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Jewelry Making Supplies – Short Description And Vision Upon Jewelry


Let’s develop the idea about jewelry making supplies. But before let me tell you some about jewelry.

You can begin your jewelry purchase journey from anywhere in the world. Would you imagine that would be possible?


Let me take off all that effort and enhance your imagination to other ways. It’s possible. It’s happening day by day. Very talented individuals are creating every day a whole new world. A world where shining is a very important part of day by day individuals. I am not excluding al the other exciting aspects about our lives, like inventors, engineer revolutionists and so on.  Every one binds it’s eyes towards some jewelry, either they are in a store or on a fancy friends neck at a ball night, we all know how to appreciate what is beautiful and well made.

We see them when we take a walk at the local stores, where we plan our wedding rings and Valentine’s day bracelets for our future wives or girlfriends.

We talk about gold, silver, precious stones, diamonds, platinum and so many other shiny and good looking precious metals and materials.

But how to work with jewelry making supplies? Not everyone’s concern as a matter of fact. Who would, other than a specialist in the matter, but in an instance you’d need some supplies, jewelry making supplies like:

  • Precious metals and stones
  • Working tools
  • Additional working materials
  • Talented workers
  • Will, dedication and passion


The list could go further but at the core of making jewelry stays these 5 selections. If you have these five bullet list then you’re good to start growing a very good looking and profitable business.

With jewelry making supplies comes beauty and well being. With jewelry making supplies comes profit. Many people invest in gold and other precious market trading objects. It’s worth all the good effort. But investing in jewelry making is even more creative.

This being said I’d leave it to the jewelry makers to tell us more about them and how they do it. Remember though that being beautiful it doesn’t always need to be some jewels implied. Beauty comes from within and jewels reflect a story of how beauty is being born.

Next time you go at a ball evening and make a compliment on someone’s fancy jewelry, let them know that you know something about the shiny world even from this perspective. Then you can see things manifesting around yourself.


Jewelry Making Supplies Used In Making Splendid Ornaments

Jewelry making supplies that are required for making jewelry are basically jewelry wire, beads and findings. The following paragraph will discuss these three jewelry making supplies categories. Jewelry consists of small decorative items worn for personal adornment such as brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Jewelry may be attached to the body or clothes. For many centuries metal, often combined with gemstones has been the normal material for jewelry but other materials can be used such as shells. The basic form of jewelry vary between cultures but are often extremely long-lived. Jewelry may be made from a wide range of materials such as gemstones, amber, metal, beads and shells. The patterns of wearing jewelry between sexes and children and old people can vary greatly between cultures, but adult women have been the most consistent wearers of jewelry.

Humans have used jewelry as an artistic display, as a carrier or symbol for love to fix clothing or hair

1Materials and methods used in jewelry making

Items are typically set into precious metals called bronze. Modern fine jewelry usually includes gold, white gold, platinum, silver, titanium, palladium. Common materials used include glass such as fused glass, wood, shells, bones, ivory, hemp and other natural animal substances, diamonds

Jewelry wire

Jewelry wire is in general brass, copper, silver-plated, gold-plated or gold-filled wire. This wire is sold in several sizes called gauges, with the larger gauge wire being smaller in diameter. For making jewelry the most common gauge is 16, 18, 20 and 22. 24 and 26 gauge are used but less frequently. For connecting wire components with the wrapped bead link, frequently 22-gauge wire will be used.



 Beads are frequently used in jewelry. Beads are decorative items made from a variety of materials that is general have a hole used for holding the bead in position in position in your jewelry. Beads can be made of glass, plastics, wood, stone, metal, bone and semi-precious or precious materials.

Beads may be large or small: the smallest type of beads are known as seed beads and these beads are used for the woven style of beaded jewelry. Another use of seed beads is a technique where seed beads are sewn onto fabric backings to create broad collar neck pieces and bracelets.


       Findings are jewelry making supplies and components like clasps, head pins, ear wires, jump rings, and either manufactured or handmade components


Different Types of Beads You Need to Know

There are many different types of beads out there that you can purchase at reputable online stores. These come in different shapes, styles, and of course, are made of varying materials.  The best thing is that no matter what your taste and preference you will always get what best meets your unique needs. The top 3 that are popular amongst people of all age groups include;

beads 1

Bugle beads

These are usually tubular in shape and come in different lengths, color, shapes, and finishes, too. It is because of the flexibility that they offer that they have gained popularity to both male and gender. If you’re thinking of getting a bead-type that is fashionable and stylish, then look no further. In most cases, they are sizes is based on length and these include; 1, 1.5, 2, 3, and 5.

Crystal Beads

These kinds are made out of crystal glasses and as the name suggests they are shiny in nature. Additionally, they relatively vary in pricing based on quality. In other words, there are different categories of crystal beads and so you can get one that best meets your budget range. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer Swarovski or Czech crystal with a little bit of research and expert help you get something that is worth every single coin spent.

Additional types of beads

beads 2

The above mentioned are the two types that you can buy and will definitely complement most attires. The following are also great, and you can find them in any reliable online store;

  • Delica
  • Faceted
  • Flatbacks
  • Hex-cut types
  • Rondelles
  • Pearls
  • Shamballa
  • Pony
  • Crow
  • Shell
  • Charlottes

It is important to note that the types of beads relatively vary in regard to luster and craftsmanship. Nevertheless, they can offer high utility value if a correct choice is made.

As a word of advice, you should be very keen when you want to choose beads that will offer you value. Some of the most important things that you should consider are; kind of accessories, pricing, size, design, as well as materials used to make the beads. If you do so, then you’re likely to make a better choice. Do not hesitate to consult with experts in the field in order to leave nothing to chance. Above all, consider from where you are buying the beads from lest you get low quality types.

Jewelry Making Business And Today’s Trends

From beads and findings to tools and equipment to metal worker and jewelry displays, all are available online these days. Jewelry making supplies give detailed information about the product so that the buyers get clarity to place orders. Jewelry manufacture supplies also provide us the information to learn jewelry making, using materials such as glass metal clay beads.There are tips provided about the techniques and projects and DIY articles to get you started designing your own jewelry.

jewelry making supplies 1

Tools that carve the jewelry

Some of the jewelry making tools used in jewelry making supplies are : jewelry pliers & shears, gauges & stone measuring, saw blades & frames, magnifiers & lamps, bench tools, tweezers & stone holders, drills, burs & bits, ring sizing & mandrels, watch repair, work stations & organizers, wax supplies, wire wrapping, crystal applicator tools. These tools are very important in jewelry carvings and measurements and designing. These can be purchased online through different vendors which will be shipped to the required place. The larger section of jewelry tools is perfect for advanced jewelry repair, or simply making jewelry for own enjoyment. It looks like a hook and its like a open ear wire. Beads and coil wire are used to make this, which can be opened to add the ornamental finding or stone portion of the earring.

Display that enhances the jewelry look

Displaying one’s jewelry is a great pride to any owner of the jewelry. Similarly the jewelry making supplies also need to display their jewelry in the most elegant displays so that it enhances their business. Following are the list of jewelry displays:

Display kit, jewelry tray, bracelet displays, jewelry display risen sets, counter top mirrors, carrying cases, necklace strands, acrylic displays, attaché case gemstone display and many more.

jewelry making supplies 2

Materials used in jewelry making supplies

Jewelry making supply use these materials: pearls, pendants,charms, wire, sheet, metal, earring findings, clasps, chains, wood, colored beads, glass and many other materials.

Some suppliers give articles for all to read and learn jewelry making, following are some articles which provide info about it.

Jewelry making business and industry trends

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All You Want To Know About The Jewellery Making Supplies

Jewellery designing is a form of crafting that started over thousands of years back. Jewellery is an article that is personally adorned. There are many types of pieces of jewellery like brooches, necklace, rings, earrings, bracelets, etc. It has become a part of nearly everyone’s life.

Jewellery can be both traditional and modern. Accordingly, there are various jewelry making supplies available in the market. The traditional jewellery is mostly created with the help of gemstones and precious metals, for instance, silver and gold. The demand for modern jewellery pieces has also been growing where every piece is carefully  designed with creativity. In addition to these, another type of jewellery is less costume jewellery that is a bit cheaper than the others. It is created by using materials of lower and are often produced in bulk. Other types include wrap jewellery- wire sculpture, made from a variety of substances like base metal wire, rock tumbled stone, or precious metals and gemstones. With the evolution in jewellery making, the availability of jewellery making supplies has also grown.

jewelry making supplies 1

Commonly used Jewellery Making Supplies

There are many types of things that are used to create a piece of jewellery. Some of these are listed below as follows.

Stringing Material

Stringing materials include-

  • Silk thread – they are most commonly used, for threading pearls and other beads that are soft and porous.
  • Steel wire – ideally used for stringing beads like seeds, ceramic, metal, glass, and stone beads.
  • Copper wire – they are usually coloured and are used in jewellery wrapping.
  • Silver wire – one of the most commonly used jewellery making supplies for wire wrapping and making rings.
  • Hemp cord – they are strong as well as durable and used for making belts, necklaces, bracelets etc.


These include-

  • Eye pins – metallic pins that come in many different lengths, finishes, and an eye closure at one end. They are used in holding beads
  • Headpins – they have a flat closure at one end and are also used for holding beads.
  • Clasps -these are closures for necklaces and bracelets that come in various finishes.
  • Jump rings – available in different sizes and finishes. They are used as connectors with chain jewellery.
  • Earring findings – it includes fishhook, hoop, post, etc.
  • Miscellaneous findings – it includes tiaras, barrettes, headbands, bar pins, base rings, stick pins, etc.


These include-jewelry making supplies 2

  • Wire cutters – include side cutting and end cutting versions.
  • Knotters – they are used to knot bead strings in even and consistent knots.
  • Chain nose pliers – these are used to create a wire, crimp clasps, close bead tips, and attach findings present in close spaces.
  • Round nose pliers – they are used to smoothen the ends, loops, or shape craft wire.
  • Flat nose pliers – also known as wire forming pliers, these are used to form circles, angles, and other distinctive wire forms.

Snap Jewelry the Latest Jewel Fashion Trend

Snap jewelry is a new trending fashion concept of jewelry. This jewelry affords you the ability to change the color according to your taste of color. You can change your bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

snap jewelry

 Design Your Own Taste

Get to realize how you can come up with your own ideas and put it into practice by the ability to get to design your own by simply using snap jewelry. The latest accessories of snap jewelry allows you to tailor easily the design that you prefer.

Choose From Different Colors

Snap jewelry comes with a variety of other colors that enables you to choose the color you like.  The most versatile products that deal with jewelry fashion that is on sale today are snap jewelry. You can design your own outfit of bracelets necklace and earrings. Snap jewelry allows you to change the buttons so as to fit your own fashion taste. The Colors of snap jewelry are the main platforms that are intertwined with the same button and charms that allows for blending of your design. You use only your finger to press and easily remove it in order to replace the snap jewelry.

Snap jewelry is a new fashion style that is currently being adopted by majority of customized fashion designers. The taste in the market is outstanding because of the mere fact that people have realized how creativity that deals with snap jewelry is immense.

snap jewelry 1

Types of Snap Jewelry

With snap jewelry you will get to have the taste you want and the design that it comes with. You can have snap jewelry necklaces that range from flower snap, beaded, and pit dot snap necklaces. The earrings either long, short or w/CZ. You can get to have snap jewelry bracelets that range from bangles, stones, black, brown, amber bronze and silver bracelets just to mention but a few.

Starting to use the snap bracelet is the greatest idea to be made as per now. You can use snap as gifts to loved ones or as presents during holidays. This will ensure that you will get to be developing a taste of jewelry that will be outstanding.  The uniqueness of snap jewelry is that you can use to make a symbol or a fashion portrayal through the different colors that it comes with it.  Snap jewelry are also relatively cheap as compared to other types of jewelry. It is also fan to have a variety of collection that fits the occasion you might want it to.

Instant Jewelry & Homemade Paper Beads!

Hello guys! Quick jewelry DIY to share! The snap on jewelry are so lovely. The large beads on the blue bracelet are paper beads from a watercolor painting, they show off the glass beads nicely. Don’t you think so? Enjoy the video~~

Top 5 Mothers’ Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

Getting ready for the coming Mother’s day with some stunning jewelry accessories, your mom will surely love it so much! I’d make a metal stamped necklace dangling her favorite beads on! What will you make for her?

Reblog: Top 5 Mothers’ Day Jewelry Gift Ideas.

Mothers’ Day 2015 is coming soon; it’s a great day honoring our dear moms. Do remember to tell your mom that you love her so much and boldly express your love to her. Usually we will send flowers and gifts like a box of chocolate, a card, jewelry and so on to mom in this day. These are really classic routines and you will cheer your mom up. And the chocolate are easy to choose as you can just pick your mom’s favorite taste, while it is not easy as well to choose the jewelry. If you are looking for jewelry gifts for Mothers’ Day, this is the right place for you. We have collected the top 5 jewelry gifts ideas for Mothers’ Day this year, from heart pendants, pearl jewelry to handmade stapmimg jewelry.

Heart Pendants

Heart-shaped jewelry is a great way to show your love to your moms as the heart is the symbol of Love! No more words, this kind of jewelry gifts express your love directly! This is why  heart pendant necklace is definitely the top picked jewelry gifts for Mothers’ Day.

Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry is elegant and timeless, which is a classic jewelry routine for Mother’s Day. Any kind of pearl bracelets, pearl earrings or pearl necklace are fine.

 Shamballa Bracelets

Shamballa bracelets are the popular jewelry in the fashion trend. Moms would be glad to get a fashionable shamballa bracelet as gift and it is a top pick too.

Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone, a gemstone that symbolizes the month of birth, is mysterious.  And different birthstone represent different months. For example, the birth stone for July is Ruby, while Opal represent October. You can choose the gemstone that symbolizes the month of your mom’s birth month.


Hand Stamped Jewelry

It would be much meaningful and fun to create a jewelry for your mom by yourself. And the top pick one is the hand stamped jewelry. You can stamp the words that you want to tell your mom in the blank stamping tag charms.

The jewelry gift ideas for Mothers’ Day are endless. Here are some other DIY jewelry ideas for Mothers’ Day that we shared last week. Have a look at them and you will get fresh ideas.

Image sources: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/58828338852392574



How To Purchase Your Jewelry Making Supplies

Jewelry makers just could not do without superior and dependable jewelry making supplies. The truth remains that the excellence of the jewelry you are capable to make mainly depends on the excellence of the jewelry supplies you are capable to get. If the supplies are of superior quality, then the finished product would also be of superior quality. For you to be capable to make evolution in the jewelry making business, you require to cut a place for yourself as an excellence jewelry maker. If you are revealed to construct poor quality jewelry your customers might desert you and you would soon be out of industry. All you require to do is to investigate well for your supplies as well as buy simply from dependable sites.

How could you get jewelry supplies?

Many outlets are selling such supplies out there nowadays. Find out how dependable what they sell is. Read up review about them to have an apparent idea of what to anticipate from them. If you desire to make diverse types of beads like wooden beads, glass beads, or else even gem stone beads, discover if these outlets could offer you top of the line material for such beads as well as also discover if they give the services they present at a dependable price. If they do not provide you what you desire at the requisite price, it might be better to support another channel for the jewelry making supplies you require. There are so numerous of them out there these days and you would not have difficulty in locating another as well as reliable supplier you could work with.

Jewelry Making Supplies

Jewelry Making Supplies

Buy quality jewelry making supplies

You must however not be blind by cheap cost of purchase the jewelry making supplies. Since the supplies are inexpensive does not mean you have land yourself an excellent deal. The cheap ones might actually be of extremely poor quality and using such poor quality material will simply spoil your work as well as scare your customers away. If you are building gemstone beads for instance, never expect to purchase its materials at an inexpensive rate.

Jewelry Making Supplies

Jewelry Making Supplies

Before you place your order for jewelry making supplies, take several times to outline the thing you will require for making the jewels. Outline them on a paper to make sure you do not lose out any of the significant items. This would make your work faster as well as easier a good deal.

Bridal Wedding Jewelry DIY

DIY Wedding Jewelry Tutorials

DIY Wedding Jewelry Tutorial

Spring is such a wonderful season to hold wedding. It’s all about rebirth and start your new life with someone your love together in the rest years. So are you getting a wedding coming up? Do you plan to buy wedding jewelry or DIY some accessories? Well, I highly suggest you to make DIY wedding jewelry and accessories by yourself if you truly want something unique and memorable for your big day! And those bridesmaid jewelry can be handmade, too. They will surely appreciate your consideration and ingenuity. With these above great DIY ideas, I believe you can create something more stunning! Just keep in mind, nice, high quality jewelry making supplies will make the design more gorgeous!