Learn from Beebeecraft How to Make Crystal Clear Beaded Christmas Angel Ornaments

Summary: This Beebeecraft tutorial will show you how to make beaded angel ornaments, keep reading and DIY your own beaded Christmas angels later.


The crystal clear color makes this beaded angel pattern so pure and unique, the materials are all transparent beads, you can make one for your friends as Christmas gifts, now let’s start DIY beaded Christmas angels.

Materials on how to make beaded angel ornaments

6mm faceted clear crystal glass beads
6mm clear Czech beads
10mm faceted round clear beads
3mm clear seed beads
0.5mm silver copper wire
Jewelry making tools Wire cutting plier
Flat plier

Instruction on making beaded angel pattern

Step1: Make body of beaded Christmas angels

Thread nine 6mm faceted round beads to the middle of a 40cm copper wire, cross both ends through eight 6mm faceted round beads and tighten, then cross both ends through seven 6mm faceted round beads and tighten, according to this beading pattern, make sure the new line is one bead less than the previous line. Continue until you finish making 8 lines.

Step2: Make wings of beaded angel pattern

Slide eight 6mm Czech beads to the middle of a 15cm copper wire, thread both ends to the first and second line beads and tighten, then cross both ends through eight Czech beads, cut down extra wires, the wings are done.

Step3: Make complete beaded angel pattern

Slide a 10mm faceted round bead to both wires as the angle’s head, wrap one wire around the other wire some loops, cut down one wire, slide 16 seed beads to the wire, and this is the halo of the angle, wrap the beads string as a round shape, then wrap the rest wire around the twisted wires.

The final look of the beaded angel pattern:

Ok, I’ve finished how to make beaded angel ornaments, do you like this beaded Christmas angel? Don’t you want to have one? Just take a try to make your own beaded angel pattern.


Learn from Beebeecraft How to Make a 3d Red Beaded Rose for Girls

Summary: Are you searching for gifts for your girlfriend? Just look at this Beebeecraft tutorial on how to make a beaded rose.


Red rose is the symbol of love, people always express love by sending rose to their sweethearts, with the Valentine’s Day is coming, I want to show you a beaded rose pattern, this is a 3d beaded rose, I believe it is a best gift for your beloved person, so just follow me to learn how to make a beaded rose.

Jewelry craft supplies on how to make a beaded rose

4mm red round crystal glass beads
3mm green seed beads
Pandahall Elite 0.3mm golden copper wire
Wire cutting plier
Flat plier

Tutorial on DIY beaded rose pattern

Step1: Make petals of 3d beaded rose

1st, cut off a 40cm copper wire, thread a red bead to the middle of the wire, cross both wires through 2 red beads, then cross both wires through 4 red beads, according this method, continue adding 6,8,10,12,14 beads;

2nd, string 7 red beads to each remaining wire, cross both wires through the bottom red bead and tighten, the twist the wires;

3rd, do the same to make the other four beaded petals;


Step2: Make leaves of beaded rose pattern

According to the petals, make six green leaves, the leaf owns 6 lines, they are 1-2-3-4-3-2 beads on each line;

Step3: Finish making beaded rose pattern

Take a petal and wrap it as the rose bud, then wrap the last 4 petals around the rose bud to form the outer petal. At last, wrap six leaves under the petals;

The final look of the delicate 3d beaded rose:

Now I have finished how to make a beaded rose, so beautiful, right? I think this red 3d beaded rose is much precious than the real rose, because it can be preserved forever, what’s more, the beaded rose pattern is made by yourself, it is the most important.

Easy Beebeecraft Home Decoration Craft – Rainbow Nylon Cord Umbrella

Summary: Today’s article is an easy home decoration craft-a rainbow nylon cord umbrella. Keep reading and you can learn how to make this umbrella.


In this DIY project, you will see an easy home decoration craft-a rainbow nylon cord umbrella. Unlike paper umbrellas, this rainbow nylon cord umbrella is more firm. With some patience and a little creativity, you can create a one-of-a-kind nylon cord umbrella that’s both inexpensive and fashionable. Now, let’s see how to make this rainbow umbrella.

Jewelry craft supplies needed in DIY the rainbow nylon cord umbrella:

1mm Colorful string materials Nylon Cords
Light Cyan Polyester Cord
2mm Golden Aluminum Wire
Diagonal Plier
Needle Nose Plier
Jewelry making tools Round Nose Plier

Instructions on how to make the rainbow nylon cord umbrella:

Step 1: Make the frame for the rainbow nylon cord umbrella

1st, cut 9 pieces of 2mm golden aluminum wire and cut another 2mm golden aluminum wire that is longer than the golden aluminum wires cut just now. Then, put the longer golden aluminum wire in the middle of the shorter 9 golden aluminum wires and combine them together by wrapping 2mm golden aluminum wire around them (as shown in the picture);

2nd, twist the 9 shorter golden aluminum wires (as shown in the picture);
3rd, make a loop on one end of the longer golden aluminum wire (as shown in the picture).

Step 2: Wrap the umbrella frame with nylon cords

1st, wrap the 9 short golden aluminum wires with 1mm colorful nylon cords. You can choose the color of the nylon cords according to your preference;
2nd, continue to wrap colorful nylon cords onto the 9 short golden aluminum wires (as shown in the picture);

3rd, make a loop on every end of the 9 short golden aluminum wires.

Step 3: Make the bottom hook for the rainbow nylon cord umbrella

1st, make a hook on the other end of the longer golden aluminum wire(as shown in the picture);
2nd, cut a piece of light cyan polyester cord and braid the light cyan cord along the hook (as shown in the picture).

Here is the final look of the rainbow nylon cord umbrella.

This rainbow nylon cord umbrella makes lovely home decorations. During the DIY process, you can also change the color of the nylon cords as you like. DIY this rainbow cord umbrella is extremely easy, even for green hands. If you prefer prettier things, try this easy DIY umbrella project.

Beebeecraft tutorials on How to Make beaded Chinese Abacus Crafts with Pearl

Summary: Do you want to DIY bead crafts? Here I will show you a beaded Chinese abacus craft.


The beaded abacus craft is a model of Chinese ancient calculator, on this DIY bead crafts, I use 6mm white glass pearl beads, silver aluminum wire and 5mm silver copper wire, now follow me learn how to make beaded crafts.

Materials on how to make beaded crafts

6mm white pearl beads
silver string materials aluminum wire
0.5mm silver copper wire
Wire cutting plier
Flat plier
Jewelry making tools Round nose plier

Tutorial on bead craft ideas

Step1: Make basic beaded abacus

1st, cut off three 14cm and two 10cm aluminum wire, make loop on both ends with the 5 aluminum wires, connect the three long wire to one short wire as the picture shows;


2nd, cut off a 20cm copper wire, wrap some loops on the top aluminum wire, add 2 pearl beads, wrap some loops on the middle aluminum wire, then slide 5 pearl beads, at last, wrap some loops on the bottom wire;

Step2: Complete all beaded pillars

Continue to wrap the rest ten beads strings, because the Chinese ancient abacus owns eleven pillars;

Step3: Finish DIY bead crafts

Connect the three long wires to the other short wire as the picture shows:

The final look of the beaded Chinese abacus crafts:

Now I have finished how to make beaded crafts, do you like this beaded Chinese abacus craft? Looking forward your bead craft ideas, thanks!

Beebeecraft tutorials on How to Make 3d Hama Bead Christmas Tree Designs

Summary: This Beebeecraft 3d hama bead Christmas tree is made for approaching Christmas Day, hope you like 3d hama bead designs.


Are you interested in 3d hama bead designs? Today I want to show you a 3d hama bead Christmas tree, you can regard it as desk decoration, so let’s start to learn how to make 3d hama bead designs.

Craft supplies for jewelry making 3d hama bead designs

Green hama beads
Red hama beads
Pandahall Elite Yellow hama beads
Brown hama beads
Square peg board
Pressing paper

Instruction on how to make 3d hama bead designs

Step1: Make basic hama bead Christmas tree

1st, first I make one part of 3d Christmas tree, form a tree shape as the picture shows, be careful with the number and color of hama beads, press the hama bead Christmas tree with iron;

2nd, form a square shape with 9 brown hama beads, that’s part of Christmas tree trunk, use 8 yellow hama beads to form two sidelong “T” shapes, they are part of Christmas tree topper, then press them with iron, you can see the picture;

3rd, press them to hama bead tree with iron as the picture shows;

4th, now I need to make the other part of 3d Christmas tree, form a tree shape as the picture shows, don’t mistake the number and color of hama beads, then press it with iron;

5th, make the rest part of Christmas tree topper and Christmas tree trunk as the picture shows, then press them with iron;

6th, press them to hama bead tree with iron as the left picture shows; now you have finished two parts of 3d Christmas tree;

Step2: Finish making 3d hama bead designs

1st, connect the two parts together gently;


2nd, use 44 red hama beads to form a square shape as a picture shows, press it with iron, this is the foundation of 3d Christmas tree, at last, put the 3d Christmas tree to the foundation;

Warning: Parents—the ironing must be done by an adult only. Some irons may emit steam. Please keep children at a safe distance.

The final look of 3d hama bead designs:

Wonderful, I have finished how to make 3d hama bead designs, it is so cute, right? Hurry up, action now, DIY your own 3d hama bead designs.

Beebeecraft Magic Cube Crafts on How to Make 3D Perler Bead Designs

Summary: Would to be sweet to make crafts with kids? Today, this Beebeecraft tutorial will be totally about how to make 3D perler bead designs. Come to do this with your children!


This 3D perler bead cube design will be a great decoration for your desk, and an even better gift. I choose the magic cube as the pattern to make this 3D perler bead design. You can also choose dice as the pattern. Now, follow me to learn how to make 3D perler bead designs!

Jewelry making supplies needed in 3D perler bead cube designs:

5MM White Perler fuse Beads
5MM Orange Perler Beads
5MM Yellow Perler Beads
5MM Black Perler Beads
5MM Green Perler Beads
5MM Blue Perler Beads
Square Perler Pegboard
Pressing Paper

Instructions for 3D perler bead cube designs:

Step 1: Make six sides for the perler bead cube

1st, place nine red perler beads to the square pegboard to form a 3×3 red perler bead square as picture shows;
2nd, place another eight 3×3 perler bead squares to the pegboard to form a 11×11 squares as picture shows;
3rd, fill the rest of the 11×11 square with black perler beads;
4th, place twenty-six black perler beads around the 11×11 square as picture shows. Now, you get one side of the perler bead cube;

5th, press this perler bead piece with iron on the medium heat about 1 minute, flip the perler bead piece over and press it about 1 minute (Make sure to use the pressing paper that’s included with the pegboards or your iron will be ruined. Warning: Parents—the ironing must be done by an adult only. Some irons may emit steam. Please keep children at a safe distance.)

6th, make another five sides in the same method, you should pay attention to the outside black perlers’ place, the specific place of each side as following picture shows.

Step 2: Finish the 3D perler bead cube designs

Connect all sides by joining the fitting beads to each other.

Here is the final look of 3D perler bead cube design:

Fantastic! The tutorial on how to make 3D perler bead designs is over! Based on this tutorial, you can design many other perler bead cubes as you like. To do it with your children, you will have much fun!

Beebeecraft Home Decoration Designs – Beaded Curtain with Beautiful Acrylic beads

Summary: Wondered to DIY a handmade decoration for home? I recommend this Beebeecraft tutorial which tells you all details on how to make a beaded curtain, within merely an hour or less!


In today’s project, I’m gonna tell how I make a beaded curtain. This simple yet sparkling beads curtain design has just added splash of color to my room and it’s really easy-to-do! Most prominently, there is no sewing and you can entirely take advantage of the basic overhand knot! Here are the instructions:

Jewelry craft supplies needed for the acrylic beaded curtain:

Transparent Acrylic Beads
Pandahall Elite Round Colorful Acrylic Beads
Gengon Wood Beads
Owl Pendant Cabochon Setting
Acrylic Rhinestone Bead (not shown)
Metallic Cord
Lace Trim (optional)
Double Faced Adhesive Tape (optional)
Mark Pen (optional)

How to make the beaded curtain?

Step 1: Make the central owl pendant bunch

1st, cut a 34cm piece of cord;
2nd, attach the owl pendant to 1/3 location of cord by using a Lark’s Head Knot;
3rd, loop the cord by tying an Overhand Knot;
4th, tie another 3 Overhand Knots about 2cm away from the owl pendant. Then, string one largest (24cm) blue acrylic bead;
5th, tie the same Overhand Knots 2cm away the blue pendant and then string one smaller (20cm) bead;
6th, glue the selected rhinestone bead into the owl pendant cabochon setting. Now, you’ve finished the central bunch.

Step 2: Make the rest beads bunches in varying lengths

1st, cut a 68cm piece of cord;
2nd, string one purple and one black on two ends of cord. Secure by tying two Overhand Knots;
3rd, tie 3 Overhand Knots to secure the large-sized flower bead upon the two small-sized ones;


4th, in the following work, you’ll just need to repeat tying Overhand Knots to stop right beads in proper place. In my beads curtain design, I made five couples of beaded bunches extra and the lengths of needed cords are: 68cm, 76cm, 84cm, 92cm and 100cm.

Step 3: Hang then on the door

1st, find the center of door and then stick the owl pendant bunch;


2nd, divide both sides into 5 equal parts and then attach the rest bunches by using double faceted adhesive tape;

3rd, cover the other face of tape with a lace trim.


So, there I’ve turned the round and flower acrylic beads into a fun curtain. How about adding sparkle to your room with a curtain of selected beads? No matter the opaque acrylic beads or dazzling crystal ones, beaded door curtains are the best handmade decorations for home!

Beebeecraft Free Sewing Pattern – How to Make a Cute Stuffed Bunny

Summary: Here is a free sewing pattern for you to learn how to make a stuffed bunny. You can create a cute stuffed bunny which is exclusive to you and it only takes a little time.


Placing such a cute stuffed bunny in room is so great. And I find something funny, no matter from which angle the bunny seems like looking at you. Making a stuffed bunny, for my part, is as fun as making a snowman. Oddly, it even kinda looks like a snowman if there are no bunny ears. It’s so interesting!

Jewelry craft supplies for making a cute stuffed bunny:

11mm Resin Buttons (Yellow & Pink)
Pandahall Elite 6mm Black Round Wood Beads
4mm Gold Round bead spacers
15mm Blue Grid Pattern Satin Ribbon
Cotton Cloth (White & flower)
Sewing Thread

How to make a cute stuffed bunny?

Step 1: stuff the bunny

1st, cut out a piece of white cloth measuring 24*7cm. Fold it in half with wrong side out and sew both long sides with running stitch;
2nd, make running stitch between two long sides into a double-gourd shape;
3rd, turn the cloth inside out. This is the head and body of the bunny;
4th, stuff the cloth with the right amount of quilting.

Step 2: add embellishments and ears

1st, sew the opening;
2nd, cut out a small piece of white cloth and place it above the opening with one corner in the front. Fold the cloth at the backside and secure with thread;
3rd, tie a slipknot with a strip of ribbon around the neck of the bunny;
4th, make two bunny ears with flower cloth. The method is the same with the petal of a flower hair clip. Then sew the ears atop in place.

Step 3: sew features of the bunny

1st, sew two buttons at the body part;
2nd, sew two wood beads as eyes and a spacer bead as mouth at the head part.

Here it is!

How do you think of this stuffed bunny sewing pattern? Do you have impulse to make one right now? I hope so! It’s so cute that I want to share with all of you!

Beebeecraft Felt Crafts for Making an Embroidered Four-Leaf Clover Pouch

Summary: This is a simply embroidered pouch with four-leaf clover pattern. Wondering how to make a felt pouch in a simple way? Look here!


I intended to make this embroidered felt pouch for holding cards, but now I find that it’s also great for containing coins or some notes. It is even a good choice for girls to carry sanitary pads. Four-leaf clover crafts are considered as symbol of good luck, you can also take good luck with you by making this pouch.

Craft supplies for jewelry making an embroidered four-leaf clover pouch:

Felt (Lime Green & Green & Beige)
6mm Round Green Colorful Acrylic Beads
11mm Acrylic Shank Button
String materials Sewing Thread, Green

How to make an embroidered four-leaf clover pouch with felt and beads?

Step 1: make simple embroidery

1st, cut out a rectangle from beige felt measuring 29*9cm, a rounded rectangle from green felt measuring 8*3.5 cm, a large four-leaf clover shape from green felt and two smaller ones from lime green felt;
2nd, measure 12cm and fold, then fold the excess part as flap. Use your thumb to mark the folds;
3rd, overlap a lime green clover on the green one and lay them on the beige felt at lower left corner of the front side. Running stitch along the edge of the lime green clover;
4th, continue to sew the stem with backward stitch.

Step 2: sew the pouch

1st, running stitch the other lime green clover at one side of the rectangular green felt with an acrylic bead in the center;
2nd, sew the rectangular green felt on the flap of the pouch in place;
3rd, sew an acrylic bead at the center of the overlapped clovers. Then blanket stitch two sides of the beige felt along the edge to sew the pouch;
4th, the pouch will look like the following picture.

Step 3: add button

1st, sew a shank button at the front side of the pouch in place;
2nd, shear a small opening at the flap for buckling the shank button.

Here is the finished pouch:

It’s not difficult to make this embroidered four-leaf clover felt pouch. But there is one thing should be noticed, when embroidering the stem, you’d better draw the pattern with pencil before sewing if you’re not proficient in embroidery.

Beebeecraft DIY Beaded Chandelier Hanging Decoration with Colorful Acrylic Beads

Summary: There are many hanging decoration ideas on our website. Today, I will show you an easy DIY beaded chandelier.


Weekend is coming, it’s a good time to make some decorations for you house. In this Beebeecraft tutorial, I will show you an easy hanging decoration idea of a diy beaded chandelier. As there are many steps of stringing beads, you can make it with your children.

Materials and tools needed in the easy DIY beaded chandelier:

Acrylic Jewelry Beads
Acrylic Spike Beads
String materials Aluminum Wire
Copper Jewelry Wires
Transparent Fibre Wire
Wax  Cords
Jewelry making Tools Sets
Round Nose Pliers
Benecreat Bent Nose Pliers

Instructions on how to make the easy DIY beaded chandelier:

Step 1: Make three main circles

1st, cut off three pieces of 2mm aluminum wires in different length, bend them into three circles;
2nd, put them into the order as the picture show and use some copper wires to fix the ends.

Step 2: String a spike bead and some acrylic beads on ten transparent fibre cords separately and hang them around the biggest circle.

Step 3: Cut off some colorful wax cords and fix them to the middle circle.

Step 4: Hang some colorful beaded chains around the smallest circle.

Step 5: Fix the three circles to make a hanging part

1st, cut off some small pieces of 2mm aluminum wires, and bend them to fix the three circles together.
2nd, use four wax cords to make a hanging part and add a aluminum hanger.

The final look of the easy DIY beaded chandelier:

Wow, it’s so easy to make, and it doesn’t take much time. Do you want to make one? I suggest you to make one with your kids, they all like colorful things, especially beads. Besides, I’m sure this colorful DIY beaded chandelier will bring more beauty to your house.