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Instant Jewelry & Homemade Paper Beads!

Hello guys! Quick jewelry DIY to share! The snap on jewelry are so lovely. The large beads on the blue bracelet are paper beads from a watercolor painting, they show off the glass beads nicely. Don’t you think so? Enjoy the video~~


Cool Wrap Leather Bracelets with Pearls

Cool Wrap Leather Bracelets with Pearls

Leather cord are so great supplies for jewelry making right? They could be perfect to make accessories for men or women who want something unique and cool. I really love this amazing mixed “hard” and “soft” idea, combining black leather cords with elegant white pearl beads. It’s just a thing to wrap the pearls with different sizes on the leather cord and attach the cord crimp ends. And you gotta make 3 strands and add them onto a magnetic slide lock clasp (showed below). It looks a lot fun to make this and can be a quick and ideal handmade gifts for friends. Will you have a try? 🙂

Magnetic Slide Lock Clasps

Rainbow Colored Bracelet DIY

Are you familiar with right angle weave stitch? It’s a very basic beading skills that every jewelry makers should master! It’s just a thing of string several beads on wire and cross both wire ends with another 1 bead, so to repeat. Mix 7 colors of abacus plastic beads with elastic thread, you can have this pretty bracelet for spring and summer. It looks so funny and adorable, right? The wide bracelet design can add more chicness to your outfits. Why not apply your favorite beads on to this cute design?

rainbow bracelet pattern

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Wonderful Projects Of The Day

Today, I’m featuring some wonderful handmade jewelry projects by Florewela Cornelis. Her named these beauties as “My Secrete Corner”, sounds like she is quite obsessed with a hidden corner creating such pretty stunning accessories, alone but happy! You may find all of above design used with bright colored transparent glass beads, which are one of my favorite beads among all other jewelry beads, and this is also why I choose to feature her work. Glass beads always give me a sense of purity, quietness and lots of elegance. Click to get bigger image and you will find these ideas are quite easy to follow, hope you’ll be inspired by them! Happy crafting!

Sailor Knot Jewelry DIYs

Sailor knot is an ordinary knot can be normally seen in macrame projects. And it’s quite easy to make this kind of chunky accessories using just any ropes, threads, or even shoelaces! It’s typically popular in each season, especially in this coming summer! Wearing a simple yet cool sailor knot bracelet or necklace to the beach can be so satisfying! In this post, you’ll know the classic way of rope sailor knot and 2 upgraded versions. Hope you’ll like these!

sailor knot DIY

The typical version of sailor knot may look a bit complicated, but it’s fairly straight-forward if you follow below step-by-step instructions.

sailor knots3

And the other 2 simplified versions are actually not sailor knot pattern, but just for those who are new to jewelry making. Getting 2 curved jewelry wires crossing with each other and wire wrapping wires around the bangle as show on pic. Similarly, thread 2 beaded strands (each with beaded loops ), cross both beaded loops and attach the jump rings and S-hook as closure.

sailor knots1

sailor knots2

Which one will you try for this summer then? Happy crafting!

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DIY Lace and Pearls Cuff Bracelet

lace and pearls cuff bracelet

lace and pearls cuff

lace and cristals cuff bracelet

bracelet close-up (1)

Love this elegant pearl&lace bangle? It’s made by Hanna Saar! I agree she said: “lace and pearls are just a match made in heaven.” The lovely piece can surely take your outfit to next level and most importantly, it’s super easy to have a try by ourselves! Just check her blog out and get jewelry making supplies to rock your out own!

Tempting Beaded Bracelet~


Design by Katsiaryna Mukhortava

WOW~ Are you attracted by this tempting fuchsia bracelet? At least I AM! I love the amazing combination of fuchsia beads and antique jewelry findings! The old vintage eye pins, Tibetan bead caps and toggle clasp mixed so well with the clustered beads.. So beautiful. Beads used in this design is called crackle glass beads, which are heated and rapidly cooled to produce internal crackles. Crackles increase light reflection inside the beads, making the whole design more charming~ Take a look at below, they are perfect for soooo many jewelry designs! They are available at most bead stores. Wanna try them? LOL~

Mixed Crackle Glass Bead Strands  6mm

Mixed Crackle Glass Bead Strands - 6mm

Winter Blue Bracelet- Beginner Tutorial

Are you fond of beading? This is a quick and simple project using right angle weave. The bracelet is made with rondelle glass beads and seed beads. It will only takes half an hour to bead the whole piece. What I love most is the light blue color plus transparent color, making the whole design more winter look! Will make perfect gift accessories for your be-loved ones! Hope you’ll love it, too!