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Fancy Beads For Jewelry Making In Modern Days

A bead is a small piece of decorative object that is formulated into variety of shapes and sizes which is done with materials such as bone, pearl, stone, glass, shell, and wood or plastic which has small hole drilled through it for threading or stringing. These beads for jewelry making are decorated and used alongside with other valuables just as diamond, gold and silver to make beautiful and fancy jewelry.

Some beads for jewelry making

Beads for jewelry making is now been used widely in many jewelry making establishment as they are not too expensive and produces beautiful designs of jewelries

Types of beads for jewelry making

There are different types of beads but not all beads are been used for jewelry making  some examples of beads that are been used for jewelry making are;

  • Heart beads
  • Pearl beads
  • Jade beads etc.

Brief about heart beads, pearl beads and jade beads as beads for jewelry making


Pearl Beads

pearl are made of pearls which are admirable, fine and relatively very valuable. These pearls are used in bead making and are called Pearl Beads. Pearl beads are used in making fancy, valuable and beautiful jewelries; these jewelries come in forms of Bracelets, earrings and necklaces.


Jade Beads

Jades beads are beads made from jade. The Jade is made of two minerals, these are nephrite and jadeite. The best and original varieties of jadeite are near clearness, but they are not completely transparent.

Jade comes in few colors. Jade gemstone and carving into verity of shapes for bead purposes. These beads are decorated and are really beautiful producing a sparkly bead as if it were to be diamond. These Jade beads are used in making fancy, valuable and beautiful jewelries; these jewelries come in forms of Bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

Heart beads

The Heart bead is a unique bead for jewelry making, although the Heart Beads was basically a certain bead produced in the 1800s in Murano, Venice. These beads were made from two-tone compound beads called “white Hearts’, these beads was manufactured as an exchange medium (currency) for the furs in Africa and North America. These Heart beads are now used in modern days in making fancy, valuable and beautiful jewelries; these jewelries come in forms of Bracelets, earrings and necklaces. These heart beads have become valuable bead for jewelry making.


Glass Beads – Used For A Long Time In Making Jewelry

Glass beads are a standout amongst the most prominent and assorted sorts of bead available. They all have distinctive names and creation strategies. Here’s the manner by which a couple styles are made.

The types or making the glass beads are:


  • Lampwork
  • Cane
  • Pressed and
  • Dichoric glass

LampworkBeads: (hand wound)

This is one of only a handful few procedures that can be made by a home artisan. Here are some fundamental instruments. The light (or light) fire, keeps running on propane. The bars are made of steel and covered with a kaolin (earth like) substance called bead discharge. This empowers you to take the bead off the pole after it’s framed. Now and then when you purchase lampwork glass beads, you’ll locate a fine substance taken care of or on the bead. That is the dot discharge.


Cane Beads: (drawn empty)

A hard to make bead, an empty pipe is utilized to gather an “assemble” (liquid ball) of glass. The globule producer blows down the pipe to shape a rise in the chunk of liquid glass. The hues or patterns are added to the glass and the hot glass is extended (or drawn out). The rise inside is lengthened and frames a long tube with a gap running all through its length. The mellowed glass tube is attracted out to the wanted thickness and after that cut into areas. The unpleasant edges of the cuts are hand ground or smoothed by tumbling in sand.

Pressed Beads: (shaped beads)

This kind of globule has been made well known by the Czech Republic and lesser quality made in different nations by utilizing old Czech Molds. They are made by utilizing pivoted steel molds mounted on hardware or tongs. The shape has a prong or wire in it to frame the globule opening. The form is crushed over the hot glass, and when discharged, the abundance glass from the edges is ground away either by hand or by tumbling. This procedure is utilized for making complex shapes, for example, leaves, blooms etc.

Dichroic glass beads

Progressively, dichroic glass is being utilized to deliver top of the line craftsmanship beads. Dichroic glass has a thin film of metal molded to the surface of the glass, bringing about a surface that has a metallic sheen that progressions between two hues when seen at various edges. Beads can be squeezed, or made with conventional lampworking procedures. On the off chance that the glass is kept in the fire too long, the metallic covering will turn silver and smolder off.

Buy Wholesale Beads Online and Enjoy Savings

There are many people making jewelry. Some people make jewelry pieces for personal use, while some sell them and some gift it to friends.  Conversely, a person needs more supplies if he makes more jewelry. The money spent on jewelry supplies can be added. However, buying wholesale beads is the right way of maintaining low costs.

wholesale beads

wholesale beads

Advantage of buying wholesale

Buying wholesale beads allows paying less for each bead. Now, wholesale beads can be bought from retail merchants. The main attraction of buying beads in wholesale is that you can buy large quantities and also enjoy reduced prices. The suppliers selling items wholesale offer a pricing that the buyers end up buying more on paying less.  They offer discounts that on buying more, per beads cost becomes very low and thus you save money on buying supplies in large quantities. In case you fail to buy of one bead style per thousands, you can consider split purchase. You may also get some friends looking for joining you and thus make large orders. Doing this you can buy thousands of beads that costs only very few pennies per bead piece.

wholesale beads

wholesale beads

Online order

Ordering online for wholesale beads means you raise the amount you have to pay, but also calculate the shipping costs that will add to the beads. So buy if it is a lot less.

  • Compare: It is a must to compare the prices to be spent. If you buy in bulk check if the shipping is free. Also compare the amount to be paid on shipping, if you place order for lesser amount you must consider the savings and try to stretch to make the extra spending in buying wholesale beads.
  • Travel time: Consider the travel time that you may spend hunting each store. On the other hand buying online save your time and gas money. You can sit at home and shop for these items at your convenient time. Time is money, so consider the amount you may pay for retail items and plan if the buying wholesale is a real savings.

Buying wholesale beads certainly saves your money, yet during online purchase, it is right to consider the shipping and handling cost before calculating the money you actually saved. It is possible to buy from the retail shops as well, yet buying it wholesale means you get the same pattern and can have uniformity in your jewelry making.

5 Tips On Purchasing Wholesale Beads

The idea of buying wholesale beads appeals to many jewelry makers because it allows them to be innovative in their designs. With a large quantity of beads at their disposal, they can be innovative and experiment by using beads in a variety of settings. Below given are a few tips that can help you purchase beads in bulk:

Decide on the variety of beads you need

wholesale beads

Unless you are a new jewelry maker, there is no point in purchasing random varieties of beads. Mostly jewelry makers purchase those beads in bulk that they use most. Hence, if your jewelry collection has most number of acrylic beads or metal beads, then you should get them in a good quantity. For those jewelry makers, who are thinking of expanding their business will also benefit from wholesale purchase of the other kind of beads whose jewelry they are planning to introduce. On the site of bead seller, you will find the list of available beads. You can also look into the new arrivals section for a new variety of beads. Check their appearance, choose one, and place order.

Do not forget to get accessories as well

Most bead selling stores do not only stock beads. They also sell jewelry-making accessories like threads, cords, embellishments like rhinestones, clasps, jump rings, etc. As you will need these accessories every time you make jewelry, it is a wise idea to buy them in bulk as well.

You can have different varieties in a single bulk order

In case, you require several varieties of wholesale beads like glass beads, lampwork beads, clay beads, gemstone beads, etc., you can have them easily. Simply choose the minimum wholesale quantity of each variety and place the order. You will be glad to see the arrival of all your beads at one go.

Check for discounted products

wholesale beads 2

Discounts can hugely bring down the price. Hence, you should always check what wholesale beads are available on discounts. Do not be apprehensive regarding the quality. A reputable bead seller would never compromise on that.

Check and understand the return policy well

Reputable bead sellers always have a return policy wherein you could send back the products that you bought from them and get a refund. However, you need to return the wholesale beads within a fixed number of days following the date of purchase. Read the return policy to learn in how many days should you return the products and whether you would be required to pay the shipping charges.

A Huge Variety Of Beads Wholesale Found All Round The Clock

Manufactured beads were presented after a long time. Primarily person used to hand craft beads and use them in jewels making. In those times, found objects were the single source of beads. But, nowadays there is a variety of materials used in their manufacture. In adding, they come in whole kinds of sizes, shapes, designs and polishes. If you use beads on a daily basis, it is ever a good choice to consider purchasing beads wholesale.

Beads Wholesale

Beads Wholesale

There are a more of benefits associated with purchasing beads wholesale. First of all, they are more reasonable than individual beads. Second, beads wholesale lots reflect whole sorts of beads. Mainly, this means that you obtain more variation when you purchase in bulk. However, there are a number of things that you must bear in mind when you purchase beads wholesale.

The jewelry industry make uses of bead a more, while few consider beads as cultural heritage nowadays, most people consider it as an act of style. There are so several variations of beads you can choose from; beads are obtainable in sizes, figures, materials used, colors, however, beads wholesale imitates whole variety of beads and it is mostly characterized with their beauty, merits and values. Due to the method and materials beads are made, it is generally very costly.

But beads has a very board range of use and it is not only used in making jewelries alone, they are also used in making attire gowns, dress design building, scrap booking etc. This usually requires the use of huge quantities of beads and so, it will be more beneficial if low cost beads are used. This is where wholesale comes in because there are very cheap when buying jewelry beads. So you may ask why you should purchase beads wholesale when purchasing them.

Low Cost: 

Beads Wholesale

Beads Wholesale

Because of the materials used in creating it and because of the bulk buying, it is inexpensive to purchase these beads. Most designers go for these beads because they generally require them in huge quantities. They are not too much costly, yet they are also lovely and do the similar purpose like other more costly beads. Gemstone beads just like any other famous beads are very valuable, affluent and have a board range of application; so, designers favor buying these.

Materials Used:

Wholesale are accessible in several materials and so no matter the choice of the purchaser, it is available in wholesale. The materials obtainable are glass, crystal, wood, gemstone, acrylic, metal etc. This delivers a board range of selection to select from, so there are more benefits of going for beads wholesale purchases.