Advantages of Using Snap Jewelry as Ornaments

I have come to established that each and everybody love jewelry either poor or rich.  That is why we find our self in the line of beautifying yourself.  In this case I think it will sound good if we can manage to wear different jewelry in a daily basis. At the market, I find continuous supply of this snap jewelry some being supplied at a high quality and even we have a large selection so that one can purchase them without any problem.


Snap jewelry enables one to wear a cloth which matches with jewelry. Recently I established that snap jewelry is one of the valuable and innovative jewelry. This jewelry has its uniqueness whereby one can create jewelry when he snaps a few buttons. These charms are not fixed and that is why they make it interchangeable.


The reason for this jewelry to be so unique is because of its concept and inventiveness. It is also very easy to find it in our local market. It cannot be compare with any other jewelry and that it is why it ranks so high. We have different types, colors shapes and design of this jewelry. The user tends to make decision of choosing the best jewelry which fits him/her. This enables the user to match the colors of button and the jewelry. Some of these snap buttons are durable and therefore they can be used with a great confidence.

We have several advantages of wearing the snap jewelry.

It can allow the user to come up with new design every time he / she use it. One can also come up with a new style of wearing the snap jewelry. It does not need a lot of space to store it this is because one can have just a few buttons which he can use to create different pieces.  They are so easy to carry especial when someone is travelling. One can just pick a few buttons which he can use to create a different jewelry items depending on how he wants. By comparing snap jewelry with other jewelry ornaments, we find that this snap jewelry has many advantages when one uses it.

Although we should be careful when using them for long time because some of them are made of material which can rust when the coating material wears out. So it is advisable to polish them regularly.


DIY Aluminum Wire Wrapped Butterfly Bangle with Drop Glass Beads

Hi, dear friends, how are you? Today, I want to share a silver aluminum wire wrapped butterfly bangle with you. Just with some aluminum wire and drop glass beads, you can also make one. Follow me to see the simple instructions~


Supplies you’ll need in making the aluminum wire wrapped bangle:

1.5mm Silver Aluminum Wire

Oval Drop Glass Beads

Needle Nose Plier

Round Nose Plier

Diagonal Plier


Instructions on how to make the aluminum wire wrapped bangle:

Firstly, cut off a piece of 1.5mm silver aluminum wire. Then, twist it into a butterfly shape;


Secondly, fix the middle part by wrapping the aluminum wire. Then, twist the silver aluminum wire into a circle and add a green glass bead.


Refer to the above steps to make another aluminum wire wrapped butterfly bangle with yellow glass bead.

The following picture shows the two aluminum wire wrapped butterfly bangles.


Just with the two simple steps above, you can finish the aluminum wire wrapped butterfly bangle. During the process of twisting the aluminum wire, please take care of your hands. Try to make one by yourself~

Special Gifts You Can Buy Or Make With Christmas Beads

The festive season is here again. Smiles and laughs all round, kindness and giving, all round. Thank God for this special occasion. Nothing will show you understand this occasion better than, when you pop up with the coolest and sweetest gifts ever. You don’t have to break the bank, just to get your loved ones some gifts. There are some sweet special gifts you can make just with Christmas beads -that are available everywhere right now. These gifts include:


  • Christmas Décor with Christmas beads
  • Beaded Christmas Crafts


Beaded Christmas Décor is simply the process of decoration using beautiful beads –especially Christmas beads which are very abundant right now. You can use creativity to decorate very many items using beads that will give them an almost new look and thus creating gifts. During this Christmas season, you can specialize on the following,

Cell phones – Decorate a loved one’s cell phone using Christmas beads. Cell phones can be decorated using these beads that come with a variety of colors –so you can chose favorite colors you know they like. After completing the process, surprise them with these special decorations that will be highly appreciated.

Snowmen –Snowmen are in every house hold right now. To give your snow man that special edge, decorate it with beautiful beads that will make it stand out. It will be a huge surprise to the other house hold members once you are through.


Another type of Christmas Décor that goes very well with beads is Icicle swirls which can be beaded with different colors to enhance its look and make it a perfect gift.


This category has probably the most kinds of beaded gifts that you can get your loved ones during this festive season. They say the best gifts to give out are handmade gifts. Well, you can be sure that beaded Christmas crafts are 100% handmade and you can even make them. These crafts include,

Necklaces –If you can picture yourself helping your loved one to put on her necklace after you’ve bought it –because will always ask you to help them put it on- then beaded necklaces are the perfect gift for you to get your loved one.

Earrings and rings – Earrings and rings are other types of gifts you can get your special one, and the good thing is that you can get all of these crafts in matching colors and even with your loved one’s name.

DIY Sea Blue Earrings with Pearl Beads and Seed Beads

Hello, guys, how are you? In today’s post, I will show you how to make a pair of sea blue earrings with pearl beads and seed beads. Hope you like the sea blue earrings. Now, let’s see the making tutorial.


Supplies you’ll need in DIY the sea blue earrings:

4MM Glass Beads

2MM Blue Seed Beads

Blue Acrylic Rhinestone Cabochons

6MM Pearl Beads

8MM Pearl Beads

4MM Pearl Beads

Earring Hooks

Yellow Synthetic Turquoise Beads

White Synthetic Turquoise Beads

1.5MM Aluminum Wire

0.3MM Copper Wire

Jump Rings


Cutting Pliers

Glue Gun


Step 1: Twist aluminum wire and add seed beads

Firstly, cut a part of silver aluminum wire and twist it into a circular shape;

Secondly, add blue seed beads around the circular aluminum wire.


Step 2: Add blue cabochon, star beads, glass beads, pearl beads and earring hook

Firstly, cut a blue circular felt and add a blue cabochon onto it. Then, add the blue cabochon onto the circular aluminum wire;


Secondly, add star beads, white pearl beads and glass beads.


Thirdly, add a silver earring hook.


Tada, the sea blue earrings are finished.


Do you like the shining sea blue earrings? The blue cabochon, blue seed beads and blue glass beads makes the sea blue earring shining. Decorated with white pearl beads and star beads, the sea blue earrings look more attractive. Have a nice try~

Rhinestones Beads: A True Beauty

Jewels are something women really love. To become beautiful is one of a woman’s visions for herself. Wearing accessories would highlight her features. Rhinestone beads are one of the most unique gems that women use especially in Europe.

Did you know that rhinestone beads originally were rock crystals gathered in a river? Amazing fact, right? Now, the variation of these beads is of lead crystals. They are at par with diamonds as to glamour, and their majestic features really are attractive.


Rhinestone beads are not only found in jewelries; they are also used as decors in clothes as well as in costumes. They are also used to embellish pretty crowns owned by beauty queens winning a pageant. Bracelets would glisten brighter as they are designed with such, and necklaces are to die for if they have some rhinestones in them.

Several types of luminous rhinestones where the rhinestone beads are from are as follows:

  • Preciosa type stone (Czechoslovakia type stone)

Created when lead oxide is mixed to glass, this stone is one of the expensive variants. This type of gem sparkles more if higher lead content is put on the glass.

  • Glass stones

They are the most famous gems if you think about rhinestones. They are brilliant, improvised stones. Their shimmering power puts up a close fight if they are to face other European gems. This kind of gem is light in weight because of low lead content. Due to that, it is advantageous on the aspect that it can be safely used by customers from different age groups.


Even though they are supreme in nature, a lot of imitations have been made for several reasons — (1) to earn for profit due to its high demand; (2) to aid the high market for this type of product and; (3) to enable those who can’t afford the original ones to experience the feeling of wearing one. These are some of the reasons why several countries tried to mimic the product; though intention still lies within the idealist of the concept.

Rhinestone beads are adorable and irresistible. Women can’t resist having one, so it is expected that most have some in their jewelry boxes. Although there are a lot of jewels and gems around, rhinestone beads is also a tough contender. Their simple yet elegant glimmer is a true head turner. To establish a business selling accessories, apparels and other merchandise embellished with such will be a very great idea.

Christmas Beads – Make Your Adorable Ornament By Yourself

Enjoy this year’s Christmas with our brand new designs of Christmas beads. Do up the tree, stuff the tights, deck up the passages. There is so much that should be possible with Christmas beads. Festivities turn out to be more excellent and enriching turns out to be simple with uncommon Christmas beads. Make lovely jewelry for carefully assembled presents for unique individuals throughout your life and make this a more joyful Christmas.


Beginning with acrylic beads in the states of trees, leggings, and stars, dirt beads formed like the snowman, wooden beads taking after charming little Santa Claus to paillette beads in splendid hues and diverse materials, we have the whole range to deal with all your bead necessities for the forthcoming Christmas season.


Christmas tree ornaments

With the paillette sequin move, it is just so natural to wrap it around the Christmas tree for moment sparkle and fabulousness. Nothing can be more lovely and endearing than a wonderful Christmas tree beautified with our different Christmas beads and doodads, for the whole family to accumulate around. Make excellent Christmas tree ornaments with sequin chain rolls and beads in any shading blend that you can envision. We have the abundant assortment of hues and materials.

The polymer earth beads are useful for making adorable earrings, pretty pendants and wristbands and Christmas tree ornaments. Little snowmen are sufficiently adorable to dissolve any heart. What’s more, the European beads are quite enough for any bit of jewelry for any age gather. Purchase with certainty from a decision of more than hundred styles of European beads. They are lightweight and come in uncommon Christmas styles. Who wouldn’t care for silver hued Christmas ringer earrings, a reindeer keychain or a Christmas tree pendant? There are very nearly fifty styles of wood beads. Lead-free beads in colored wood, these come in extraordinary Christmas styles like lodge house, deer, tree, stocking, snowman, and Santa. For small inspiring knickknacks, nothing very beats these wood beads. There are likewise beads produced using nuts.


Plastic sequins & sequin chains are so useful for doing up the dresses for this Christmas season. For a simple repair to liven your articles of clothing, these sequins come in round, starFree Web Content, bloom, and square shapes. Decorate the Christmas tree ornaments with sequins for a splendid wrap-up. The shades of Christmas bead ornaments twinkling under the Christmas lights will make this the prettiest Christmas ever.

All these different styles of beads are accessible in discount and little parts for modern or individual necessities. Submit your request now well ahead of time to prepare for your Christmas enrichment and present prerequisites. We even have uncommon Christmas rebates as of now. Benefit as much as possible from these rebates on Christmas beads and have your Christmas beads arrange conveyed inside a couple days.

DIY Silver Aluminum Wire Christmas Reindeer with Red Pearl Beads

Hi, guys, do you want to make a reindeer for the Christmas? Today, I’ll show you how to make a Christmas reindeer hanging ornament with silver aluminum wires, pearl beads, etc. Just see the easy instructions below.


Supplies in DIY the Christmas aluminum wire reindeer ornament:

4mm Red Pearl Beads

12mm Red Round Beads

1.5mm Silver Aluminum Wire

Red Organza Ribbon

0.3mm Silver Copper Wire

Stainless-Steel Scissor

Round Nose Plier

Diagonal Plier


Instructions on how to make the Christmas aluminum wire reindeer ornament

Step 1: Twist the aluminum wire

Cut off a part of aluminum wire and twist it into the shape of the reindeer head.


Step 2: Add pearl beads, flower and ribbon

Firstly, add a red bead and combine the linking part with copper wire;


Secondly, add some red pearl beads around a flower branch. Then ,add them to the reindeer head;

Thirdly, add red ribbon.


Now, I hang the Christmas aluminum wire reindeer ornament to a window.


The Christmas aluminum wire reindeer ornament is simple and cute! The main part is twisting the aluminum wire. Please take care of your hands during the DIY process. Have a try!

Rhinestone Beads – History Of The Rhinestone

Rhinestone is a manmade artificial gemstone mimicking diamond in nature cut from rock crystal or various kinds of brilliant glass or paste, a small stone cut to appear as diamond used in jewelry and other forms of decoration ranging from earrings, rhinestone beads, clothing. It is a stone of high luster.

History Of The Rhinestone


Rhinestones otherwise known as cutout stone from rock crystal originates from rock crystals gathered from the river Rhine, hence the name, although some were also found in areas like the Alps far while others believed it to date back as the thirteenth century where they were first made from Czechoslovakian or Bohemian hand blown glass.

Rhinestone came as a result of rock crystals discovered in and around the shores of the river Rhine in Austria. These rock crystals were cut and molded to produce beautiful imitation diamonds, nowadays these are what rhinestones basics on and look just like,the rock crystals do not require any method or technique to produce the sparkle designed for. The rock crystals have tiny imperfections within which they depend on any amount of light to create their dazzling effect. Because of the abundance of these natural resources crystals it soon became scarce so jewelers sought out other techniques to mimic the rhinestone that was led into in the later half of the 18th century French Jeweler Georg Friedrich Strass discovering the coating of glass crystals with metal to produce an effect much like rock crystals or diamonds.


Experiment 1: glass crystals had a metal foil glued to the backs of them,

Experiment 2: This was later substituted with a metal coating which gave a mirror like                                           effect.

The mirror backing forced a reflection back through the crystal and gave a dazzling sparkle like a diamond when in contact with light. These imitation gemstones became extremely popular which is why even today many people throughout Europe still refer to rhinestones as Strass.

The next step in the evolution of rhinestones came in the 19th century when Daniel Swarovski developed and patented a technique for precision glass cutting and polishing. With this new technology Swarovski were able to mass produce extremely high quality crystal glass rhinestones that have a much higher lead content than other rhinestones. This addition of lead increases the crystals refraction index which in turn enhances the crystals sparkle much more than conventional glass rhinestones. Swarovski also patented their Xilion Rose 2028 Cut in 2004 which comprises of a 14 facet design that was later revised in the beginning of 2011. Swarovski modified the 2028 in favor of the new 2058 which has a smaller table and higher profile which once again improved the sparkle of their product. Today Swarovski rhinestones are regarded as the finest in the world and as such are used by many of the world’s top fashion designers for accessorizing their clothing lines.


Early Christmas Preparation With Unique Christmas Beads

Christmas is just around the corner. Everyone is preparing to stand out. Christmas beads bring you some of the best beads for Christmas you can get out there. People have fun during Christmas holidays even those that are not Christian. We buy gifts for one another and this adds more to the fun. Now you can buy yourself some Christmas beads and buy corresponding beads for your friend, partner or relative one as a surprise present.


Types of available Christmas beads

  • Angels
  • Bells
  • Bows
  • Holiday charms
  • Christmas trees
  • Ornament frames
  • Reindeer
  • Santa
  • Wreaths
  • Snowwoman
  • Stars

Get the full Christmas package from Christmas beads so that you can stand out from the rest during the holidays. There are beads that are made in the shape of Santa with the red and white colours. These can do very good and you can surprise people with them.


The beads that take the form of a Christmas tree with colours that make it appear decorated with beautiful lights. These are the products you need to look into. Different people prefer different types of beads in different colours, sizes and materials. This is the reason why you get the beads in different colours, sizes and shapes.

You can buy the beads and make the necklaces for yourself. It is very easy to make products from the readymade beads. The beads are made from diverse materials so just in case you do not like metal beads you can pick the glass beads or those that are made from trees, shells or gemstones.

You do not need to spend a lot of money in order to stand out this Christmas holidays. You can spend what you have and as long as you do the correct evaluation of these products you can still look good with a low budget. The beads come at an affordable price and you do not have to pay an extra coin in order to look good.

The quality of these beads is also good. These are the type of beads that you can use over and over again without getting obsolete. They can serve you in these holidays and you can still store them in a safe place for the next holiday. Thanks to Christmas beads, now you have your Christmas holidays covered.

Making Christmas Beads Drop Earrings with Glass Beads and Pearl Beads

Hi, friends, wanna try some easy Christmas beads DIY project? Today, you can see a pair of easy to make red bead drop earrings and green bead drop earrings. It’s quite easy to make the bead drop earrings with glass beads, pearl beads, spacer beads and earring hooks. Now, let’s see the simple tutorial.


Supplies you’ll need in making the Christmas beads earrings:

10mm White Pearl Beads

6mm Red Bicone Glass Beads

12x8mm Faceted Drop Glass Beads

6mm Light Green Bicone Glass Beads

4mm Black Pearl Beads

6x3mm Rhinestone Beads

Silver Earring Hooks

Silver Jump Rings

Silver Headpins

Silver Eyepins

Round Nose Plier


Instructions on how to make the bead drop earrings with Christmas beads

Firstly, add 2 red glass beads, 1 white peal bead and a rhinestone spacer bead to an eyepin;

Secondly, twist the other end of the eyepin into a hoop;

Thirdly, add a black bead to a headpin. Repeat this step once;

Fourthly, combine the bead patterns together;

Fifthly, add an earring hook;


Sixthly, make the other read bead drop earring;

Lastly, make 2 green bead drop earrings.

Tada~ The Christmas beads earrings are finished!


Do you like the Christmas beads earrings? During the twisting of the eyepins and headpins, please take care of your hands. The instructions are clear and simple. Come on and have a try by yourself!