Making Chic Cluster Pearl Beaded Earrings with Heart Beads

Hey body, do you love handmade cluster earrings? Next I will share a pair pearl beaded earrings with you all. There are teal glass pearl beads, pink pearl beads and heart acrylic beads in the chic beaded earrings, and I think you will fall in love with them.
Supplies you’ll need in making the cluster beaded earrings:
12mm Pink Glass Pearl Beads
6mm Pink Glass Pearl Beads
6mm Teal Glass Pearl Beads
Heart Acrylic Beads
Flower Bead Caps
Earring Hooks
Eye Pins
Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutter Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers
Step 1: Slide a 12MM pink pearl bead, 7 6mm teal pearl beads, a flower bead cap and a 6mm pink pearl bead to 2 eye pins respectively, then make a loop at the other end of the eye pins.
Step 2: Slide 5 teal pearl beads to a head pin and make a loop at the other end of it.
Step 3: Attach the teal pearl bead pattern to the bead cap, then make other more such bead patterns with teal pearl beads and attach them to the bead cap one by one.
Step 4: Hang a heart acrylic bead on bottom of the bead dangles.
Step 5: Attach an earring hook to each pearl beaded dangle, then the cluster beads earrings are finished yet!
You have to see, making such a pair of chic pearls earrings is a creative idea, and the final work is quite successful. Hope you like this pair of handmade pearl beads earrings and have a nice try! Good luck~

How Wooden Beads Are Obtained, And Its Uses

Beads made of wood were utilized as a part of the principal registering gear called Abacus. These beads are widely utilized as by the Hindus for prayers. Wooden beads are as old as the wood accessible to people. It has been in presence for millenniums on this planet. The making of wooden beads is an awesome work. It requires high persistence and moderate working stamina. It is conceivable the making of a wooden globule at the spot of a woodworker in the past would be one of the nuts and bolts of passing the apprenticeship. Since the wood carvers utilize an assortment of woods, the same are accessible in a large group of shapes, hues, and sizes.


Types of trees from which wooden beads are obtained:

The different varieties of trees give various types of wood to cutting like

  • Sandalwood,
  • rosewood,
  • bamboo,
  • ironwood

are a portion of the case of the wood utilized for cutting beads. The wood of these trees is utilized for the uncommon grainy normal scratching in the wood gave by nature itself. There are a few trees like the shoe that are utilized for making beads for the aroma of the wood.  The olive tree gives the heartwood for making excellent beads. It has a characteristic red grain that obscures with age and makes delightful outlines of its own. The rosewood is a superb wood for beads because of its dim grains that show up vigorously on finishing or sanding.


Wooden beads Usage:

The wooden beads are widely utilized for making adornments. These are light weight, can be effortlessly painted and cleaned. The wooden beads can have bigger openings than some other material without trading off its sturdiness. This makes the wooden beads perfect for utilizing an assortment of hanging material. The wooden dab can be blended with different sorts of beads to make beautiful gems plans. There are a few planners who attempt to locate their own particular sort of wood to make their mark beads well known everywhere throughout the world. The wooden beads for making adornments are accessible in various shapes, hues and sizes.

Buying options:

At the point when purchasing wooden beads, some great spots to go are the online dot shops. Obviously you can buy them likewise from the neighborhood retail dab and specialty stores, however, hope to get constrained decisions and higher costs. Purchasing your beads and other adornments making supplies wholesale is fitting; it spares you a great deal of cash, as well as permits you to pick diverse shapes and sizes of the things that you require. Retail locations don’t offer you that.

Handmade Green Pearl Beaded Bracelet DIY

How do you think pearl bead bracelet? As for me, I think pearl bracelet designs are always elegant and chic, and I love DIY pearl bead bracelet. Today I will show a green pearl bead bracelet to you all, hope you will like it.
Pearl Bracelet Design-How to Make a Green Pearl Bead Bracelet zhu-1
Suppliers you’ll need in making the handmade pearls bracelet:
2mm Seed Beads
4mm White Pearl Beads
6mm Green Pearl Beads
Tiger Tail
Silver Slide Lock Clasps
Jump Rings
Diagonal Plier
Needle Nose Plier
Pearl Bracelet Design-How to Make a Green Pearl Bead Bracelet 0
Step 1: Cut a part of tiger tail wire (with a length about 60cm), slide 4 seed beads, a white pearl bead and 4 seed beads in sequence to the wire, then add a green pearl bead to both ends of the wire.
Step 2: Slide 4 seed beads to the upper end of the wire, then cross it through the white pearl bead and slide 4 seed beads to it again.
Pearl Bracelet Design-How to Make a Green Pearl Bead Bracelet 1
Step 3: Cross the left wire through the last seed bead on the right wire, then slide 3 seed beads, a white pearl bead and 3 seed beads in sequence to this wire, and then cross the wire through the seed bead adjacent the green pearl bead as pictured.
Pearl Bracelet Design-How to Make a Green Pearl Bead Bracelet
Step 4: Slide a green pearl bead and 4 seed beads to the wire, then cross it through the white pearl bead and slide 4 seed beads to it.
Step 5: Slide a green pearl bead to the other wire and then cross it through the last seed bead.
Pearl Bracelet Design-How to Make a Green Pearl Bead Bracelet 3
Step 6: Repeat above steps to make other more bead patterns as pictured until the length is fit to you.
Pearl Bracelet Design-How to Make a Green Pearl Bead Bracelet 4
Step 7: Cut off the excess wires and attach slide lock clasps to both ends of the bracelet with jump rings.
Pearl Bracelet Design-How to Make a Green Pearl Bead Bracelet 5
Pearl Bracelet Design-How to Make a Green Pearl Bead Bracelet zhu-2
Now this DIY pearl beads bracelet is finished, do you like it? You need only learn to make the first 2 bead patterns, then all the bracelet can be made easily. So do you wanna have a try?

Jewelry Making Supplies For Affordable And Beautiful Necklaces

Everyone deserves to look good. Jewelry making supplies are here to ensure your satisfaction and that you have the best necklace. It doesn’t matter whether you are a master trinket crafter or a complete beginner; it is very easy to make your own beautiful necklaces. You will find everything required to make beautiful necklaces. Find plenty of necklace making ideas and inspiration from our supplies.

Necklace kits under the jewelry making supplies


Jewelry making supplies provides you with the following kits for your beautiful necklaces;

  • Rico Rocailles Silver Necklace
  • Darice Layered Looks Rhinestone Jewellery Making Kit 9 Pack
  • Darice Layered Looks Nautical Jewellery Making Kit 9 Pack
  • Darice Layered Looks Love Jewellery Making Kit 6 Pack
  • Darice Layered Looks Chevron Jewellery Making Kit 6 Pack
  • Darice Layered Looks Hipster Jewellery Making Kit 9 Pack
  • Striking Tassel Kit

How to make your necklace with jewelry making supplies


To create a gorgeous necklace with the Darice Looks Jewellery Making Kit, you need a pair of wire pliers, wire cutters, and a ruler to create three-tier necklace using the charms in the kit, three chains and one set of lobster claw clasps. Use the pliers to cut the chains into the preferred size, use the charms included to creating a gorgeous pattern.

Jewelry making supplies also give you the Striking Tassel Kit that includes antique gold-coloured chains, jewelry findings, tassels, glass beads, and instructions. This kit is great for beginners. The set of instructions in the kit is easy to follow and come up with a sparkling beautiful necklace with the beautiful blend of nomadic colors. The pack will require sets of wire cutters, two flat nosed plies, round nose pliers and a pair of scissors.

Darice Layered Looks Jewellery Making Kit from Jewellery making supplies contains three chains, three charms and a set of lobster claps to help you make a combined stunning necklace. You will need a pair of wires pliers, wire cutters to create a three tier necklace. First cut to preferred size and then create a gorgeous pattern with the charms. Each necklace is about 50cm so you have ample room to create your own trend.

Jewelry making supplies provide you with Tile Art Necklaces that includes jewelry findings, stencil, scissors, cotton jewelry cords and 3 gift boxes. This kit can help you turn ceramic tiles into an amazing art necklace.

Making Lovely DIY Plant Décor Crafts for Your House

Searching for lovely DIY home décor ornaments? Look here! Today I will share glass décor crafts with you guy. They are quite easy to make, but they are so simple in making, so just follow me to have a look~
Easy DIY Home Décor Ideas -How to Make Glass Bead Plant Décor Crafts680330
Supplies you’ll need in making the DIY plants décor:
4mm Round Pearl Beads
2x1mm White Half Round Pearl Cabochons
30mm Clear Blown Glass Globe Beads
Glue Gun
Easy DIY Home Décor Ideas -How to Make Glass Bead Plant Décor Crafts6004001
Step 1: Put a leaf, some white pearl cabochons and white pearl beads to a 30mm clear glass globe bead, then glue the a green pearl bead to both holes of the glass globe bead respectively as pictured.
Easy DIY Home Décor Ideas -How to Make Glass Bead Plant Décor Crafts1600400
Step 2: Prepare some green grasses and put them into a clear glass globe bead, then glue a red pearl bead to both sides of the glass globe bead respectively as pictured.
Easy DIY Home Décor Ideas -How to Make Glass Bead Plant Décor Crafts2600300
Step 3: Prepare some dry grasses, and make them into small pieces, Put several pieces of dry branches into a clear glass globe bead and glue a yellow pearl bead to both sides of the glass globe bead respectively as pictured.
Easy DIY Home Décor Ideas -How to Make Glass Bead Plant Décor Crafts3600300
Easy DIY Home Décor Ideas -How to Make Glass Bead Plant Décor Crafts600400
Now, the cute glass bead home décor crafts are finished with a short time, do you love them? You can also hang them with string as wind chime, or place them at table, or any other places you like, and I think it will be a nice sight. All the materials and tools are so easy and common to see, so do you wanna join me to make some plant home décor crafts yourself?

The Exotic Wooden Beads That Make You Look Chic And Classy

Beads are small pieces of stones or glass or similar type of material that are used for making ornaments, accessories or rosary. These beads can also be sewn on fabrics to make it more lovely and appealing. There are numerous types of beads available say wooden beads, acrylic beads, glass beads, metal beads, resin beads, lampwork beads, gemstone beads and many more. A few types of wooden beads are as follows


These are the handcrafted striking beads which are of high quality and are made of natural material. The beads are engraved through hand that gives a natural look to the accessories. The wooden beads and pendants are carved from numerous types of wood which makes you chic when you wear these ornaments.

Alphabet type wooden beads

The alphabet wooden beads help you to send the messages you wanted to share to your loved ones. The imprinted letter of the alphabet on the wooden piece enhances the visual attention to your choice of jewelry designs.  Every letter is imprinted by laser on different types of wood. There is small hole on the bead through which you can use an elastic thread for making a bracelet or a necklace.


Lovely animal wooden beads

These beads are starfish shaped beads that give you the cute girl look when you wear them. These beads also serve as gift ideas for Children’s Day. Gift these lovely beads to the children and you are certain to surprise them on this special day. These are lead-free beads which are yellow in color and have a small hole in the center for use of elastic thread in order to make the necessary ornaments that you desire to wear.

There are also the fish shaped beads that are of cute different colors. These are available in pink, yellow, blue, and green, orange, red and all colors. Make lovely ornaments like earrings, bracelets or necklace with these beads and make your children look classy with matching accessories on any occasion.

Round wooden beads

These are incredible beads that are light weight and are fashionable. These beads can be matched with jumprings or hooks which can be made into jumprings, earrings, bracelets or necklaces. Painted in fancy colors, the round beads don’t look like wood beads. It gives you the style and makes you stand out on any event or occasion. Made from Burlywood, the beads contain a small hole in the center and are lead free


The gems in jewelry making supplies that are required for making adornments are essentially gems wire, dabs and discoveries. You should dependably be watchful for top notch jewelry making supplies when acquiring. This will be the main surety for concocting the best and most alluring adornments. The accompanying tips will offer you the right rule for acquiring supplies to make adornments.


In Jewelry Making Supply, Jewelry wire is as selected in as following characteristics

  • metal
  • copper
  • silver and silver-plated
  • Gold, gold-plated or gold-filled wires.

This wire is sold in a few sizes, called gages, with the bigger gage wire being littler in distance across. For making gems the most well-known gages are 16-22 gage. Above numbered gage are utilized, yet less habitually. For associating wire parts with the wrapped globule join, habitually 22 gage wire will be utilized.


Dots & Beads for Jewelry Making Supplies, Beads are improving things produced using an assortment of materials that when all is said in done have an opening utilized for holding the dot as a part of position in your gems. Dots can be made of:

  • glass
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Metal
  • Bone

Studs: One of the necessary components in the Jewelry Making Supplies in order to clamp the jewelry around one of the body part. These will be imperative and sensible to take consideration in purchasing among your adornments making supplies when you are out to make hoops. Then you ought not to have your decisions just constrained to wristbands and pieces of jewelry alone as enhancing to studs will be a decent thought to make. Guarantee you have purchased the best fastens and studs through experimenting with whatever number styles as could be expected under the circumstances to guarantee you stay chic. There are numerous alternatives in the business sector that you can consider in connection to this.

Scissors and wire cutter-a cutting apparatus ought to be one of the numerous adornments in jewelry making supplies that you consider for procurement. There will be surplus wire in the one you are utilizing and it must be wiped out through removing. That is the reason scissors or wire cutter will be important to have. A couple of pincers will likewise be useful for this occupation and must be considered.

The ABC’s of Making A Charm Bracelet

It is important to understand the different steps to take when making a charm bracelet. Nevertheless, before delving into the finer details you are advised to buy wholesale charms. To begin with, try to do some little bit of research before you spend your hard-earned money. It is with wholesale charms that you will get better prices, variety, and of course, high quality charms that can stand the test of time. This said, the following are some of the vital steps that will definitely make you complete your project, fast.


Make sure you have all items ready

It is disastrous if you do not have everything in place, yet you are about to undertake a jewelry project. In this case, ensure that you have the needles, pliers, wire cutter, chain, clasps, and jump rings. Of course you need to have charms ready. As a matter of fact, you should learn how to open the jump ring and ensure that it retains its shape. Do not try to make it crooked as the end result will definitely look crooked.

Arranging the charms

Make it a point to arrange the charms in such a way that they look beautiful. You can start by laying the charms in a circle in order to get the picture of the end result. You are advised to arrange them in different sizes, and decide the break where the clasp will go. Thereafter, take time and place the clasp at the designated position.

Adjust chain and attach the clasps

The best way to about the making process is ensuring that you hold the chain around your very wrist to determine size and use clipper to cut desired length. It is important to know how exactly you can adjust the chain. After, take time and use a clasp for loops in the jump ring, of which should be attached on both ends of the ring.


What you should never forget

  • Always use the best pliers, preferably nose pliers as this gets the job done fast and effectively.
  • You can either use a permanent marker or eyeball the link to where each individual charms should go.
  • After you are done with the charms, ensure that the ring is closed.

If you follow the above steps, then definitely you will be able to come up with a nice bracelet. As a rule of thumb, always purchase wholesale charms in order to have options when it comes to design.

Why Jewelry Making Supplies Have Become So Popular

It is important to know that jewelry making supplies have become so popular because of variety available in many online stores. They come at pretty low prices, are unique; and above all, they make completion of any project as simple as counting 123. As such, you should always ensure that you choose the best possible materials in order not to compromise on the end result.  It is with the best jewelry making supplies that you will not compromise anything to do with design. You can expect the following from a reliable store that sells these supplies;


Jewelry findings

It goes without saying that jewelry findings is a must-consider when you are thinking of any project. The findings you choose have a direct impact on the quality of jewelry. In a nutshell, findings are those things that hold jewelry in place and maintain its design when it’s worn. These include things such as catches, fastenings, and clasps. You should try doing a little bit of online research if you want high quality findings. Additionally, consult with industry experts so that you choose findings based on solid information.

Global Supply

This is one thing that has made it possible to supply tons of jewelry supplies that are worth every single coin spent. If you so wish to get the best quality, you can actually contact reputable stores. The transactions are simple and pretty straight forward. It doesn’t matter what kind of supply you need for your project, global links make it possible to get those tailored to your unique needs. Additionally, you will get access to so many ideas that you are able to complete your project within no time. As such, this has enhanced jewelry making supplies popularity across board.


Increased Competition

As an economic rule, increased competition means high quality. This is one thing that will leave consumer in better position as you are able to get top quality supplies in no time. Apparently, all supplies today do not compromise on quality of materials they are made of. Some of the things that you can get at reputable online stores include;

  • All types of Beads
  • Tools to make any project a success
  • Pendants that are worth every coin spent
  • Charms that make any jewelry look great

Last but not least, see to it that you get the best possible deal when shopping around for jewelry making supplies. Take advantage of holiday offers, coupon codes, and anything that falls in this range.

How to Make an Ocean Style Glass Beaded Bracelet for Summer

How to Make an Ocean Style Glass Beaded Bracelet for Summer 1

Hey girls! Do you like this glass beaded star bracelet? I think it’s pretty cool for summer days! Both blue and clear are cold colors and they can make people feel cool in these hot summer days. If you like the design, just follow me to make one!

Jewelry making supplies needed to make this glass beaded star bracelet:

10mm White Glass Pearl Beads
6mm Transparent Faceted Glass Beads
6mm Blue Faceted Glass Beads
4mm Blue Faceted Glass Beads
1.5mm Aluminum Wire
0.5mm Copper Wire
Iron Spring Clasp
Iron Eye Pin
Round Nose Plier
Side Cutting Plier

How to Make an Ocean Style Glass Beaded Bracelet for Summer 2

How to make the glass beaded star bracelet:
Step 1: Make the star.
1st, cut a piece of aluminum wire and wrap it into star shape. Repeat to make four stars.
2nd, cut a short piece of copper wire, wrap it to fix the star.
3rd, cut a long piece of copper wire, and wrap glass beads into the star with this wire, just like picture shows.

How to Make an Ocean Style Glass Beaded Bracelet for Summer 3

Step 2: Complete the star bracelet.
1st, repeat step 1 to finish all the rest three stars.
2nd, make five bead links with pearl beads and eyepins.
3rd, connect the stars and pearl bead links together to make a bracelet. And then connect the bracelet ends with a clasp.

How to Make an Ocean Style Glass Beaded Bracelet for Summer 4

And here is how it looks like when you’re wearing the star bracelet:

How to Make an Ocean Style Glass Beaded Bracelet for Summer 5

Wow! I do love this bracelet, both the stars and the beautiful colored glass beads! If you like the design as I do, just try to make one!