Standing Out From The Rest With Wooden Beads

There are many ways of standing out from the rest. One of the surest ways is wearing a unique ornament made from say wooden beads. Wooden beads are classy and come in different varieties serving different purpose ranging from necklaces to earrings to hair wear. Wooden bead are also incorporated in dressing rendering traditional fashions such as the African fashion or raster design that are very adorable. Beads are made colored or can simply be made to expose the different pattern that come natural with the type of wood used. Such patterns as wavy grains and colored sports can be polished enhancing the entire appearance of the bead thus bringing out the beauty of nature.


Different patterns are displayed by different species of trees examples being:

  • Bayong-the bayong grows naturally in the Philippines. It displays a warm red-brown color that come naturally with a lovely grain pattern that is visible. These beads are normally sewed together making a long chain jewelry.
  • Ebony- these are typically hardwoods with tight grains and having a dark color variations that are polished with different shades of polish creating beautiful pearls that can get you into any form of beauty contest and deliver glorious victory.
  • Patikan and palm woods-these wooden beads come with exotic grain pattern consisting of parallel grain markings that go all the way through the bead piece to the other side of the sphere creating lovely spot end. They make beautiful patterns if finely polished. These species include several palm trees like coconut but the best grows in Philippines.

These are just but few examples of the choices you have all across the globe.


Reasons why should choose wooden beads over other types of beads

Wooden beads are entirely natural, natural symbolizes culture and with culture, one can pass across different hidden massages just by virtue of wearing the wooden beads jewelry.

Another very important factor to put into consideration is the weight. Being wooden beads, it means they are very light in weight. Jewelry doesn’t have to be heavy, just picture wearing a heavy earring, pushing up to over ten grams on your earlobes; these can get very unpleasant and can lead you into regrets.

Wooden beads can easily be paired with other metals and stone creating a nice pattern. These in return lowers the weight of the jewelry and add organic appeal.

Making Easy Wire Wrapped Bracelet with Red Glass Beads

Hi, dear friends! Do you want to learn easy DIY bracelets? What about this easy golden wire wrapped bracelet with red glass beads? It’s a piece of cake for green hands. The simple tutorial below will tell you how to make the wire wrapped red glass beads bracelet. Now, let’s get started~


Supplies you’ll need in making the wire wrapped bracelet with red glass beads:

Red Glass Beads

1.5mm Golden Aluminum Wire

0.5mm Golden Copper Wire

Diagonal Plier


Instructions on how to make the wire wrapped bracelet with red glass beads:

Step 1Make the body of the bracelet

Firstly, cut off a part of golden aluminum wire and twist it;

Secondly, cut off a part of golden copper wire and wrap the middle part of the aluminum wire bracelet with it.


Step 2: Insert red glass beads to the golden bracelet

Firstly, cut off another part of golden copper wire. Then, wrap it around one triangle pattern and add red glass beads;

Secondly, refer to the above step to add red glass beads to the other triangle pattern.


Tada, the wire wrapped and red glass beads bracelet is finished. Now, I wear it around my wrist.


This wire wrapped and red glass beads bracelet is quite easy to make. If you have any questions during the making of the bracelet, just feel free to leave a comment below. Give it a try with some wires and glass beads!

Glass Beads – Used For A Long Time In Making Jewelry

Glass beads are a standout amongst the most prominent and assorted sorts of bead available. They all have distinctive names and creation strategies. Here’s the manner by which a couple styles are made.

The types or making the glass beads are:


  • Lampwork
  • Cane
  • Pressed and
  • Dichoric glass

LampworkBeads: (hand wound)

This is one of only a handful few procedures that can be made by a home artisan. Here are some fundamental instruments. The light (or light) fire, keeps running on propane. The bars are made of steel and covered with a kaolin (earth like) substance called bead discharge. This empowers you to take the bead off the pole after it’s framed. Now and then when you purchase lampwork glass beads, you’ll locate a fine substance taken care of or on the bead. That is the dot discharge.


Cane Beads: (drawn empty)

A hard to make bead, an empty pipe is utilized to gather an “assemble” (liquid ball) of glass. The globule producer blows down the pipe to shape a rise in the chunk of liquid glass. The hues or patterns are added to the glass and the hot glass is extended (or drawn out). The rise inside is lengthened and frames a long tube with a gap running all through its length. The mellowed glass tube is attracted out to the wanted thickness and after that cut into areas. The unpleasant edges of the cuts are hand ground or smoothed by tumbling in sand.

Pressed Beads: (shaped beads)

This kind of globule has been made well known by the Czech Republic and lesser quality made in different nations by utilizing old Czech Molds. They are made by utilizing pivoted steel molds mounted on hardware or tongs. The shape has a prong or wire in it to frame the globule opening. The form is crushed over the hot glass, and when discharged, the abundance glass from the edges is ground away either by hand or by tumbling. This procedure is utilized for making complex shapes, for example, leaves, blooms etc.

Dichroic glass beads

Progressively, dichroic glass is being utilized to deliver top of the line craftsmanship beads. Dichroic glass has a thin film of metal molded to the surface of the glass, bringing about a surface that has a metallic sheen that progressions between two hues when seen at various edges. Beads can be squeezed, or made with conventional lampworking procedures. On the off chance that the glass is kept in the fire too long, the metallic covering will turn silver and smolder off.

Making Skeleton Hanging Decorations with Halloween Beads and Wires

Hello, guys, Halloween is coming soon. Wanna make some easy Halloween decorations? Today, I want to share an easy tutorial on how to make Halloween skeleton hanging decoration with Halloween beads, aluminum wires and ribbons. Follow me to see HOW~


Supplies for making the Halloween skeleton hanging ornament with Halloween beads:

Skull Halloween Beads

Ribbon End Clamp

Black Aluminum Wire

Brown Ribbon

Orange Ribbon

Copper Wire


Glue Stick

Glue Gun

Side Cutting Plier


How to make the Halloween hanging ornament with Halloween skeleton beads?

Step 1: Cut a piece of black aluminum wire and twist it into a circle, then wrap the black circle with brown ribbon and add the Halloween skeleton beads onto the brown ribbon;


Step 2: Cut another piece of black aluminum wire and twist it into a large circle, then wrap it with silver copper wire, then add the pattern with Halloween skeleton beads to the middle;


Step 3: Add a triangle hanger to the pendant, then make an orange bow and add it to the triangle hanger.


Tada, the Halloween skeleton beads hanging decoration ornament is done~


This Halloween skeleton beads hanging decoration ornament looks very cool. It’s quite easy to make. Try to make one for Halloween. Have a nice try~

Light On Wooden Beads And Their Use

Beads are a very important part of the art and fashion industry. Creative artists create beautiful articles using the beads. Beads are of many types like glass beads, wooden beads, stone beads, bugle beads, crystal beads etc. these beads are used for the making jewellery making and many craft pieces. Today in this article we are going to talk about the wooden beads, their existence and their uses in the industry.


Wooden beads as the name suggest they are made of wood and come in different sizes. There is no specific history of beads as they are as old as the wood. No one knows who used the wooden beads first. Wooden beads can be made of any wood. But some trees have a better quality of wood than others. Olive tree wood makes fine quality if wood. It is because the wood of olive grows dark with time and carves very good designs naturally. Rosewood is also a good choice for making beads. Sandalwood is also used for making beads as it has a good fragrance and is very light weight. Making of beads requires patience as it takes time and good concentration carving beads from wood.

Uses of Beads:


Wooden beads are extensively used in making jewellery. Crafted jewellery is in a casual fashion. People all over the world wear wooden jewellery. They are light weight and tougher than the other types of beads. They can be easily polished and can easily be painted.


Religious articles:

The sandalwood is used to make the praying beads in various religions like the Hindus, Christians, Muslims. These beads have good fragrance and are very light weight. This makes them ideal for the prayer beads.

Decorative material:

Wooden beads for being lightweight and durable are used in making of the various home decorations articles. These beads have various size of holes in them without compromising their durability.

Other various uses of the wooden beads are in the making of various crafted items like buttons, bead toys etc. In the earlier day’s beads were used in the Abacus which was the first computing device.

These beads can be found out in various types, shapes and sizes like painted beads, silver wood beads, flower beads, cubes shaped beads, round medium beads etc.

Amazing Décor Power In Beads

Unmistakably speaking beads and ladies are inseparable. They literally add value to females’ beauty, since they are meant for décor. A lady having fine beads is such a glory to behold. This raises our urge to know what they really are. As a matter of fact, they have a decorative aspect, yet very tiny. They are made in various shapes as well as sizes. This means that anyone despite their size can get their match. They are usually formed from common materials for instance stone, bone, and shell, glass, plastic, wood or pearl. I believe that you must have noticed that they have a tiny hole. The reason behind the drilled hole is to ease threading or stringing if you like. They are categorized into multiple types in regard to different techniques which include;

  • Materials from which they are formed
  • Production process used
  • Place or duration of origin
  • Patterns on their surface


Type’s o material used to make Beads

The most prominent types of materials used are natural materials and synthetic materials. Natural materials have been being used from time immemorial. Incredibly the materials used are both organic and inorganic for instance plants and animals; minerals sourced. The difference between natural and synthetic materials is that natural materials are exposed to high processing rather than mere shaping and drilling.

 Extra processing efforts applied include color enhancement, which is done through dyes or even irradiation. On the other hand synthetic materials that were traditionally upheld include ceramics; pottery and glass. For your information ancient alloys for instance bronze and brass were considered ideal for making beads. However they were considered less effective with time as a result of their vulnerability to oxidation. In that case they are rarely preserved at archaeological sites. As we talk, glass is widely used for beadmaking.


How are Beads Produced?

The most prominent method of shaping modern produced beads is through carving or casting in regard to the material as well as desired effect. This begs the question what is carving? This is simply using tools to design an object from a material through scraping away parts of that particular material. Casting is termed as manufacturing procedure which entails pouring a liquid material into a mould, which has a hollow cavity of the expected shape and then left to solidify. The interesting part of the story is that casting is as older than you and me. In fact it is a 6000 years old process.  You can agree with me that a lot is done to maintain decor measures at high levels.

Easy And Simple Way Of Making Innovative Jewellery Using Elastic Cord

An impressive idea in jewellery making is using elastic cord to create different styles of jewellery. This is specifically useful in making necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Because of its stretchablility and easy to wear or remove it is very much used in making bracelets. These cords comes in variety of colours and patterns to choose from depending on the particular design of jewellery.

In the initial stage of learning jewellery making elastic cords are simple to use and you can easily craft your design. Very few and basic materials required to create accessories (bracelets) such as elastic cord, different beads and good quality glue. You can add some more materials If you wish to.It’s significant to choose the right cord that will hold beads and won’t break early. The main factor is its durability when choosing the cord. It is advisable to select beads first and then cord which is perfect for beads size.


There are different types of elastic cords are available such as

  • Stretch magic: These cords come in broad range of sizes, suitable even with large beads.
  • Stretch floss: available in wide array of colours but doesn’t provide range in sizes
  • Polyester cord: available in variety of colours like metallic and sparkles, normally used in hair accessories.

These cords ranges from 1 mm to 6mm diameter. Once you choose the elastic cord colour and its size for the accessory, cut the cord of proper length for bracelet and above some extra centimetres. Now let’s begin with tying the bead at one end of a cord which will work as stopper. Now start adding rest of beads as per your choice of design. There are number of options available in beads like glass beads, metallic beads, plastic beads and wooden and ivory beads.


The end bead is detached when you finish adding beads onto the cords. Now both ends of the cord are tied with the simple knot. When doing this make sure that it is done without any gaps among beads. Tying the cord one more time with stretching it will remove gaps between any of the beads if is there any. When all is tighten up properly, apply glue on top of the knot and keep it aside for let it dry. Now last step after it is properly dried cut the extra cord which is lengthen after the knot. Here is your customized beaded bracelet ready.

Making Wire Wrapped Heart Earrings with Glass Beads and Jade Beads

Hi, dear Pandahall friends! How are you recently? Today, I will show you a pair of heart earrings. The heart earrings are composed by some silver wires, pink glass beads, yellow jade beads and silver earring hooks. Now, follow me to see the making steps of the heart earrings with pink glass beads~

making-wire-wrapped-heart-earrings-with-glass-beads-and-jade-beads3Jewelry making supplies for making the heart earrings with glass beads:

6x4mm Pink Faceted Abacus Glass Beads

4mm Pink Bicone Faceted Glass Beads

4mm Yellow Faceted Round Jade Beads

Iron Jump Rings

Silver Earring Hooks

Silver Aluminum Wire

Sliver Copper Wire


Side Cutting Pliers

Round Nose Pliers


Step 1: cut off a piece of aluminum wire, twist the wire into a heart shape, make two loops, combine the ends with copper wire.


Step 2: make two loop aluminum wire patterns, then add then to the inner side of the large heart aluminum wire.


Step 3: Add the pink glass beads around the heart, add a yellow jade bead, then add an earring hook.



As you can see, making such a pair of heart earrings with glass beads is very simple. Hope you like the wire wrapped heart earrings with pink glass beads. Have a nice try! Good luck~


Beads- An Introduction To Necklace Making Using Beads

Women in all ages love to wear necklaces, especially those made of beads. Beads make the jewelry attractive and thereby the lady.

Type and nature  of beads


Beads can be seen in two different types- naturally occurring ones and artificially created ones. Human love for beads started from the naturally occurring ones in the form of shell beads, beads formed of bones, teeth, claws etc. Rudraksha is another important naturally occurring one, which is a wooden bead. Glass beads, clay beads, cabochon etc. are the artificial ones.

Beads vary in size, shape and color. These varieties help one to make large varieties of necklaces. The size of beads ranges from a seed size to a blueberry size. More than the variations in size shape and color, the designs make the jewelry attractive. Using exactly same types of beads, a creative mind can make different designs.

Other than jewelry, what can be next use of beads?

Other than the jewelry, beads are also used in decorations. They are used in garment industry as embellishments. Beads are also used to make curtains, by arranging in strings. They are used in festive decorations.


From the time immemorial, the beads are part of different religions, especially the naturally occurring ones. They are used in prayers, future predictions, traditional dances etc. It is non-detachable part of the religious life of many tribes across different parts of the world.

Beads were an important part of their lifestyle in Venetian and African culture. They wore it as a symbol of magical power and for ritual purposes. In India, the Naga saints wear bead necklace as a part of their belief. The use of beads is very clear and evident from ancient painting and sculptures. The painting depicting the Mughal era and Victorian era shows the importance of beads. In those periods it was used as decorating crown and throne, dress, necklaces etc. Even those epics depict the beads as the symbol of love, wisdom, status and as incredible treasure.

Depending on the type of beads used, both elegant varieties and casual wears are available in the market. The availability of quality beads and beads jewelries are ensured by different kinds of markets from the local wholesale, retail markets to the online platforms and the competition made by them.

People believe that beads are asset which may bring fortune and prosperity throughout their generation as well as their family chain. This makes the beads market an ever enlarging one.


Snap Jewelry : Makes Every Day Is A New Day

All women love to wear a new jewelry every day, and they wish to match it with the outfit of the day. A jewelry that matches your ethnic outfit may not be a fit for other. But, it is difficult to keep more jewelry in wardrobe according to outfits. Here snap jewelries come to your help where you can modify the jewelries by your own. The snap jewelry is a type of interchangeable jewelry using snap buttons which you can snap in or out from the jewelry making it new variety.


How useful they are?

Snap jewelries are very handy especially when you travel. When you go for trip, it is very difficult for one to take all the jewelries in hand. With snap jewelry, one may have to take only one necklace and a number of different snap buttons to change the outfit. Also the same buttons can be used in a different pattern to make a new design.

This interchangeability of snap jewelry makes them pocket friendly. One can easily go for a set of snap buttons, spending less compared to buying a completely new one. Thereby it is a value for money product. Snap the buttons in different patterns and you get a brand new design.

Creativity for all


There can be times, when one may not find any product in the market of their like. There will be some particular design in mind, and return from the market empty handed. Here, the snap jewelry helps where you can design your own jewelry as your mind say. That too, one can do in no time. There is no need of skill or tools for making a new design by snapping the buttons. It only needs some sense about oneself and the outfit one is wearing and of course some basic level of creative mind.

As a craft work, snap jewelry is good if someone does not have the habit of preserving what they made. Because, every time the snapping changes the previous design and provides a new one.

The availability of the snap buttons in the local market and in the online platforms makes them very popular nowadays. That too, they are available in different colors, different size and different designs. When no one cannot distinguish between the jewelries made by snapping the buttons, the snap jewelry give a good buy for one who is very conscious about the outfit they take every day.