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Snap Jewelry the Latest Jewel Fashion Trend

Snap jewelry is a new trending fashion concept of jewelry. This jewelry affords you the ability to change the color according to your taste of color. You can change your bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

snap jewelry

 Design Your Own Taste

Get to realize how you can come up with your own ideas and put it into practice by the ability to get to design your own by simply using snap jewelry. The latest accessories of snap jewelry allows you to tailor easily the design that you prefer.

Choose From Different Colors

Snap jewelry comes with a variety of other colors that enables you to choose the color you like.  The most versatile products that deal with jewelry fashion that is on sale today are snap jewelry. You can design your own outfit of bracelets necklace and earrings. Snap jewelry allows you to change the buttons so as to fit your own fashion taste. The Colors of snap jewelry are the main platforms that are intertwined with the same button and charms that allows for blending of your design. You use only your finger to press and easily remove it in order to replace the snap jewelry.

Snap jewelry is a new fashion style that is currently being adopted by majority of customized fashion designers. The taste in the market is outstanding because of the mere fact that people have realized how creativity that deals with snap jewelry is immense.

snap jewelry 1

Types of Snap Jewelry

With snap jewelry you will get to have the taste you want and the design that it comes with. You can have snap jewelry necklaces that range from flower snap, beaded, and pit dot snap necklaces. The earrings either long, short or w/CZ. You can get to have snap jewelry bracelets that range from bangles, stones, black, brown, amber bronze and silver bracelets just to mention but a few.

Starting to use the snap bracelet is the greatest idea to be made as per now. You can use snap as gifts to loved ones or as presents during holidays. This will ensure that you will get to be developing a taste of jewelry that will be outstanding.  The uniqueness of snap jewelry is that you can use to make a symbol or a fashion portrayal through the different colors that it comes with it.  Snap jewelry are also relatively cheap as compared to other types of jewelry. It is also fan to have a variety of collection that fits the occasion you might want it to.



Lately, I’ve been obsessed in seeing beautiful girls with collar necklaces. I love how big chunky necklace look like. They are funny chic accessories to wear either under a color or with a lower cut top or dress. I’d be super crazy to glue my favorite beads, rhinestones, other sparkles on fabrics. It’s really a fantastic experience in doing so. Now check this video of an easy beaded collar necklace and just glue the lovely beads for jewelry making one by one.

beaded collar necklace

Amethyst Crystal Belt

crystal belt

Yes!! I just can’t express how I love this awesome work! I could never thought of making a belt with amethyst glass crystals! And being added with golden chain makes the whole project so luxurious and sparkling! You can also wear it as a statement necklace! What a perfect idea! Anyone can totally make this, it’s not hard at all. Now get any colors of glitzy crystal glass beads and chains of you favorite and try it out!

crystal belt4 crystal belt3 crystal belt5

Via quiet lion creations

DIY Fashion Bras

Ever think of DIY your old bras with studs, lace, gems, rhinestones, pearl, etc.!? Come on, save money and time with these DIY funny fashion hacks! would be sooooo cool and pretty, can you?! I’m honestly not sure I’ll wear it but it really looks a lot of fun. 🙂

You’ll have a good day wearing this kind of handmade bra! Come on, time to get jewelry making supplies to DIY one for yourself! 🙂

Glam Rock Pendant Necklace

Just saw this fabulous pendant necklace on pinterest.com and thought you guys would love this too! Check the easy steps on this pic and try your own! Oh, why not go agate hunting in such a warm spring first? LOL~~~

Other supplies you’ll need are:
Golden chain
Jewelry wire
Jump rings
Lobster claw clasps

Elegant Beaded Clutch

elegant clutch

I came across some beaded clutch idea while lurking online. They are really gorgeous, right?! You can make a little change with the normal clutch to gracefully match your any outfit. Just get some cheap beads with flat backs like pearls, rhinestones, crystals and so on, glue them on your plain clutch and you can turn the little piece into a statement!

Emilio Pucci inspired DIY beaded clutch

Via evelinasfashioncafe.com

Embellished Clutch

Via evelinasfashioncafe.com

As soon as I saw these gorgeous beaded clutches I simply knew I’d definitely have a try myself. And if you feel like buying from store, check these two!

pearl clutch – $24.88.

Elegant Clutch

Elegant Rectangle Clutch – $87.80

Elegant Rectangle Clutch


Wire Zodiac Sign Rings

If you are a strong believer in zodiac signs, you must wish to have some symbols of your own zodiac sign.  Find the below 12 wire rings for different zodiac signs, you can do with pliers for a try. And these wire symbols can also be pendants for necklace. I think they would be more pretty, being added with some featured or personalized pendants or charms, if you want a necklace out from it.

wire zodiac sign ring

Picture via: Wire Zodiac Sign Ring

Floral Statement Earrings

Floral Statement Earrings

A pair of gorgeous bead earrings can always add finishing touch to any outfits. Like this one, the focal design in this earring is the center beaded flower. It’s not hard, but a little challenging. The most eye-catching part is big drop pendant. You can use any other colored statement piece. But personally, I love this hot orange, so appealing! Will you get jewelry making supplies and try this pretty statement earrings? I can’t wait to give is a shot..LOL..

Fashionable Spike Jewelry Round Up~

If DIY-ing ordinary beaded jewelry bore you now, here’s something new for you! Spike jewelry, subtle yet edgy accessories, which are absolutely necessary for your wardrobe. These simple, totally wearable pieces can definitely worth a try. Let’s start with the first one!

Spiked and Braided Bracelet
1, Braided spike bracelet out of old t-shirt. Pretty cute, hah?

Spike Earrings
2, Spike earrings: a mix of bohemian, geometric shape, metals with a splash of color, make perfect for many outfits.

wood spike
3, The combination of wood beads, spikes, and hex nut. So creative!~ BEAD AND HARDWARE BRACELET

Spiked Barrett
4,  Absolutely fast way to cute hair, simple and chic! ~Spiked Barrett

spiked bangle
5, Simply glue the spikes on the tiny bangles and wrap some embroidery floss~ DIY: BANGLE BRACELETS

pearl spike
6, Spike necklace with pearls! Definitely love this mix of soft and hard. You?

Have you whipped up any rock-roll style jewelry with spikes? Do let us know in the comment below!

For more ideas, kindly visit: Fashion Jewelry

Woven Beaded Necklace

Woven Beaded Necklace

I came across this gorgeous woven necklace while browsing DIY jewelry patterns online. I was impressed by this color combo, just wonderful! It’s super easy to make. Just prepare whatever colors of seed beads and thread them into strands and weave! Can’t wait to rock out your own colors? LOL~

Buy jewelry making supplies and let’s get started with details here!