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DIY Colorful Bracelet with Seed Beads and Jade Beads

Do you love the following colorful seed bead bracelet? Wanna learn how to make it? Collect some 2-holse seed beads, white abacus jade beads, golden seed beads, golden spring clasps and golden jump rings, and let’s get started~
2-hole-seed-bead-jewelry-how-to-make-a-colorful-2-hole-seed-bead-flower-bracelet680330Supplies you’ll need in making the colorful bracelet:
2-Hole Seed Beads
8x6mm White Abacus Jade Beads
2mm Golden Seed Beads
Golden Spring Clasps
Golden Jump Rings
0.2mm White Fishing Wire
Stainless-Steel Scissor
2-hole-seed-bead-jewelry-how-to-make-a-colorful-2-hole-seed-bead-flower-bracelet6004001Instructions on how to make the colorful bracelet:
Step 1: Make the basic bead pattern of the colorful bracelet
Firstly, add a golden spring clasp to the middle of 280cm wire. Then, add 10 golden seed beads and a white jade bead. Then, make some knots with the wire;
Secondly, add 8 orange 2-hole seed beads and 2 golden seed beads. Then, combine them together by crossing the wire through the white jade bead and the golden seed beads;
Thirdly, add golden seed beads and cross the wire through the other hole of the orange 2-hole seed beads.
2-hole-seed-bead-jewelry-how-to-make-a-colorful-2-hole-seed-bead-flower-bracelet6004002Step 2: Make the rest part of the colorful bracelet
Firstly, refer to the above steps to make a blue bead pattern;
2-hole-seed-bead-jewelry-how-to-make-a-colorful-2-hole-seed-bead-flower-bracelet6004003Secondly, refer to the above steps to make 7 more bead patterns. Then, make a golden seed beads loop and add a golden jump ring.
2-hole-seed-bead-jewelry-how-to-make-a-colorful-2-hole-seed-bead-flower-bracelet6004004Well, let’s see the final look of the colorful bracelet.
2-hole-seed-bead-jewelry-how-to-make-a-colorful-2-hole-seed-bead-flower-bracelet600400This colorful bracelet is attractive. Once you gasp the basic pattern, you’ll find it’s a piece of cake to make the whole bracelet. If you’re interested in this colorful bracelet, you can give it a try!


DIY Stylish Bracelet with Safety Pin and Seed Beads

Hello there! Today I’m going to share you a tutorial on how to make a stylish bracelet with safety pins and pretty seed beads, hope you’ll like the creative design!

DIY Stylish Bracelet with Safety Pin and Seed Beads 1

To make this cool bracelet, you need to prepare:
4mm Blue and Clear Seed Beads
Crystal Thread
Iron Safety Pins
0.2mm Transparent Fishing Thread

DIY Stylish Bracelet with Safety Pin and Seed Beads 2

How to make the safety pin bracelet:
Step 1: Slide six blue seed beads and two clear seed beads onto a safety pin and close the pin.
Step 2: Slide eight seed beads onto a safety pin, close the pin.
Step 3: Prepare as many beading safety pins as you need.
Step 4: Cut two pieces of crystal threads, cross them through the ends of the safety pins, tie all the pins together and cut off extra threads.

DIY Stylish Bracelet with Safety Pin and Seed Beads 3


DIY Stylish Bracelet with Safety Pin and Seed Beads 4

And here is how it looks like when you’re wearing it:

DIY Stylish Bracelet with Safety Pin and Seed Beads 5

It looks pretty cool right? And it’s quite easy to make! If you like it, have a nice try! Happy crafting~