recognize that in case you will be selling your jewelry at high prices then, you will not be able to earn the preferred revenues. On the other hand purchasing wholesale beads will save you cost and then you will be capable to sell your jewelry items at economical rates.

Beautiful Creations With Beads


jewelry design ideas

Originally posted on: blog.pandahall

From now on, we’ll feature our customers’ work every week. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired by Pandahall customers’ striking jewelry ideas and also get to know what beads and findings they specially choose for their unique designs. And here in today’s post, I’m featuring Наташа Гринь’s beautiful projects. Наташа Гринь makes fantastic beaded watches and as well as some delicate vintage necklaces, and the floral girly style headbands are just delighted pieces! ……

Amethyst Crystal Belt

crystal belt

Yes!! I just can’t express how I love this awesome work! I could never thought of making a belt with amethyst glass crystals! And being added with golden chain makes the whole project so luxurious and sparkling! You can also wear it as a statement necklace! What a perfect idea! Anyone can totally make this, it’s not hard at all. Now get any colors of glitzy crystal glass beads and chains of you favorite and try it out!

crystal belt4 crystal belt3 crystal belt5

Via quiet lion creations

Beginners’ Beading Tutorials- Happy Hearts Earrings!

This is an super easy beading tutorial to make with a little jewelry making supplies, so everyone can come to try this! And once you’ve master this beading technique, you can freely make some happy heart bracelets, necklaces with other beautiful colored beads! Never miss it! And if you runs an Etsy, you’re lucky!

You’ll need:
6mm beads
11/ seed beads
2 size 10 or 12 needles
thread (optional thread conditioner)
pair of pliers
2 6mm rings
a set of earring hooks

Beautiful Turquoise Necklace Design

turquiose bead necklace design

Ooooh, I love turquoise beads. I can’t explain how excited when I saw this beautiful turquoise necklace! The irregular shaped turquoise beads, shinny black glass beads and little golden alloy beads make the whole design so charming. You can see it’s just a very basic beading design, however the colors match so well. Are you new to jewelry making? If yes, you can definitely try this beading pattern by repeat threading the beads 6-1-4. Full tutorial is here.  I would love to see what you do with this easy pattern!

Never miss more jewelry & accessories, happy beading!

Video: Beads Review To Share!

Hey, girls! If you love jewelry making, I bet you’ve must been kept yourself in pursuit of trying new beads and findings, like me. Here, I’d to share with you an beads haul video by Lindsay! I love the pretty beads she got! It’s really a cool and funny review to watch. These beads can be used for so many designs. I’m expecting a tutorial with that sparkling chain with beads already on it. Anyway, you’ll be sorry not taking a look at beads for jewelry making at Pandahall, coz these beads are just from them!