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Top 5 Mothers’ Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

Getting ready for the coming Mother’s day with some stunning jewelry accessories, your mom will surely love it so much! I’d make a metal stamped necklace dangling her favorite beads on! What will you make for her?

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Mothers’ Day 2015 is coming soon; it’s a great day honoring our dear moms. Do remember to tell your mom that you love her so much and boldly express your love to her. Usually we will send flowers and gifts like a box of chocolate, a card, jewelry and so on to mom in this day. These are really classic routines and you will cheer your mom up. And the chocolate are easy to choose as you can just pick your mom’s favorite taste, while it is not easy as well to choose the jewelry. If you are looking for jewelry gifts for Mothers’ Day, this is the right place for you. We have collected the top 5 jewelry gifts ideas for Mothers’ Day this year, from heart pendants, pearl jewelry to handmade stapmimg jewelry.

Heart Pendants

Heart-shaped jewelry is a great way to show your love to your moms as the heart is the symbol of Love! No more words, this kind of jewelry gifts express your love directly! This is why  heart pendant necklace is definitely the top picked jewelry gifts for Mothers’ Day.

Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry is elegant and timeless, which is a classic jewelry routine for Mother’s Day. Any kind of pearl bracelets, pearl earrings or pearl necklace are fine.

 Shamballa Bracelets

Shamballa bracelets are the popular jewelry in the fashion trend. Moms would be glad to get a fashionable shamballa bracelet as gift and it is a top pick too.

Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone, a gemstone that symbolizes the month of birth, is mysterious.  And different birthstone represent different months. For example, the birth stone for July is Ruby, while Opal represent October. You can choose the gemstone that symbolizes the month of your mom’s birth month.


Hand Stamped Jewelry

It would be much meaningful and fun to create a jewelry for your mom by yourself. And the top pick one is the hand stamped jewelry. You can stamp the words that you want to tell your mom in the blank stamping tag charms.

The jewelry gift ideas for Mothers’ Day are endless. Here are some other DIY jewelry ideas for Mothers’ Day that we shared last week. Have a look at them and you will get fresh ideas.

Image sources: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/58828338852392574




Glam Rock Pendant Necklace

Just saw this fabulous pendant necklace on pinterest.com and thought you guys would love this too! Check the easy steps on this pic and try your own! Oh, why not go agate hunting in such a warm spring first? LOL~~~

Other supplies you’ll need are:
Golden chain
Jewelry wire
Jump rings
Lobster claw clasps

Candy Color Flower Necklace

Did you smell spring in the air? I definitely feel it! So here, I want to share with you a funny colorful DIY necklace. Will it make you miss the warm comfortable spring or summer time? You can surely replace the pink and yellow acrylic beads to other spring themed colors if you like! Enjoy!

pink beaded necklace


More jewelry tutorial, please visit here.

Beautiful Turquoise Necklace Design

turquiose bead necklace design

Ooooh, I love turquoise beads. I can’t explain how excited when I saw this beautiful turquoise necklace! The irregular shaped turquoise beads, shinny black glass beads and little golden alloy beads make the whole design so charming. You can see it’s just a very basic beading design, however the colors match so well. Are you new to jewelry making? If yes, you can definitely try this beading pattern by repeat threading the beads 6-1-4. Full tutorial is here.  I would love to see what you do with this easy pattern!

Never miss more jewelry & accessories, happy beading!

Spring Idea: Wire Wrapped Pendant

Getting freezing cold these days? You may want something to light up your eyes! Just try this wire & bead pendant! Simple wire wrapping around opaque green acrylic beads to become a fresh pendant! Love it?

Try with the easy steps below:
1st, loop the wire center with round nose and slide through green beads
2nd, wrap both wires upwardly and form an oval shape
3rd, wrap one wire end around the other and cut off excess wire, then loop the longer wire end
4th, start wrapping tiger tail wire around the inner loop until you finish the upper oval.

I think the picture can well explain how to make it. Happy making!

spring necklace

More tutorials from: LC learning center

Fashionable Spike Jewelry Round Up~

If DIY-ing ordinary beaded jewelry bore you now, here’s something new for you! Spike jewelry, subtle yet edgy accessories, which are absolutely necessary for your wardrobe. These simple, totally wearable pieces can definitely worth a try. Let’s start with the first one!

Spiked and Braided Bracelet
1, Braided spike bracelet out of old t-shirt. Pretty cute, hah?

Spike Earrings
2, Spike earrings: a mix of bohemian, geometric shape, metals with a splash of color, make perfect for many outfits.

wood spike
3, The combination of wood beads, spikes, and hex nut. So creative!~ BEAD AND HARDWARE BRACELET

Spiked Barrett
4,  Absolutely fast way to cute hair, simple and chic! ~Spiked Barrett

spiked bangle
5, Simply glue the spikes on the tiny bangles and wrap some embroidery floss~ DIY: BANGLE BRACELETS

pearl spike
6, Spike necklace with pearls! Definitely love this mix of soft and hard. You?

Have you whipped up any rock-roll style jewelry with spikes? Do let us know in the comment below!

For more ideas, kindly visit: Fashion Jewelry

Woven Beaded Necklace

Woven Beaded Necklace

I came across this gorgeous woven necklace while browsing DIY jewelry patterns online. I was impressed by this color combo, just wonderful! It’s super easy to make. Just prepare whatever colors of seed beads and thread them into strands and weave! Can’t wait to rock out your own colors? LOL~

Buy jewelry making supplies and let’s get started with details here!

Chain&Ribbon Necklaces

These easy DIY chain&ribbon necklaces are from angela aiello. I love the soft and hard design idea, combining pink girly ribbon bows with silver metallic chain and pendant. So creative yet pretty. No complicated jewelry making skills needed, all you do is connect the links, pendants with chains, add the pink bowknot. If you love this ideas, go get the jewelry making supplies and have a try!

chain & ribbon jewelry

chain & ribbon jewelry

6 Wood Beaded Jewelry Crafts You Should Try

If you prefer the rustic, simple look for accessories, I recommend you to DIY jewelry pieces with wood beads. They are natural bead materials that will give your design wild look. You can even paint it the way you like. Check the following wood bead design and get some inspiration now!

Wooden Bead Necklace

Wooden bead necklace by mysocalledcraftylife: Thread these painted wood beads on any chain, wire, thread or ribbon. Wooden Bead Bracelet

Wooden bead bracelet by erinsiegeljewelry: Another rosary wood beaded jewelry piece, can be worn as necklace or bracelet. 77a3a83277372a11bc209b358cc54e4f Wood bead ring by SimplyWireWrapped: this can be bought directly on SimplyWireWrapped.

Wood Beaded Earrings

Wood bead earrings by LC Pandahall: Make wood bead dangles and attach them on jump rings. Wood Beaded Hand Piece

Wood bead hand piece by typicalhousecat: Love this boho style?Wooden bead key chain

Wood bead key chain by craftandcreativity: How about making a wood bead key chain?

Any of the above design attract you? Or you may create some more gorgeous works with wood beads! Happy making!