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Advantages Of Making Jewelry With Wood Beads

Numerous species of wood have been used for beads because the grain of the wood is attractive or because the wood is perfumed. These comprise olive, sandalwood, ironwood, bamboo, ebony, palm, pear, apple, and rose, etc. can be used to make wood beads.


Woods being amazing for jewelry

The extensive variety of wood workers and woods make for an amazing variety of forms, sizes, and types of wood beads, which are high-quality components for craft job like jewelry making. They can be used to create necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings, anklets and additional types of jewelry pieces.

Wood beads are extensively available and they come at very sensible prices. They used to be ignored because their possible for jewelry craft had not yet been discovered. Now that their aptness has been understood they have become among the mainly sought after supplies for making jewelry and accessories.


How to make wood jewelry

Making wood beads yourself is not hard. Though, the process is involved is boring. Painting the wood beads also make them colorful and appropriate for all sorts of decorate projects, temporarily, gives some protection from scuffing or scratching.

As talk about before, the plain wood beads limit your clothing and decorating choices. Thus, choose the proper wood beads for jewels making turns to be vitally significant, for there are tons of diverse wood beads since tons of different types of plan. Whatever, find a good dealer on wood beads will make you half done with the means of jewelry making.

Various uses of wood beads

They are also currently being used as hair accessories. They are used in braids, generally at the end or at the beginning and are part of an exclusive hairstyle or hairdo. They are accessible in numerous sizes and shapes that can be used to emphasize diverse hairstyles.

They are also used in one simple but vast idea; in making light pulls. Instead of using a normal string with an ornament at the end for easier holding and pulling of the switch, wooden beads are used. They can also be used for a ceiling fan switch. These are far better-looking than conservative pulls and are exclusive to you.

Wood beads are generally plain, but you can paint them to make them seem brighter and attractive. This is a fun action you can do with the family or with your friends.

Wood beads come in diverse types. This is because there are dissimilar types of trees. Wood beads come usually from apple trees, &, pear and ebony among many others. These trees have convinced characteristics that give the reasons why the beads are made from them. Several trees make your beads perfumed, some long, lasting and the others good-looking.


Fresh Colored Beaded Chainmail Bracelet for Hot Summer Days

Fresh colors are always perfect for spring and summer days, so, to welcome the coming summer days, today I’d like to share you a tutorial on how to make a fresh colored glass bead chainmail bracelet, hope you like it.

Fresh Colored Beaded Chainmail Bracelet for Hot Summer Days 1

Materials and tools you’ll need to make this glass beaded chainmail bracelet:
6mm Lime Green Glass beads
6mm Dark Blue Glass beads
Lobster Clasp
Round Nose Plier
Wire Cutter Plier
Side Cutting Plier

Fresh Colored Beaded Chainmail Bracelet for Hot Summer Days 2

Instructions on how to make the chainmail bracelet:
Step 1: Make the bead links.
Slide a glass bead onto an eyepin, make a loop at the bead end and cut off extra wire. Repeat to make as many bead links as you need (it depends on the size of your wrist).

Fresh Colored Beaded Chainmail Bracelet for Hot Summer Days 3

Step 2: Connect the bead links to make the main part of the bracelet.
1st, alternatively connect the green glass bead link and blue glass bead link together.

Fresh Colored Beaded Chainmail Bracelet for Hot Summer Days 4

2nd, make two bead chains, mind the arrangement of different colored beads.

Fresh Colored Beaded Chainmail Bracelet for Hot Summer Days 5

Step 3: Finish the beaded chainmail bracelet.
1st, add one small jumpring to each small loop, and then hitch one big jumpring to each two neighboring small jumprings. Once finished, you shall get a pattern like this:

Fresh Colored Beaded Chainmail Bracelet for Hot Summer Days 6

2nd, repeat the previous step to add small jumprings to another bead chian, and connect two bead chains together.

Fresh Colored Beaded Chainmail Bracelet for Hot Summer Days 7

3rd, link each two neighboring big jumprings with two small jumprings.

Fresh Colored Beaded Chainmail Bracelet for Hot Summer Days 8

4th, make sure the chain ends should be like this:

Fresh Colored Beaded Chainmail Bracelet for Hot Summer Days 9

5th, add a lobster clasp to finish the chainmail bracelet.

Fresh Colored Beaded Chainmail Bracelet for Hot Summer Days 10


Fresh Colored Beaded Chainmail Bracelet for Hot Summer Days 11

So cool right! And it’s super cute for summer days. If you are going to make it, just take your time and mind the arrangement of beads and jumprings. Happy crafting!

Snap Jewelry the Latest Jewel Fashion Trend

Snap jewelry is a new trending fashion concept of jewelry. This jewelry affords you the ability to change the color according to your taste of color. You can change your bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

snap jewelry

 Design Your Own Taste

Get to realize how you can come up with your own ideas and put it into practice by the ability to get to design your own by simply using snap jewelry. The latest accessories of snap jewelry allows you to tailor easily the design that you prefer.

Choose From Different Colors

Snap jewelry comes with a variety of other colors that enables you to choose the color you like.  The most versatile products that deal with jewelry fashion that is on sale today are snap jewelry. You can design your own outfit of bracelets necklace and earrings. Snap jewelry allows you to change the buttons so as to fit your own fashion taste. The Colors of snap jewelry are the main platforms that are intertwined with the same button and charms that allows for blending of your design. You use only your finger to press and easily remove it in order to replace the snap jewelry.

Snap jewelry is a new fashion style that is currently being adopted by majority of customized fashion designers. The taste in the market is outstanding because of the mere fact that people have realized how creativity that deals with snap jewelry is immense.

snap jewelry 1

Types of Snap Jewelry

With snap jewelry you will get to have the taste you want and the design that it comes with. You can have snap jewelry necklaces that range from flower snap, beaded, and pit dot snap necklaces. The earrings either long, short or w/CZ. You can get to have snap jewelry bracelets that range from bangles, stones, black, brown, amber bronze and silver bracelets just to mention but a few.

Starting to use the snap bracelet is the greatest idea to be made as per now. You can use snap as gifts to loved ones or as presents during holidays. This will ensure that you will get to be developing a taste of jewelry that will be outstanding.  The uniqueness of snap jewelry is that you can use to make a symbol or a fashion portrayal through the different colors that it comes with it.  Snap jewelry are also relatively cheap as compared to other types of jewelry. It is also fan to have a variety of collection that fits the occasion you might want it to.

DIY Lace and Pearls Cuff Bracelet

lace and pearls cuff bracelet

lace and pearls cuff

lace and cristals cuff bracelet

bracelet close-up (1)

Love this elegant pearl&lace bangle? It’s made by Hanna Saar! I agree she said: “lace and pearls are just a match made in heaven.” The lovely piece can surely take your outfit to next level and most importantly, it’s super easy to have a try by ourselves! Just check her blog out and get jewelry making supplies to rock your out own!

Valentine Idea: DIY Linzer Cookie Polymer Clay Tutorial

DSC04042 copy

Valentine’s crafts can always be so colorful and amazing, right? Heart shapes are obviously the classic symbol of such a warm themed holiday. So here, I share with you an adorable idea of making a yummy Valentine’s day cookie tutorial, by Meg Vera!

DSC04045 copy

Products Used:

♡ Premo! Ecru
♡ Premo! Translucent
♡ Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
♡ Translucent Liquid Sculpey
♡ Chalk Pastels
♡ White Sand (Fake Sugar)
♡ Toothbrush
♡ Cookie cutters
Acrylic Pearls
♡ Double Link Chain
♡ Key Clasp
Eye Pins
♡ Hair Bows

Check out the video~~~

Spring Idea: Wire Wrapped Pendant

Getting freezing cold these days? You may want something to light up your eyes! Just try this wire & bead pendant! Simple wire wrapping around opaque green acrylic beads to become a fresh pendant! Love it?

Try with the easy steps below:
1st, loop the wire center with round nose and slide through green beads
2nd, wrap both wires upwardly and form an oval shape
3rd, wrap one wire end around the other and cut off excess wire, then loop the longer wire end
4th, start wrapping tiger tail wire around the inner loop until you finish the upper oval.

I think the picture can well explain how to make it. Happy making!

spring necklace

More tutorials from: LC learning center


button crafts

I always love buttons, especially vintage ones! But some bright colorful ones are also great for home decor, ornaments, hair accessories, jewelry, etc. Buttons are often seen in kid’s class as they are cute, pretty, and lightweight for making any DIYs. Take a look at below, I think I’m gonna make button crafts again…

button 2 button 3 button 4
button 1

Images from:

Wire Bangle DIY~

wire bangle
via Pinterest.com

Happy new year, everyone!

Love these beautiful wire bead bangles? I bet you’ve got full time relaxing in this happy holiday. So why not get down to make some cute DIYs? Get some perfect wires and beads for jewelry making and let’s start wiring these lovely bangles. Follow more details here. Happy crafting!

bead wire bangle