Beads- An Introduction To Necklace Making Using Beads

Women in all ages love to wear necklaces, especially those made of beads. Beads make the jewelry attractive and thereby the lady.

Type and nature  of beads


Beads can be seen in two different types- naturally occurring ones and artificially created ones. Human love for beads started from the naturally occurring ones in the form of shell beads, beads formed of bones, teeth, claws etc. Rudraksha is another important naturally occurring one, which is a wooden bead. Glass beads, clay beads, cabochon etc. are the artificial ones.

Beads vary in size, shape and color. These varieties help one to make large varieties of necklaces. The size of beads ranges from a seed size to a blueberry size. More than the variations in size shape and color, the designs make the jewelry attractive. Using exactly same types of beads, a creative mind can make different designs.

Other than jewelry, what can be next use of beads?

Other than the jewelry, beads are also used in decorations. They are used in garment industry as embellishments. Beads are also used to make curtains, by arranging in strings. They are used in festive decorations.


From the time immemorial, the beads are part of different religions, especially the naturally occurring ones. They are used in prayers, future predictions, traditional dances etc. It is non-detachable part of the religious life of many tribes across different parts of the world.

Beads were an important part of their lifestyle in Venetian and African culture. They wore it as a symbol of magical power and for ritual purposes. In India, the Naga saints wear bead necklace as a part of their belief. The use of beads is very clear and evident from ancient painting and sculptures. The painting depicting the Mughal era and Victorian era shows the importance of beads. In those periods it was used as decorating crown and throne, dress, necklaces etc. Even those epics depict the beads as the symbol of love, wisdom, status and as incredible treasure.

Depending on the type of beads used, both elegant varieties and casual wears are available in the market. The availability of quality beads and beads jewelries are ensured by different kinds of markets from the local wholesale, retail markets to the online platforms and the competition made by them.

People believe that beads are asset which may bring fortune and prosperity throughout their generation as well as their family chain. This makes the beads market an ever enlarging one.


Snap Jewelry : Makes Every Day Is A New Day

All women love to wear a new jewelry every day, and they wish to match it with the outfit of the day. A jewelry that matches your ethnic outfit may not be a fit for other. But, it is difficult to keep more jewelry in wardrobe according to outfits. Here snap jewelries come to your help where you can modify the jewelries by your own. The snap jewelry is a type of interchangeable jewelry using snap buttons which you can snap in or out from the jewelry making it new variety.


How useful they are?

Snap jewelries are very handy especially when you travel. When you go for trip, it is very difficult for one to take all the jewelries in hand. With snap jewelry, one may have to take only one necklace and a number of different snap buttons to change the outfit. Also the same buttons can be used in a different pattern to make a new design.

This interchangeability of snap jewelry makes them pocket friendly. One can easily go for a set of snap buttons, spending less compared to buying a completely new one. Thereby it is a value for money product. Snap the buttons in different patterns and you get a brand new design.

Creativity for all


There can be times, when one may not find any product in the market of their like. There will be some particular design in mind, and return from the market empty handed. Here, the snap jewelry helps where you can design your own jewelry as your mind say. That too, one can do in no time. There is no need of skill or tools for making a new design by snapping the buttons. It only needs some sense about oneself and the outfit one is wearing and of course some basic level of creative mind.

As a craft work, snap jewelry is good if someone does not have the habit of preserving what they made. Because, every time the snapping changes the previous design and provides a new one.

The availability of the snap buttons in the local market and in the online platforms makes them very popular nowadays. That too, they are available in different colors, different size and different designs. When no one cannot distinguish between the jewelries made by snapping the buttons, the snap jewelry give a good buy for one who is very conscious about the outfit they take every day.

Bead: Ornament As Well As A Hobby

Beads are small, round beautiful object made of glass, wood, metal and shell. The word ‘bead’ originates from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘bidden’ and ‘bede’ which means to pray and prayer respectively. The first form of a bead is bones, teeth, claws, and shells. Those times people used to wore beads as a part of treasured myth. From ancient time itself, women are attracted towards the magnificent elegance of beads. They believe that wearing bead brings prosperity, fortune, and wisdom. According to John Mason, beads are associated with “temperament, empowerment, protection, potentiality, desire, wealth and well-being”. From bones to glass, the evolution of beads is amazing like its own exotic pure outlook.


Why women prefer beads?

Beaded jewels lead a prominent role in enhancing beauty. Coming to jewelry, the first preference of every classic woman will be to blend with the incredible royal beauty of beads.  In some countries like Africa, people used to wear beads to seduce their husbands. These beads are antique ones manufactured and traded in the colonial period. Different regions have brought different kinds of beads which make the beads diverse and take the art of jewelry to another level. Not only in wearing beads, women are also into bead work.  In this civilized world now anyone can make a bead necklace and find recourse as well as subsistence also.

Religious importance of beads

Religiously beads have a great role, especially in Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. Prayer beads are the traditional accessory. Among these, Buddhist monks use various beads while meditating.  It is used as to increase the sense of touch to focus in chanting. Basically, they use wooden beads for the religious purpose.


Beads and society

The use of beads in some communities apart from the fashion is highly a treasured part of culture. The country more associated with the soul of beads is Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana. There underlie the socio-economic-politico influences. The Yoruba community of Nigeria believes in the magical power. The goddess of the community is considered as the goddess of magical power and thus they do so. This can be called as the dynamic play between human beings and beads.  To an extent, beads can reveal the ancient culture tradition and lifestyle etc.

Beads are also considered as an asset. Safeguarding the beads by transferring to heirlooms is still seen in the world. This denotes that beads had a high value in ancient as well as modern time and stand as the symbol of highness.


Making Flower Black and Heart Turquoise Beaded Bow Necklace

Hello, dear Pandahall friends! Lone time no see, how is everything going? Today, I will bring you a flower beaded necklace. This is a black and turquoise necklace with a bow pendant, and I can bet you will love it. So, follow me to see this beaded bow necklace now~
Supplies you’ll need in making the heart beaded necklace:
3MMM Round Turquoise Beads
Heart Turquoise Beads
8MM Black Jade beads
Lobster Claw Clasp
Jump Rings
Tiger Tail
Wire cutting plier
Flat plier
Step 1: Cut a piece of tiger tail, thread 6 round turquoise beads to it and cross the 2 ends of the tiger tail through other 2 round turquoise beads and tighten them.
Step 2: Thread a round turquoise bead to each end and cross 2 ends through a black jade bead.
Step 3: Thread a round turquoise bead to each end and cross the 2 ends through other 2 round turquoise beads and tighten up them.
Step 4: Repeat step 2 and step 3 to make other more such bead patterns until the length is fit to you (here I make other 15 bead patterns in all), then cross the 2 ends through another round turquoise bead.
Step 5: Add a heart turquoise bead, a black jade bead, a heart bead to both ends and cross them through a round turquoise bead, then cross both ends through other 2 round turquoise beads.
Step 6: Repeat step 2 and step 3 to make a bead pattern as pictured.
Step 7: Repeat step 6 to make other more such bead patterns (15 such bead patterns in all), then thread 2 round turquoise beads to each end and cross both them through other 2 round beads, and cross the excess tiger tails back through the beads.
Step 8: Attach 2 jump rings and a lobster claw clasp to the black and turquoise necklace and connect them.
Now, this necklace with turquoise is finished, love it? Turquoise beads jewels are always fashion and vintage, so if you like such a heart beaded necklace, just try to make one then. Good luck!

Making Chic Cluster Pearl Beaded Earrings with Heart Beads

Hey body, do you love handmade cluster earrings? Next I will share a pair pearl beaded earrings with you all. There are teal glass pearl beads, pink pearl beads and heart acrylic beads in the chic beaded earrings, and I think you will fall in love with them.
Supplies you’ll need in making the cluster beaded earrings:
12mm Pink Glass Pearl Beads
6mm Pink Glass Pearl Beads
6mm Teal Glass Pearl Beads
Heart Acrylic Beads
Flower Bead Caps
Earring Hooks
Eye Pins
Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutter Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers
Step 1: Slide a 12MM pink pearl bead, 7 6mm teal pearl beads, a flower bead cap and a 6mm pink pearl bead to 2 eye pins respectively, then make a loop at the other end of the eye pins.
Step 2: Slide 5 teal pearl beads to a head pin and make a loop at the other end of it.
Step 3: Attach the teal pearl bead pattern to the bead cap, then make other more such bead patterns with teal pearl beads and attach them to the bead cap one by one.
Step 4: Hang a heart acrylic bead on bottom of the bead dangles.
Step 5: Attach an earring hook to each pearl beaded dangle, then the cluster beads earrings are finished yet!
You have to see, making such a pair of chic pearls earrings is a creative idea, and the final work is quite successful. Hope you like this pair of handmade pearl beads earrings and have a nice try! Good luck~

How Wooden Beads Are Obtained, And Its Uses

Beads made of wood were utilized as a part of the principal registering gear called Abacus. These beads are widely utilized as by the Hindus for prayers. Wooden beads are as old as the wood accessible to people. It has been in presence for millenniums on this planet. The making of wooden beads is an awesome work. It requires high persistence and moderate working stamina. It is conceivable the making of a wooden globule at the spot of a woodworker in the past would be one of the nuts and bolts of passing the apprenticeship. Since the wood carvers utilize an assortment of woods, the same are accessible in a large group of shapes, hues, and sizes.


Types of trees from which wooden beads are obtained:

The different varieties of trees give various types of wood to cutting like

  • Sandalwood,
  • rosewood,
  • bamboo,
  • ironwood

are a portion of the case of the wood utilized for cutting beads. The wood of these trees is utilized for the uncommon grainy normal scratching in the wood gave by nature itself. There are a few trees like the shoe that are utilized for making beads for the aroma of the wood.  The olive tree gives the heartwood for making excellent beads. It has a characteristic red grain that obscures with age and makes delightful outlines of its own. The rosewood is a superb wood for beads because of its dim grains that show up vigorously on finishing or sanding.


Wooden beads Usage:

The wooden beads are widely utilized for making adornments. These are light weight, can be effortlessly painted and cleaned. The wooden beads can have bigger openings than some other material without trading off its sturdiness. This makes the wooden beads perfect for utilizing an assortment of hanging material. The wooden dab can be blended with different sorts of beads to make beautiful gems plans. There are a few planners who attempt to locate their own particular sort of wood to make their mark beads well known everywhere throughout the world. The wooden beads for making adornments are accessible in various shapes, hues and sizes.

Buying options:

At the point when purchasing wooden beads, some great spots to go are the online dot shops. Obviously you can buy them likewise from the neighborhood retail dab and specialty stores, however, hope to get constrained decisions and higher costs. Purchasing your beads and other adornments making supplies wholesale is fitting; it spares you a great deal of cash, as well as permits you to pick diverse shapes and sizes of the things that you require. Retail locations don’t offer you that.

Handmade Green Pearl Beaded Bracelet DIY

How do you think pearl bead bracelet? As for me, I think pearl bracelet designs are always elegant and chic, and I love DIY pearl bead bracelet. Today I will show a green pearl bead bracelet to you all, hope you will like it.
Pearl Bracelet Design-How to Make a Green Pearl Bead Bracelet zhu-1
Suppliers you’ll need in making the handmade pearls bracelet:
2mm Seed Beads
4mm White Pearl Beads
6mm Green Pearl Beads
Tiger Tail
Silver Slide Lock Clasps
Jump Rings
Diagonal Plier
Needle Nose Plier
Pearl Bracelet Design-How to Make a Green Pearl Bead Bracelet 0
Step 1: Cut a part of tiger tail wire (with a length about 60cm), slide 4 seed beads, a white pearl bead and 4 seed beads in sequence to the wire, then add a green pearl bead to both ends of the wire.
Step 2: Slide 4 seed beads to the upper end of the wire, then cross it through the white pearl bead and slide 4 seed beads to it again.
Pearl Bracelet Design-How to Make a Green Pearl Bead Bracelet 1
Step 3: Cross the left wire through the last seed bead on the right wire, then slide 3 seed beads, a white pearl bead and 3 seed beads in sequence to this wire, and then cross the wire through the seed bead adjacent the green pearl bead as pictured.
Pearl Bracelet Design-How to Make a Green Pearl Bead Bracelet
Step 4: Slide a green pearl bead and 4 seed beads to the wire, then cross it through the white pearl bead and slide 4 seed beads to it.
Step 5: Slide a green pearl bead to the other wire and then cross it through the last seed bead.
Pearl Bracelet Design-How to Make a Green Pearl Bead Bracelet 3
Step 6: Repeat above steps to make other more bead patterns as pictured until the length is fit to you.
Pearl Bracelet Design-How to Make a Green Pearl Bead Bracelet 4
Step 7: Cut off the excess wires and attach slide lock clasps to both ends of the bracelet with jump rings.
Pearl Bracelet Design-How to Make a Green Pearl Bead Bracelet 5
Pearl Bracelet Design-How to Make a Green Pearl Bead Bracelet zhu-2
Now this DIY pearl beads bracelet is finished, do you like it? You need only learn to make the first 2 bead patterns, then all the bracelet can be made easily. So do you wanna have a try?

Jewelry Making Supplies For Affordable And Beautiful Necklaces

Everyone deserves to look good. Jewelry making supplies are here to ensure your satisfaction and that you have the best necklace. It doesn’t matter whether you are a master trinket crafter or a complete beginner; it is very easy to make your own beautiful necklaces. You will find everything required to make beautiful necklaces. Find plenty of necklace making ideas and inspiration from our supplies.

Necklace kits under the jewelry making supplies


Jewelry making supplies provides you with the following kits for your beautiful necklaces;

  • Rico Rocailles Silver Necklace
  • Darice Layered Looks Rhinestone Jewellery Making Kit 9 Pack
  • Darice Layered Looks Nautical Jewellery Making Kit 9 Pack
  • Darice Layered Looks Love Jewellery Making Kit 6 Pack
  • Darice Layered Looks Chevron Jewellery Making Kit 6 Pack
  • Darice Layered Looks Hipster Jewellery Making Kit 9 Pack
  • Striking Tassel Kit

How to make your necklace with jewelry making supplies


To create a gorgeous necklace with the Darice Looks Jewellery Making Kit, you need a pair of wire pliers, wire cutters, and a ruler to create three-tier necklace using the charms in the kit, three chains and one set of lobster claw clasps. Use the pliers to cut the chains into the preferred size, use the charms included to creating a gorgeous pattern.

Jewelry making supplies also give you the Striking Tassel Kit that includes antique gold-coloured chains, jewelry findings, tassels, glass beads, and instructions. This kit is great for beginners. The set of instructions in the kit is easy to follow and come up with a sparkling beautiful necklace with the beautiful blend of nomadic colors. The pack will require sets of wire cutters, two flat nosed plies, round nose pliers and a pair of scissors.

Darice Layered Looks Jewellery Making Kit from Jewellery making supplies contains three chains, three charms and a set of lobster claps to help you make a combined stunning necklace. You will need a pair of wires pliers, wire cutters to create a three tier necklace. First cut to preferred size and then create a gorgeous pattern with the charms. Each necklace is about 50cm so you have ample room to create your own trend.

Jewelry making supplies provide you with Tile Art Necklaces that includes jewelry findings, stencil, scissors, cotton jewelry cords and 3 gift boxes. This kit can help you turn ceramic tiles into an amazing art necklace.

Making Lovely DIY Plant Décor Crafts for Your House

Searching for lovely DIY home décor ornaments? Look here! Today I will share glass décor crafts with you guy. They are quite easy to make, but they are so simple in making, so just follow me to have a look~
Easy DIY Home Décor Ideas -How to Make Glass Bead Plant Décor Crafts680330
Supplies you’ll need in making the DIY plants décor:
4mm Round Pearl Beads
2x1mm White Half Round Pearl Cabochons
30mm Clear Blown Glass Globe Beads
Glue Gun
Easy DIY Home Décor Ideas -How to Make Glass Bead Plant Décor Crafts6004001
Step 1: Put a leaf, some white pearl cabochons and white pearl beads to a 30mm clear glass globe bead, then glue the a green pearl bead to both holes of the glass globe bead respectively as pictured.
Easy DIY Home Décor Ideas -How to Make Glass Bead Plant Décor Crafts1600400
Step 2: Prepare some green grasses and put them into a clear glass globe bead, then glue a red pearl bead to both sides of the glass globe bead respectively as pictured.
Easy DIY Home Décor Ideas -How to Make Glass Bead Plant Décor Crafts2600300
Step 3: Prepare some dry grasses, and make them into small pieces, Put several pieces of dry branches into a clear glass globe bead and glue a yellow pearl bead to both sides of the glass globe bead respectively as pictured.
Easy DIY Home Décor Ideas -How to Make Glass Bead Plant Décor Crafts3600300
Easy DIY Home Décor Ideas -How to Make Glass Bead Plant Décor Crafts600400
Now, the cute glass bead home décor crafts are finished with a short time, do you love them? You can also hang them with string as wind chime, or place them at table, or any other places you like, and I think it will be a nice sight. All the materials and tools are so easy and common to see, so do you wanna join me to make some plant home décor crafts yourself?

The Exotic Wooden Beads That Make You Look Chic And Classy

Beads are small pieces of stones or glass or similar type of material that are used for making ornaments, accessories or rosary. These beads can also be sewn on fabrics to make it more lovely and appealing. There are numerous types of beads available say wooden beads, acrylic beads, glass beads, metal beads, resin beads, lampwork beads, gemstone beads and many more. A few types of wooden beads are as follows


These are the handcrafted striking beads which are of high quality and are made of natural material. The beads are engraved through hand that gives a natural look to the accessories. The wooden beads and pendants are carved from numerous types of wood which makes you chic when you wear these ornaments.

Alphabet type wooden beads

The alphabet wooden beads help you to send the messages you wanted to share to your loved ones. The imprinted letter of the alphabet on the wooden piece enhances the visual attention to your choice of jewelry designs.  Every letter is imprinted by laser on different types of wood. There is small hole on the bead through which you can use an elastic thread for making a bracelet or a necklace.


Lovely animal wooden beads

These beads are starfish shaped beads that give you the cute girl look when you wear them. These beads also serve as gift ideas for Children’s Day. Gift these lovely beads to the children and you are certain to surprise them on this special day. These are lead-free beads which are yellow in color and have a small hole in the center for use of elastic thread in order to make the necessary ornaments that you desire to wear.

There are also the fish shaped beads that are of cute different colors. These are available in pink, yellow, blue, and green, orange, red and all colors. Make lovely ornaments like earrings, bracelets or necklace with these beads and make your children look classy with matching accessories on any occasion.

Round wooden beads

These are incredible beads that are light weight and are fashionable. These beads can be matched with jumprings or hooks which can be made into jumprings, earrings, bracelets or necklaces. Painted in fancy colors, the round beads don’t look like wood beads. It gives you the style and makes you stand out on any event or occasion. Made from Burlywood, the beads contain a small hole in the center and are lead free