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Standing Out From The Rest With Wooden Beads

There are many ways of standing out from the rest. One of the surest ways is wearing a unique ornament made from say wooden beads. Wooden beads are classy and come in different varieties serving different purpose ranging from necklaces to earrings to hair wear. Wooden bead are also incorporated in dressing rendering traditional fashions such as the African fashion or raster design that are very adorable. Beads are made colored or can simply be made to expose the different pattern that come natural with the type of wood used. Such patterns as wavy grains and colored sports can be polished enhancing the entire appearance of the bead thus bringing out the beauty of nature.


Different patterns are displayed by different species of trees examples being:

  • Bayong-the bayong grows naturally in the Philippines. It displays a warm red-brown color that come naturally with a lovely grain pattern that is visible. These beads are normally sewed together making a long chain jewelry.
  • Ebony- these are typically hardwoods with tight grains and having a dark color variations that are polished with different shades of polish creating beautiful pearls that can get you into any form of beauty contest and deliver glorious victory.
  • Patikan and palm woods-these wooden beads come with exotic grain pattern consisting of parallel grain markings that go all the way through the bead piece to the other side of the sphere creating lovely spot end. They make beautiful patterns if finely polished. These species include several palm trees like coconut but the best grows in Philippines.

These are just but few examples of the choices you have all across the globe.


Reasons why should choose wooden beads over other types of beads

Wooden beads are entirely natural, natural symbolizes culture and with culture, one can pass across different hidden massages just by virtue of wearing the wooden beads jewelry.

Another very important factor to put into consideration is the weight. Being wooden beads, it means they are very light in weight. Jewelry doesn’t have to be heavy, just picture wearing a heavy earring, pushing up to over ten grams on your earlobes; these can get very unpleasant and can lead you into regrets.

Wooden beads can easily be paired with other metals and stone creating a nice pattern. These in return lowers the weight of the jewelry and add organic appeal.


Light On Wooden Beads And Their Use

Beads are a very important part of the art and fashion industry. Creative artists create beautiful articles using the beads. Beads are of many types like glass beads, wooden beads, stone beads, bugle beads, crystal beads etc. these beads are used for the making jewellery making and many craft pieces. Today in this article we are going to talk about the wooden beads, their existence and their uses in the industry.


Wooden beads as the name suggest they are made of wood and come in different sizes. There is no specific history of beads as they are as old as the wood. No one knows who used the wooden beads first. Wooden beads can be made of any wood. But some trees have a better quality of wood than others. Olive tree wood makes fine quality if wood. It is because the wood of olive grows dark with time and carves very good designs naturally. Rosewood is also a good choice for making beads. Sandalwood is also used for making beads as it has a good fragrance and is very light weight. Making of beads requires patience as it takes time and good concentration carving beads from wood.

Uses of Beads:


Wooden beads are extensively used in making jewellery. Crafted jewellery is in a casual fashion. People all over the world wear wooden jewellery. They are light weight and tougher than the other types of beads. They can be easily polished and can easily be painted.


Religious articles:

The sandalwood is used to make the praying beads in various religions like the Hindus, Christians, Muslims. These beads have good fragrance and are very light weight. This makes them ideal for the prayer beads.

Decorative material:

Wooden beads for being lightweight and durable are used in making of the various home decorations articles. These beads have various size of holes in them without compromising their durability.

Other various uses of the wooden beads are in the making of various crafted items like buttons, bead toys etc. In the earlier day’s beads were used in the Abacus which was the first computing device.

These beads can be found out in various types, shapes and sizes like painted beads, silver wood beads, flower beads, cubes shaped beads, round medium beads etc.

How Wooden Beads Are Obtained, And Its Uses

Beads made of wood were utilized as a part of the principal registering gear called Abacus. These beads are widely utilized as by the Hindus for prayers. Wooden beads are as old as the wood accessible to people. It has been in presence for millenniums on this planet. The making of wooden beads is an awesome work. It requires high persistence and moderate working stamina. It is conceivable the making of a wooden globule at the spot of a woodworker in the past would be one of the nuts and bolts of passing the apprenticeship. Since the wood carvers utilize an assortment of woods, the same are accessible in a large group of shapes, hues, and sizes.


Types of trees from which wooden beads are obtained:

The different varieties of trees give various types of wood to cutting like

  • Sandalwood,
  • rosewood,
  • bamboo,
  • ironwood

are a portion of the case of the wood utilized for cutting beads. The wood of these trees is utilized for the uncommon grainy normal scratching in the wood gave by nature itself. There are a few trees like the shoe that are utilized for making beads for the aroma of the wood.  The olive tree gives the heartwood for making excellent beads. It has a characteristic red grain that obscures with age and makes delightful outlines of its own. The rosewood is a superb wood for beads because of its dim grains that show up vigorously on finishing or sanding.


Wooden beads Usage:

The wooden beads are widely utilized for making adornments. These are light weight, can be effortlessly painted and cleaned. The wooden beads can have bigger openings than some other material without trading off its sturdiness. This makes the wooden beads perfect for utilizing an assortment of hanging material. The wooden dab can be blended with different sorts of beads to make beautiful gems plans. There are a few planners who attempt to locate their own particular sort of wood to make their mark beads well known everywhere throughout the world. The wooden beads for making adornments are accessible in various shapes, hues and sizes.

Buying options:

At the point when purchasing wooden beads, some great spots to go are the online dot shops. Obviously you can buy them likewise from the neighborhood retail dab and specialty stores, however, hope to get constrained decisions and higher costs. Purchasing your beads and other adornments making supplies wholesale is fitting; it spares you a great deal of cash, as well as permits you to pick diverse shapes and sizes of the things that you require. Retail locations don’t offer you that.

Top Tips of Choosing High Quality Wooden Beads

There are number things that you must put into consideration when it comes to choosing wooden beads. While some will apply to all manner of beads, there are others that are only subject to the wood types. To begin with, these are the kind of beads that when well chosen offer pretty high utility value. Therefore, make it a point to know the kind of tree that the beads are made of. Importantly, determine their finishing and the number of beads that each strand contains. If you do this, then definitely you will not only save money but get the best possible quality on the market.

wooden beads 2


It equally important to note that wooden beads can be used for several purposes-and this is one thing that you should have in mind before parting with your hard-earned money. For instance, you can choose these kinds of beads for Christmas ornaments, kid crafts, abacus making, scrap booking, as well as making high quality jewelry. If you are looking for some materials to use for decorating key chains, then wooden beads will help you a great deal. Do not hesitate to ask for expert help, especially in regard to things to do with quality.

Size of wooden Beads

The size of these beads will definitely vary based on purpose or function they are created for. If you are thinking of sizes; you can choose the 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, or opt for the 20mm size. It’s all a matter of likes and preference, too. It is highly recommended that you choose a size that will make it easier for you to work and not chock your creativity juice. Additionally, see to it that size is not a hindrance to the jewelry making process. All in all, always consult with reputable online sellers so that you get something that is tailored to your unique needs.

wooden beads 1

Key Facts

It is highly recommended you understand how to choose the best beads in order to come up with beautiful jewelry. In regard to wooden beads, always have in mind the following key facts;

  • Choose beads from quality woods to get the best end product.
  • Always choose a great design to make it easier for you to work on any project.
  • Color choice is integral part of buying these beads so it should never be over looked in anyway.

If you consider the above mentioned factors, you are guaranteed of state-of-the-art piece of jewelry.

A Brief About Different Types Of Beads

Beaded adornments are quite famous amongst the people since they are simple and easy to customize as per the requirement. Bead crafters can make a wide assortment of various sorts of gems, including wrist trinkets, hoops, armbands, anklets, etc. To buy them you can visit Pandahall and avail the beads at an affordable price.

wooden beads 1

Variety of Regular Beads

Bead crafters can discover regular beads in a wide assortment of completions and materials. Here is a list of beads which you can easily buy from Pandahall:

  • Pearl Beads

Pearl beads are frequently real pearls with threading openings bored into them. Others are made of clean glass or plastic that has been done to look like pearls. These dots can be entirely costly, particularly if the dabs are produced using genuine pearls.

  • Plastic Beads

Plastic beads are modest and lightweight, and they for the most part don’t look extremely proficient. They are frequently utilized by new bead crafters and can be made in an assortment of shapes and sizes.

  • Metal Beads

Metal beads are can be plated with silver or gold, making them exceptionally costly. These dabs take into account unpredictable points of interest and are regularly used to make vintage gems.

wooden beads 2

Wooden beads are reasonable and simple to utilize. Some are recolored or waxed while others are painted. Wooden beads are extremely lightweight and include a rural or characteristic feeling of a piece.

  • Glass Beads

Glass beads are flexible and moderately reasonable. They can be made in a wide range of hues and levels of straightforwardness, permitting crafters to build changed pieces. They can give the sparkle and shimmer of more costly globules without breaking a dab crafter’s financial plan.

  • Gemstone Beads

Gemstone beads are created to take after gemstones. Some are produced using semi precious stones, yet other gemstone globules are really produced using plastic or glass.

A couple of uses, and tips to work with the Wooden Beads

  • Balance – Since wood is so light, you can also include some of the ceramic beads or stones to add a little weight to your adornments. For bracelets include maybe a couple of substantial wooden beads at the base of the bracelet so the back of the design will stay weighted on your wrist. Furthermore, for neckbands, include a couple of heavier pieces on the inside so the accessory doesn’t move around excessively.
  • Larger and Irregular Holes – haul out spacer beads to cover bigger gaps. Attempt flat copper spacers to cover bigger openings. Use round metal beads that are 2-4mm in size to keep wood beads lying easily while you wear it.
  • Add some color – Mix in a pop of brilliant shading to your gems to offset the dim wood.
  • Use it in Asymmetrical way – For a modern and latest look you can arrange them in an asymmetrical way.

Advantages Of Making Jewelry With Wood Beads

Numerous species of wood have been used for beads because the grain of the wood is attractive or because the wood is perfumed. These comprise olive, sandalwood, ironwood, bamboo, ebony, palm, pear, apple, and rose, etc. can be used to make wood beads.


Woods being amazing for jewelry

The extensive variety of wood workers and woods make for an amazing variety of forms, sizes, and types of wood beads, which are high-quality components for craft job like jewelry making. They can be used to create necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings, anklets and additional types of jewelry pieces.

Wood beads are extensively available and they come at very sensible prices. They used to be ignored because their possible for jewelry craft had not yet been discovered. Now that their aptness has been understood they have become among the mainly sought after supplies for making jewelry and accessories.


How to make wood jewelry

Making wood beads yourself is not hard. Though, the process is involved is boring. Painting the wood beads also make them colorful and appropriate for all sorts of decorate projects, temporarily, gives some protection from scuffing or scratching.

As talk about before, the plain wood beads limit your clothing and decorating choices. Thus, choose the proper wood beads for jewels making turns to be vitally significant, for there are tons of diverse wood beads since tons of different types of plan. Whatever, find a good dealer on wood beads will make you half done with the means of jewelry making.

Various uses of wood beads

They are also currently being used as hair accessories. They are used in braids, generally at the end or at the beginning and are part of an exclusive hairstyle or hairdo. They are accessible in numerous sizes and shapes that can be used to emphasize diverse hairstyles.

They are also used in one simple but vast idea; in making light pulls. Instead of using a normal string with an ornament at the end for easier holding and pulling of the switch, wooden beads are used. They can also be used for a ceiling fan switch. These are far better-looking than conservative pulls and are exclusive to you.

Wood beads are generally plain, but you can paint them to make them seem brighter and attractive. This is a fun action you can do with the family or with your friends.

Wood beads come in diverse types. This is because there are dissimilar types of trees. Wood beads come usually from apple trees, &, pear and ebony among many others. These trees have convinced characteristics that give the reasons why the beads are made from them. Several trees make your beads perfumed, some long, lasting and the others good-looking.

Using Wooden Beads In Your Jewelry Designs

If you have been trying to consider of a way that you could take the jewelry that you generate, and make this a little more ‘up market’, then switching to wooden beads may just give this the lift that you have been in search of. So, how do you choose the beads that would be right for your subsequent item of jewelry.

Different types of beads

As you will know, there are diverse types of beads that you could use, and some look far better than others do, while you stand back plus look at your refined work of art. In adding up to wooden beads, you can acquire bone beads, shell beads, seed beads, and obviously, glass bead. Ultimately, the beads you choose to go for must reflect the style plus the quality of finish that you are hoping to attain with your jewelry.

Wooden Beads

Wooden Beads

Certainly, no matter how they might look at the time, there are definite beads that you should evade at all costs. Plastic beads might seem like a superior idea, but they’re connected with jewelry shaped by kids, which isn’t the kind of vibe that you desire to give people, particularly if you’re hoping to trade your jewelry.

For example, you might alternate round wooden beads with cube shaped beads. Or, perhaps you could space the round plus dice shaped beads out with a tube bead, or else a football stick wooden bead? As you could see, the shapes accessible to you must give you sufficient scope to come about with unique design each time; add in diverse colors and you could make variations of the similar theme.

Wooden Beads

Wooden Beads

Wooden beads are of high quality

When it comes to really buying the beads that you will require to keep in stock, you might find that beads finished of wood are no more costly than the other type of beads on the market. Wood beads might not be as inexpensive as the plastic ones, however you know the old saying that ‘you acquire what you pay for’, and the older supply of plastic bead that you have might be a good way of receiving the next generation of jewels making talent happening in your family.

When it comes correct down to it, using wooden beads in your jewelry design will be cost effectual, and more prominently, it’s going to provide you a chance to be more imaginative than several of the other type of beads will. Now is the time to hit the web sites, and locate the beads that are going to obtain your jewelry designing industry in a whole new direction.

Wood Bead Bracelet

I love this easy handmade bracelet,  the color matches of neon silk cord and natural wood beads are just beautiful. Nylon cords are always favored by kids. They use colorful threads to braid interesting crafts like friendship bracelets, cute hanging stuffs.  But it is paired up with black wood beads in this bracelet. The simple combination looks so stylish.

1, silk cord
2, wood beads
1 - step by step bracelet @linesacross

1st, cut cord of 3 feet long, fold it in half and tie an overhand knot. (Leave a loop slightly larger than wood bead.)
2nd, add a dab of glue on the end of cord to make it easier to thread through wood beads
3rd, add beads by looping one cord through one side of the bead, and the other cord through the other side of the same bead. (Remember to pull the cord tightly.)
4th, repeat the process until you get the ideal length, and tie knot on last bead.
5th, thread another bead through both ends and tie knot to secure it.
1 - stack bracelets wood neon @linesacross

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